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gloomy.gif I have spent the morning at our local zoo with my husband and youngest son, an hour of walking and we stopped to pick up lunch and I could barely move, I have the most terrible stabbing pain in my uterus, laying in bed now its a horribly sore ache. I am so scared its the baby, everything was fine two days ago at the scan. I don't know what to do. If I am no better after a few hours rest I will ring my mother in law who is a midwife to come see if we can find a heartbeat. So scared we could lose our precious baby. Please send us healthy sticky vibes! guilty.gif

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Could it be round ligament pain (although extreme)?

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Sending stick vibes! I have also heard that round ligament pain can be quite bad. I would definitely get a hold of your MIL to put your mind at ease!

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Hope all is well. Sending hugs...
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guilty.gif Bleeding now. Heading to the hospital.

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Sending love your way
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You're in our prayers.
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Just had a scare myself.  Sending big hugs and hoping the best for you.  Take care of yourself regardless the outcome.

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Love and light (((hugs)))

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Oh Danielle, huge hugs, and lots of love. Sending prayers to you. Xo
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Praying for a healthy baby for you. Keep us updated.

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Waiting in limbo, no bleeding since I was admitted to hospital 12hrs ago. Waiting to be seen by a specialist gynecologist ~ then potentially off home. Very tender abdomen but nothing more. Hoping an ultrasound will confirm a healthy baby on Monday morning. Thank you for all the love and prayers we have so needed them.
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Sending healthy baby vibes! Best of luck to your family and hang in there until Monday...... Do you get to go home?

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So glad the bleeding stopped!
You are in my prayers
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Have been discharged home ( thank goodness ) no bleeding at all except for yesterday's "gush" still have a tender abdomen, hoping to hear babies heartbeat via Doppler later today. Scared beyond belief, but hoping to god that no bleeding is a good sign and my beta levels are nice and high at 149289. Thank you all so much for the kind words of support.

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Danielle, I'm sooo happy to hear that things are looking ok!! How scary! Keep us posted!

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I have just been for an ultrasound and I am absolutely over the moon to tell you all that our precious baby is still growing happily in there with a beautiful strong healthy heart beat. 162bpm. But I do have quite a large bleed in there, which until I hear from my midwife I'm not sure what the action plan is. So not out of the woods but feeling optimistic. Thank you all so much again for the kind words!
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Thank goodness things are okay! Are you resting? I'm not sure what I would do around here if I had to 'take it easy'!

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My darling husband has said I am on bedrest for the next few weeks, my midwife has said to expect more bleeding, but it's ok, will just be nerve wrecking. And by my next scan the bleed should have resolved itself. I am feeling good, just need to take extra care of myself and this little darling.
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