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Queer Conceptions: March 2013

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It's March! chicken3.gif

SPRINGing into pregnancy? All I want for Christmas is a healthy little baby?

Please put your updates in bold.

Graduates: please click here to share how you got your BFP.

Waiting to O whistling.gif

Waiting to Know... Braving the 2WW fingersx.gif
Twomommyfamily BFPChart2.gif
KWPX2 BFPChart2.gif
Fmorris28 BFPChart2.gif

Taking a Break/Figuring Things Out/Waiting to be Ready wool.gif
Scorpioma BFPChart2.gif

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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to March! Please let me know if you aren't in the right list. I couldn't get the formatting to copy over, so please tell me if I missed something.

Fmorris: Congratulations on CD1! Hooray! Have you taken clomid before?

JustAnotherJenny: It's great that the trigger is out of your system. Saturday will still be pretty early for testing (that will be 9dpo, right?), but I hope you get a bfp soon!

KWPX: How are you doing?
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JAJenny, Yes, the one celebrated time AF comes into town. Now, this is the last time I want to see her until after december! So next test will be for real. I'll keep everything crossed for you!


Escher, Thanks for the shiny new thread. I'm happy to see it! I took clomid on mye first cycle. I had 3 mature follies with that cycle, too! I'll be combining a trigger with this one. After temping and charting this whole break I learned our timing was too early. I O much closer to CD20 nd we were inseming way earlier!duh.gif Things I wish I would have known! Atleast all the knowledge is in mye bank of TTC info!


AFM, So I was sitting here in the office working nd got such a terrible cramp! Immediately it prompted meeh to come to the board lol! Nd I end up getting to post on the new thread! Cramp = check the board! lol You guys are the first people I think of when it comes to TTC nd cycles nd such lol...except DP..nd I don't even mention mye CM to her lol. Ya'll are the best!

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escher:  Yes, CD9 on Saturday.  I have a bit of a pee stick problem.  It defies logic.  :-)

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Thank you Escher for starting the new thread.

Fmorris your thought process had me lol.

Jenny you win the the peestick race. I only have 5 internet cheapies and one regular test left, so I'll try to hold out until the 7/3.

Originally I had planned to fly to Egypt next thursday, but my travel buddy got pneumonia, so we had to cancel. One the one hand I am sad to miss out on the warmth and the cultural experience, we still have snow and I am so done with winter. On the other hand I won't have to skip next cycle. Maybe I will even already be able to do the IUI next time. I am not feeling particularly optimistic for this cycle, although everything was timed well. Oh well, just another week...
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escher thanks for the new thread!


fmorris I know what you mean - can't mention CM to my wife she gets so grossed out. Nice you think of us but hoping it's not just when you're cramping!!!! AF is here for me but very light this month, not sure that's a good sign.


LOVE the inseminators and let's hope we all have sphinxy's luck this month.



justanotherjenny I remember the first time I used the clearblue monitor and had to pee on a stick - I had all sorts of problems & spent about 20 mins in the communal camping toilets trying to work it out & ended up peeing on the wrong end of the stick. Gave up for the next couple of months after that!


friederike you never never know! Egypt is a great place (did you hear about their hot air balloon accident this week? stay away from them!) but great you won't have to miss out on a cycle.


afm I now have nausea to go along with my other illnesses but think it's because my infection is going to my chest. I've been sick 3 weeks today and no sign of getting better any time soon. Off with the wife to Manchester for a weekend away this weekend too. It's been years (probably over 4) since we went away for a weekend together without the dogs and I'm gutted I'm going to be sick! The funeral for my friends is also today which I am not looking forward to, particularly in my fragile state.  greensad.gif


Planning a trip to go home to Oz for a few weeks which is difficult trying to co ordinate my teaching, DW's audit timetable and TTC. Unfortunately as soon as we'd worked out we could probably go over in September (first time in 4 years) one of my sisters & 2 of my best friends over there told me they're going to be away. Now I have the dilemma of changing to another time which will likely be when we have a little one or going anyway. Since the cost is going to be thousands of ££££ it's a tough one.


Sorry about the whinge, sure will be better soon! Not TTC but if you could all light a little fictional candle for my friends Pete & Mary hopefully it will help them find peace wherever they are http://www.richardbarrow.com/2013/02/hundreds-of-thai-cyclists-honour-the-memory-of-peter-root-and-mary-thompson/  candle.gif

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Not much time to write now, but wanted to send my thoughts to you, lizbian, and your community. 

candle.gif for your friends

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Fmorris: Wow! Three mature follicles! Maybe you'll be joining the multiples club over at Queer & Pregnant soon!

JustAnotherJenny: Like you, I believe in peeing on sticks early and often, but I don't think I've ever POAS before 9dpo, and I consider anything before 10dpo to be purely for entertainment purposes. lol.gif I assume you use internet cheapies for your early stick-peeing? I got a bfp twice at 10dpo on an internet cheapie (our son and a pregnancy that ended in miscarriage), so we use those almost exclusively.

