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Being a Minimalist- what does it mean "psychologically"?

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I had an interesting conversation with my MIL. She is a self proclaimed "pack rat", married to a hoarder. We have been living with them for 3 months and I am completely overwhelmed by the stuff everywhere, every surface is piled up, every nook and cranny is just full. I was nervous coming to live here temporarily because of the "stuff" and my need to keep things simple.
DH & I and our 3 boys are preparing for a fun adventure, camping long term! This for us means owning only exactly what we need. MIL was expressing her concerns, how will we live with only 1 of everything we need? I said I am actually looking forward to only owning exactly what we need and of course, MIL was taken back. Then she said "I wonder what that means psychologically"? A very thought provoking question! Especially coming from someone who keeps everything and has extras of everything, even incredibly random things!

So, what so you think being a minimalist means deep down in your brain?
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For me, I know it's my desire to keep things simple. I am overwhelmed by choices and find life so much simpler if I only own what I need or a handful of things. Like, getting dressed is less overwhelming because I only have 3 long sleeved shirts to choose from. I would take forever to get dressed if I had more, lol!
Less is more for me. I feel more in control with less stuff.
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For me, I like to focus on what is truly important to me: My kiddo, health/fitness, animals and work. I am really striving to be good in these areas and I don't need "things" whether physical, emotional or spiritual cluttering up my life.


I also like control. I am OCD and I have PTSD from my military service. Organization and cleanliness REALLY helps with all of that.


Third, I want to show my son experience vice "things". Believe me, he has plenty of Legos to keep him busy but we also enjoy day trips, so having time and money to do that is important. I look at it this way, I could spend $$$ on another "thing" to collect, maintain, dust, worry about, insure, etc or I could take my son to the zoo and put the extra $$ in the bank. :)

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It's less stressful when there's less stuff. It's like the air flows more smoothly when there's not stuff everywhere. What's more relaxing: a clean counter or a counter piled with coupons and boxes and small appliances and dishes and whatever else people stack on their counters? It's like, would I rather live in a spa or in a packed storage unit? If there's less stuff, then there's less to maintain, less to worry about, less stuff filling your mind. I don't need to clean out my garage if my garage is clean, ya know? If there aren't a lot of toys, then there aren't a lot of toys for me to pick up. If we don't have a ton of dishes, then I don't have to wash a ton of dishes. I just prefer simplicity.

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