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jenny! good lord woman! You sound pregnant! Am I missing something here? You are 9dpo and you are in the TWW with all those horrible symptoms? I cannot remember exactly the statistics but FF had a bullet point stating something like less than 30% of women test + at 9dpo. Certainly you could be having medicine effects but don't thrown in the towel just yet. We will keep our FX for your symptomology to turn into something good!

fmorris you lucky lady!!! What a treasure you won! Congrats! I think it is a predictor of good things to come.

escher thanks for the shiny new thread. I am getting a lot of ideas about what we can do next to help improve our efforts by reading what you and DW are going through testing wise. We have been getting ultrasounds but no estrogen testing. This round the RE put me on estrogen RX post ovulation to help grow follicles at the same rate. It seems for the last two cycles there are several follies sitting around on our CD3-4 US but when we look again at trigger time the number of follies has really reduced. The RE believes some of my eggs are growing very quickly and dissolving before trigger time. The rationale is the estrogen in the luteal phase makes the follie growth rate more standardized (my understanding) and will hopefully bring more even sized eggs to the sperm next cycle. I may ask to start checking my estrogen levels before we trigger. Good luck with the insem!!

AFM not much to report. Been busy getting caught up post vacation. My temp dropped this am so I am happily looking forward to entertaining AF for a week and then back in the stirrups again. We will for certain be using the new bank and donor. Has anyone here had issues with NWCryo bank and low sperm counts post thaw? Both our samples were low....one outside their "guarantee" parameters. We are moving to Xytex as the RE said her experience with them is that they have higher than stated counts on average. I have read some of your accounts of having 25-30 million little swimmers. What banks are sending out such high quality swim teams? We still have time to look into other banks if need be. I would love to hear about positive bank experiences if there are any stories to tell. Escher please go ahead and move me to waiting to O.
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Hi all! Just here for a moment to send good thoughts to those of you in the TWW and everyone else too!


escher - I like your qotd from a few days ago. I really want two kids, but I'm not sure if I will birth both. DP and I talk about foster parenting or adoption (or fost-adopt) often, so depending on how this TTC process goes, we'll see. If I do birth two, I think 2 years apart would be great. 


afm - I'm on my little cross-country-insemination trip. I'm having fun visiting with friends and family (lucky that our KD lives in the same place as so many people I love) but also trying to be careful to not overbook myself so I stay relaxed. Planning to insem Monday evening and again Tuesday (CD13 and 14). Got a slight fade-in on OPK this morning, so hoping it is a slow fade-in and that I don't get a positive until Tuesday, as expected. This cycle has been a sort of strange phenomenon because most people who know we're ttc (which is a lot of people) know that our KD lives here, so when they heard about my strangely timed last-minute trip, they were all sort of raised-eyebrow about it, like they're in on the secret too. It feels strange to have so many people know, but I suppose that is just more people sending good vibes our way, which can't hurt.

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kwpx2: The Sperm Bank of California is the bank that I used.  They are awesome in that if you call with your top 3 or 4 choices, they will tell you the post thaw counts available for those donors.  They also automatically send out the vials with the best counts first. They are a bit pricier than some of the other banks (but certainly not the most expensive!!) , but I found them to be really straight forward. No hidden surprises.  Excellent customer service, etc.  Unfortunately, they just had a price increase, but it's awesome because they do post it on their website ahead of time when they plan to increase.  So, I paid 485.00 each for 3 vials of IUI ready samples for an anonymous donor.  (The price for the same is now at 550.0 each.) and 200.00 shipping to ship all three vials together (shipping is the same whether you ship 1 vial or 6).  There is also the one time registration fee of 100.00.  


I love the idea that they are not-for-profit and they also have really small family limits as compared with other banks.  They set their family limit at 10 families.


Here's a link to their current price list:  https://www.thespermbankofca.org/sites/default/files/Fee%20schedule%20effective%20March%201%2C%202013_1.pdf


"We guarantee a post-thaw minimum of 20 million motile sperm per cc and 15% motility in every regular, unwashed sample.We guarantee a post-thaw minimum of 20 million motile sperm per cc and 20% motility in every washed, washed/IUI-ready sample.As washed samples are only .5cc in volume, this guarantee translates to 10 million motile sperm per IUI-ready vial. . Note: Our guarantee applies to TSBC program donor sperm samples only. We do not have a minimum guarantee for samples collected from Directed or Known Donors or from men storing for their own future use."


My last count with them was:


Total count 144 million - 70 million motile (per 1ml) with 35 million available for this IUI (.5ml)


I hope this helps.