Friederike: I'm sorry that you have to miss your trip, but it's nice that you won't have to take next cycle off if this cycle doesn't work. But fingers crossed that you're pregnant right now and won't even have to think about another cycle! fingersx.gif

Lizbian: I'm so sorry that you're still sick. candle.gif for Pete and Mary

QOTD: How many children do you hope to have? If more than one, what would be your ideal spacing between them?

My answer: We're not sure how many children we want. At least two and no more than four. My guess is that we'll stop at two or three. My wife would ideally like 2 years between them, I would ideally like 3 years. If we got pregnant this month it would be 25 months.....
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escher:  For my first IUI, I had no idea I would be such a pee stick fiend, so I was freakishly buying up all of the tests that I could find on sale.  In that, I've learned that blue dye tests SUCK!  I would constantly get lines that were not evap lines.  So, now, I'm a firm believer in FRER and internet cheapies only!  (I do have a stock pile of digitals on hand for special occasions.)


friedrike: Sorry to hear that your trip got canceled.  :-(  How are you feeling?  I like this site:  http://www.countdowntopregnancy.com/homepage/?u=89427  It gives me a place to channel my obsessing. None of my symptoms mean anything, considering the trigger, but I record them all anyway!  If I wasn't taking meds, I'd think I was pregnant FOR SURE.  The uterine awareness is maddening.  Twitching and burning and heavy feeling. 


lizbian: I can't imagine trying to deal with pee sticks and the monitor while camping!  LOL!  That's dedication.  Also, candle.gifcandle.gif



Answer to qotd: I currently dont' have any children that don't have fur.  However, I think 2 would be nice (I may change that answer after 1!) and I always thought roughly 2 years apart would be ideal.  Given my current age, I don't think I could really afford to wait much longer in between.



Also, what do y'all think about adding blog links to the top of the thread like we do with the FFcharts?

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thanks girls. Service was better than I thought, other than seeing the two coffins at the front of the church which is when it all sunk in. Your thoughts are much appreciated, from the bottom of my heart x


escher we want 2 ideally. I'll have 1 then DW will have one using the same donor, ideally have them about 2 years apart.


justanotherjenny it was a bit of a traumatic experience!!!! blog links sound good x


off on much needed weekend away tomorrow morning with DW, have a fab weekend everyone & good luck for the TWWers & any 'inseminators'  xxxx

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escher:  Could you add this to my listing up top?  blogging.jpg  (I embedded the link, but in case it doesn't carry over it's http://the-read-thread.blogspot.com



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Friederike, :) glad to make ya smile lol Bummer about Egypt..I'd love to go. Atleast you're in for next cycle....IF you need it.


Lizbian, Yep, DP is good enough with knowing about ovulation and what not. And it's definately not when I'm just cramping I think of you all! Mine AF is decent..without crampies it'd be better. Also, I saw what all those cyclists did for your friends, that was a beautiful thing. Enjoy your weekend with DW. candle.gif for Pete and Mary.


Escher, Who knows! I'm very comfortable with the idea of it. Yesterday I feel like DP graduated..she told meeh she was comfortable with the idea of having a little girl (she was terrified and hoping for a boy before lol) because she would be her little princess and would be her little lady who loves her for nothing. I about got teary eyed! Now I know she's come to terms we can have a girl..I'll spring the multiples possibility later lol.


AFM, just waiting as usual. OH btw you guys will never believe what happened! The Best Frugal Tips Contest was running the beginning of February and just recently closed. You were to tell of your best frugal tips. Well I did and completely forgot. I had a message today and then checked the board and it read:

"As our Random Draw Winner has not responded to PM and email she forfiets her prize and we must draw another - which I just did. The new random draw winner is

Congratulations!! Check your Inbox! biggrinbounce.gif"


YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I won a Bummis Organic Cotton Diaper Kit! It comes with:

Baby Kit (15-30 lbs):

Infant Kit (8-15 lbs):

And samples of Classic Rock detergent and Baby Balm diaper cream

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Quick advice question: CD16. Positive opk today (!). Just had ultrasound, and there is a 22mm egg and a nice thick lining. I want to insem tomorrow. RE says don't insem because since at CD12 estrogen levels were low the egg may not be good. I think estrogen levels were low because of slightly late ovulation, and we we should just go for it anyway. Blood tests for estrogen and LH this morning, and we'll have those results this afternoon. Thoughts? Thanks!