Sorry to hear AF is on the way, but you seem to be in very good spirits! 


AFM: I'm feeling pretty emotionally dumpy today.  I tested this morning and while it's only 10dpo, my brain can't let go of the fact that something like 66% of people have a + by now.  Does anyone else find it to be terribly frustrating that this is one thing that we really have so little control over?  I mean, we're a group of intelligent people.  We set goals, we work hard, we practice, we regroup and we keep at it until we achieve them.  With TTC, it is what it is.  We can eat right, get the timing perfect, etc.  and it either works or it doesn't. See... I told you I was grumpy.  I know that this is only my 4th attempt, so I'm trying to keep it in perspective (unsuccessfully today, apparently).  Anyway, it's just exhausting physically to do this and then that just chips away at the emotions.  Then if you start thinking about the cost... ai yi yi yi!!!  

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JAJenny: I could have written your AFM post myself. I've felt so incredibly grumpy this tww. I consider myself healthy, eat well, keep the stress level to a minimum, figure out perfect or pretty good at least timing. But nope, I'm totally convinced I'm out this month too. This process, especially egg quality, is out of our hands. And then the cost! Ugh. I don't even want to start on the cost. I hear ya sister!


KWPX: I've heard of other people having issues with post-thaw counts from NW cryobank. I'm using CCB, my last attempt was at home so no luxury of the counting but my first attempt at the RE I had 105mil post thaw count with 52% motility. This was 10 times higher than what they guarantee to provide, which is 10mil for IUI ready. You have to take into account the motility and the count. Freezing depletes the motility and banks don't typically make any promises with regard to motility but without a good motility, they aren't ever going to make it to their destination. Good luck with Xytex! And hopefully the next round is more successful with the luteal phase estrogen support. 


Escher: Thanks for the new thread! FX for your insem!! I'm glad DP's estrogen level looked good!


AFM, feeling down in the dumps. I'm fairly certain I'm out this cycle. I knew ICI has a low success rate and I did not really expect it to work, but I think the fact that I have to attend 3 baby showers next week (March 7,8,9 consecutive days) is weighing on me. Next cycle will be with clomid. So I will need to have a day 1-3 ultrasound. Just trying to figure out the best day to stop my progesterone so that day 1 coincides with a day that I can make it to the RE's office. 

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Jenny - I got a BFN on 10DPO and a BFP on 12 DPO. I know it is impossible to keep your spirits up at this point in the tww, but hung tuff. xox

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Hi Everyone,

JustAnotherJenny: I have my fingers firmly crossed that all your crappy symptoms mean you're about to get a lovely surprise bfp. 10dpo is still early. I believe in testing at 10dpo too, but I do think it is important to remember that a bfn at 10dpo is not a definitive bfn. fingersx.gif Having said all that, I absolutely agree that this process is ridiculous and hard and unfair and frustrating. hug.gif I'm sorry.

KWPX2: I moved you, but let me know if you get a surprise bfp! Like Jenny, I am a huge fan of TSBC and would highly recommend them, both for their excellent sperm and even more for their fantastic service and ethical policies. I'm glad that hearing about what we have been doing has been useful in terms of planning your own testing!

Lea: I can understand how it must feel funny to have lots of people know you are insemming. I always feel that way when we run into someone we know at the RE's office. Since we have told very few people in real life about TTC, it always seems odd that some fairly random people know a lot about what we are doing. Good luck with your insems!

Twomommyfamily: Three baby showers in a row is rough. When I have to go to things like that I always sort of assume that people who get pregnant easily are going to end up with a colicy baby, or a difficult teenager, or something like that. Is that awful? Probably. redface.gif Anyway, good luck surviving the showers.

AFM: IUI went beautifully this morning. I think our timing was great, so I'm letting myself feel hopeful today. Tomorrow I'll start planning for next cycle.
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KWPX2, I do feel like mye luck is coming around. Sure am glad I decided to start mye new year in February! I too think its a sign of wonderful things to come. I used Xytex for our first try, but timing was way off so I know y I got that BFN. Best of luck to you for the next cycle.


Lea, Hope your trip is going well! GL with the remaining insems, and visiting your loved ones! Baby vibes your way!


JAJenny, There is still time. I do hate the certain things we have such a small amount of control of. I think we all feel like that at some point of TTC. Don't give up just yet. hug2.gif


Twomommy, That is tough. Imagine this...mye sister just told meeh she found out shes expecting. Now, this will be her 4th. She had mye twin nieces 10 nd a half months ago nd she's preggo again. *sigh* AND on top of it...DP's sister just told us shes pregnant...again. WTF! Its ok, because this is mye time, but geez!! Can I enjoy mye hopeful moment!? Sorry for the bit of a rant lol. Just know, I've got some of the same feelings lol.


Escher, Glad you're iui went great. Don't you feel good when you're on top of things and you feel like you've got everything spot on. I'll keep everything crossed for you!


AFM, Hanging out at CD4. I'll start clomid tomorrow, which means ish is getten real for this cycle! And to continue mye rant..mye sister and SIL are both pregnant..new pregnant. I love how everyone gets pregnant right after we decide to try again..nd it wasn't even on purpose!! Boy, if only it was that easy for us. ANYWAY, high hopes for this cycle nd hope we can March out a ton of BFPs!! GL and Babydust to all! dust.gif

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fmorris congrats on winning that prize - hope you get to use it soon! wow that's crazy your sister & SIL are both pregnant. Hopefully the good luck runs in the family!


escher hope the insem went well and FX'd for you!


kwpx2 ooo hope AF comes soon for you & sounds like a good idea to swap banks.


lea an insem trip sounds kind of fun. We're going to do the same when we go down IVF route - a baby making week in Denmark. Good luck for it all though, great that you can catch up with familiy and friends. Looking forward to joining you in the TWW soon!


justanotherjenny know what you mean - still there!!!! still have FX'd for you and if not this time, then next.


twomommysorry you're also feeling down in the dumps. Hoping the warmer weather soon will cheer us all up. Feel the same with ICI. I'm wondering if we're going to bother with ICI this cycle but think it's still probably worth it and have to find some positivity from somewhere!


afm well weekend away was a bit of a dud. Plane 4 hours late 'technical difficulties' so missed going shopping. Then I was so sick that managed dinner & 1 drink in a lesbian bar (we don't have them in Guernsey) before going home. Up all night coughing, couldn't stop & ended up making myself vomit from it. I'm on antibiotics but it's ridiculous. I'm going to insem next week & I've been sick the entire time since the last one. I'm wondering if we should give it a miss but know that we should at least give it a go. Also still going through the movements for IVF so just concentrating on that for now. At least my illness has distracted me from the BFN I guess!

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hi everyone I can't believe we're in March already... good luck to everyone here! afm - lots going on... had our cd7 u/s this past Saturday morning...had 3 measurable follies and 2 smaller. It's early, and my wife tends to pick up activity a lot between cd7 and cd9. We go back for a u/s today, so we'll see. My wife has been on Menogon & Follistim this round. The last two were similar, but Menorial brand & Follistim. My wife unfortunately has been having slight skin reactions to the Menogon at the injection site. ;( Our dr is aware. Hoping for good news at todays u/s, wish us luck.
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Hi Everyone,

SanDiego: Good luck with the ultrasound today! I'm sorry that your wife is having a skin reaction to Menogon. I hope that goes away soon.

Lizbian: I'm sorry that your weekend away wasn't more fun. And I'm so sorry that you've been sick so long. It's exciting that you get to insem soon!

Fmorris: Good luck with the clomid! Isn't it amazing that people can get pregnant accidentally? I am quite insanely envious of that.

Hi to everyone else!

AFM: 1dpo. Opk lighter this morning, so that's probably good. My wife's temps are not clear, but our sleep is so interrupted by our 16-month-old that I have a hard time taking any temps we get very seriously. She's going to acupuncture tonight. The next test we'll do is progesterone on Friday.
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SanDiego -  Sorry to hear about the skin reactions. The follie growth sounds promising though! Very best wishes and lots of lucky baby dust for you and your wife. 


Jenny -  I am sure if there was exciting news you would be hooting on here. My fingers remain crossed!


Liz- An absolute downer... all the stuff you've been going through lately (loss, illness etc). I realize geographically we are in such different place it makes no difference but it seems this winter people have been coming down with the longest lasting illnesses. I am really hoping your crud goes away once and for all. 


FMorris- Are you and your partner getting giddy with excitement? I am excited for you! Your luck is hot this month!


AFM- Well AF did show up this morning and I am actually happy to host her.  I am going for my early cycle US tomorrow to make sure I didn't grow any monster cysts before I start back on the letrozole.I am really eager to see if the estradiol helped with equating follicle growth. I have been really surprised at how my body has responded to this business of egg growing. The thing is you need to understand my body really hasn't been prone to behaving well. It is such a feeling of success to be 42 and have PCOS and be able to turn my body into and regularly ovulating egg making machine! DW and I do feel like if we can get a good swim team in the mail we are going to be successful. But I agree with Escher today I am positive, in a couple days I may be singing the glass-half-empty-blues. Baby dust all around....let's make March a very fertile and productive month!!