Sorry no more time to write now. I'll respond to everyone else (and add blog links) later.
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escher: I think it all depends on what your e2 levels are today.  But there is a strong  correlation to egg quality and e2 levels during development. I don't know a ton about this, but with the cost of sperm being what it is,  I'd be inclined to go with what the doc on this.  I mean, unless you've got a good e2 showing at around 200 -250, it may just be a waste, kwim?  That's a great follicle growth though!  I've seen on a few boards with women who had low estrogen on cd12 and docs put them on clomid to boost estrogen to increase estrogen and follicle growth, so perhaps if her body brought it already it may be worth it.  But I'd be looking for a robust number on the estrogen before you make your decision.


Good luck!  Thinking of you!

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escher - i would wait to see what the e2 levels are today. with the cd12 level and rapid follicle growth, it could be as good as 300 - i would def. want to insem tomorrow! if the e2 levels are not good enough, there is probably not a viable egg. as many as 50% of follicles do not have a good egg. i believe e2 levels are awfully helpful information to have, although they can be confusing. minor follicles (too small to ovulate but larger than antral follicles) also contribute to the e2 levels. so a bunch of minor follicles can skew the e2 higher. 


i think you also get slightly better (more mature) eggs if you can trigger over 20mm. for context, the cycle i got pg with twins, we had two follicles at/slightly over 20mm and my e2 levels were close to 700 on the day i triggered. 


good luck! fingers crossed! 

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Though situation Escher. I would weigh sperm cost vs. the psychological cost of loosing a month. I personally would probably rather try, even with worse chances as long as todays results don't speak against that. Good luck for better results!

QOTD We only want one. I kinda feel to old for a second child later, and it would probably interfere with our jobs and from what I observed with friends and family, two little ones are much more stressful than just one.
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Hi Everyone,

MrsandMrs: Thanks for stopping in to give me advice. I feel like I need to learn more about the connection between e2 and good eggs. My wife's estrogen tends to be a bit low in general, and from what I have read that doesn't seem unusual for women who are slightly underweight, but I wonder what we need to do to make sure that she still has good quality eggs.

JustAnotherJenny: Thanks for your advice today. It was definitely helpful to think about what the e2 level needed to look like to be an indication of a good egg. It's fun to have your blog! For some reason I'm having trouble adding the "I'm blogging" icon, so I made your name on the list a link for now. I'll try the icon again from another computer when I have a chance.

Lizbian: I hope you're having a great weekend away!

Fmorris: What a fun prize to win! Congratulations!

Friederike: I think you're right that having two kids is a lot different than having one, so it definitely makes sense to me to stop at one if that is what you want.

AFM: We ended up not having to make the decision about if we should do an IUI. One of our RE's nurses left us a message that said something like "Hi Ms. ________. Your estrogen was 242 and your LH was 23.0. Dr. X recommends you do an IUI tomorrow. Please call us if you aren't going to come in." So we're insemming tomorrow! joy.gif A fun thing about this timing is that this IUI will be exactly 25 months after the IUI that got us pregnant with our son. fingersx.gif
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Escher: YAY!!!! Great e2!  Happy insemming!  Also glad that you didn't have to make the decision!!!  woo hoo!!


fmorris:  I think I'm a little jealous!! That's a fantastic haul!!! Congrats on the win!



afm: I feel like I am suffering from the worst PMS ever.  Super backache, bloated, I've got the two-step, exhausted, and my nips hurt/burn -- still drinking and peeing like crazy.  I tried to go geocaching today, but we only managed to do one grab, which was a super short walk on the shoreline.  We had intended to do a few, but I just couldn't do it.  It really very much feels like terrible AF.  9dpo today.  I know I'm not out, but man, it feels like I'm going to be.  At this point, getting AF would be a relief I've been feeling so miserable for so long.  I think I need to come up with a different plan for the next cycle.  The clomid has worked well follicle wise and my lining has been fine, but I'm wondering if I'd have less of this abdominal discomfort on a different course of treatment.  I kind of like the clomid because it doesn't give me mood swings  -- in fact it makes me sweet and clingy, not crazy and bitchy (which is what I expected based on my experience with bcp.) Anyway, Frederike, kwpx, and who else am I missing in the TWW?  How are you all doing?

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escher - that level is right on target. good luck tomorrow! 

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Escher, Thanks! I told DP that was a great sign to start off this cycle! You've got some exciting news too though! Insem in the morning and the timing is perfect for you. Hopefully you'll have the same luck you had when DS was conceived. GL & FX!


JAJenny, Awwh don't be! I couldn't believe it myself! I'm super excited. Now all I need is a cute little bum to put in them! lol You know I have read much about geocaching, but have yet to try! I sure hope you get to feeling better. And you're right, you're definately not out, so I'll keep things crossed for you! Clomid didnt give meeh mood swings either..nope, just have PMS to thank for that lol


AFM, Dreading tomorrow. Working 6 days a week is starting to get to meeh! Not much planned for tonight..visit mye sis nd mye 10 month old twin nieces and 4 yr old nephew. They'll probably be sleeping but I'll smother them with kisses kiss.gif I love them! GL and FX to our TWW'ers!

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