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twomommy:  Sorry to hear you were feeling as down in the dumps as I was!  :hugs:


mrs: Thanks for the well wishes!  It helps when others hold vigil when you're not feeling up to it, yourself.


escher: Glad to hear your IUI went well. Fingers crossed for you!!!  Sounds like you guys nailed the timing!



lizbian: It seems like you just can't catch a break!  I hope you're finally starting to feel better.


sandiego: hope your DW is feeling better.


kwpx: Thanks for asking.  Tested today and still negative here at 12 dpo.  It seems like I just started spotting very light pink, so either I'm having some very late implantation bleeding (last tiny shred of hope) or AF has decided to show early (more likely).  I guess we'll see... I feel very AF'yish though.

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Jenny: I think the end of the TWW can be so hard. I'm sorry you're there right now. I have my fingers firmly crossed that you'll get a late bfp. fingersx.gif

KWPX2: I'm glad that you're feeling ok about AF showing up. I hope that your ultrasound went well today. Your body is impressive!

Friederike: Any news from your section of the TWW? Are you still waiting until Thursday to test?

Lizbian: Are you feeling any better? I hope so!

Lea: How did your insems go?

Twomommyfamily: How are you doing?

SanDiego: When are you insemming?

AFM: It looks like we might FINALLY get some snow here tonight or tomorrow. Hooray! I'm thinking about what we should do differently next cycle. Our RE says we don't need to do monitoring ultrasounds but we will still need to do regular bloodwork (e2 tests), so we'll plan to do that. I'm feeling iffy about continuing vitex (chasteberry extract), just because it seems like nobody can agree on when in your cycle you should take it. When we were TTC our son, the acupuncturist I saw felt strongly that I should only take vitex the second half of my cycle (because it can raise progesterone and you don't want higher progesterone in the first half of the cycle). But my wife's acupuncturist recommended yesterday that she not take it during the TWW. There is clearly no consensus among acupuncturists in this area on that question! I don't know what other changes, if any, we should make. And obviously we hope that we won't even have another cycle, but who knows. I definitely disagree with Brill's idea that timing is everything. I think good timing is helpful, but luck really seems to be everything.
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Hey Escher, jupp, I am still hanging in there. I want to test on thursday the earliest. That is DPO 12/13 (I think I ovulated around midnight, so I use the later date). No signs of being preggo. If AF shows, I hope she does early on saturday, because I will be on a trip this weekend which usually includes some quality wine drinking. Since I couldn't go to Egypt I was able to join my music group for our bi-annual music bootcamp in a beautiful former monastery from the middle ages (some parts are 1300 years old). I want to raid the wine cellar with my friends.

About the Vitex - my doctor also recommended that I shouldn't take it while using hcg shots and progesterone. She did say, that it didn't matter much though, the one month I was still on it. It's more a precaution.

Jenny, Twomommy - I am sorry you're both feeling down. Those last days truly are the hardest.
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Hi all! Sorry I haven't had much time to read and do personals on this thread - between the travel and some serious work deadlines I haven't been online as much.


Friederike – good luck with the last couple days! I hope you get either a bfp, OR get to drink wine with your friends – the monastery sounds like a remarkable place to spend some time. It’s so good to have something to look forward to as the wait winds down.


Escher – Glad your IUI this cycle went so well! I agree with you – it feels like luck has a lot to do with it, and good timing just helps that luck along, I think.


Jenny – I’m going to send lots of positive thoughts your way as you hang in there for the end of your wait!


KWPX – Glad you’re feeling so positive and upbeat about things at the moment (even if it changes in a couple days – I definitely go through the same cycles of ups and downs). Hope this next cycle is it for you!


Sandiego – Hope you got the good news you were looking for at the u/s yesterday. Sorry to hear about the skin reaction – hope it is short-lived and not too uncomfortable!


Lizbian – so sorry to hear how sick you’ve been. That’s terrible. I hope you feel better soon!


Fmorris – so cool that you won that diaper raffle!  I think it is a good sign! I can’t believe your sister and sister-in-law are both suddenly pregnant! I hope you get to join them soon!


Twomommy – hope you’re feeling a little better, despite the baby shower marathon you have this week (Three in one week? How does that happen?). I will add that last cycle when I was on progesterone I felt like it might have affected my mood. I went through some pretty down days. I attributed it to the winter and lack of sun at the time, but I kind of wondered at the time if it could have to do with the progesterone. How many more days until you test?


AFM – thanks for the good wishes! I think yesterday’s insem went pretty well and today’s not so well, but we’ll just have to wait and see. It was kind of strange to be handling the whole thing myself (DP couldn’t make the trip) both logistically and in terms of interacting with the KD, which DP usually handles once it is time to actually inseminate. I’m having some trouble getting a solid read on my OPK. I was expecting a + today, but haven’t gotten one and had darker lines yesterday than today so I’m not sure what’s up with that. I did have a temperature drop this morning (but my temps are a bit off because of the travel and time difference), so hopefully it will go up tomorrow, and hopefully the sperm will stay alive until it is time to do their thing. I guess I’m officially in the Two Week Wait now.


Heading to the airport now. I had a nice trip, but I’m so looking forward to being home.

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Lizbian, Thank you! I had been thinking about CD'ing for a while, and to win that makes it so much easier to get started! And you're absolutely right how absolutely mad BOTH of those 2 are pregnant! Hopefully I get a bit of that luck...maybe twins like mye sis had last! So sorry you've been feeling so poorly lately :( FX for a speedy recovery..before insem, if possible.


Sandiego, glad you popped in to give us an update. I hope all goes well with DW, and that bit of irritation from the injection goes away. FX for fantastic news!


Escher, Thanks. Well I can't say I've had any adverse affects (not that I had any the other times taking it). I've have heard that some ppl react much differently, so I'm thankful things are going smooth. And yes, its amazing that the LO's we try so hard for are accidents for the next hetero-couple. That's ok, it just makes our LO's waaayyyyy more special! FX and high hopes for you and DW!
Good timing + Luck = beautiful LO! That's the formula for success lol!


KWPX2, very much so. DP and I were talking last night and she kept telling meeh how much she wants meeh to have a son (she just told meeh the other day a daughter would be ok too, lol..despite the 50/50 chance!) and how happy it would make her. I'm hoping the hot luck continues not just for meeh, but for us all! I'm glad you're body is starting to cooperate with you. I have the hardest times when mine starts doing weird stuff and throwing all mye plans off! And even if you are singing the glass-half-empty-blues in a bit, its ok, bc TTC is a rollercoaster. You just have to learn to roll with the ups and downs, you'll get off the wild ride soon enough! GL


Lea, I sure understand being busy at work. We'll have times where it seems like EVERY client has a problem and we're swamped and then the next we'll have no problems or a single email from a client in 2 or 3 hours! Those are mye mothering breaks lol. I am still a bit in awe about the raffle as well...what luck that the original random winner never responded and they drew mye name outta 200 ppl! I took it as a good sign as well. If all goes well, I'll be due a month after mye sister (she's basically mye best friend lol) and mye HEDD will be mye nephew's original due date..although he didn't arrive till 10 December...5 days late lol. I feel like the stars could be aligning for meeh. I've got everything crossed for you and this TWW. Hope that it all goes well!!!! SAFE JOURNEY HOME.


AFM, Not too much to report by mye way. I'm drinking some tea, and eating a salad. Day2 of clomid and I think it might be starting an orgy in mye ovaries lol. Party hard little ovaries and produce some nice follies for mommy! lol I sometimes wish I could speed up this cycle to mye insem date! Speaking of which, I need to call mye doc and see what's going on with that, bc I definately do not O as early as we were insemming! GL to everyone! BTW what are everyone's upcoming Insem/Testing dates?? Once I confirm, I'll share! Have a great day ladies!


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jenny - hoping this is it for you!...crossing fingers, not over until that b**tch arrives... our last BFPs came around day 13/14


escher - good luck on the recent iui, i'm interested to hear how your progesterone test goes friday, keep me posted! we'll be doing regular testing as well this cycle.  our insem will most likely be later this week (friday/saturday)  my wife is now taking chastenberry drops, which her acupuncturist suggested...i don't know much about this, i hope it had a good effect.  we are taking injectable meds right now.


friederike - so it's not recommended to take chastenberry once you start progesterone?  my wife is taking this in liquid form now, but i wonder when she should stop taking it.


fmorris - congrats on your sister and sil being preg, but i do understand how hard it is... my sister is almost 8 mos preg with her first, and we're still in TTC mode... good luck to you this cycle!


lizbian - feel better.. and good luck on the insem next week


kwp - you have a great attitude, keep it going and good luck at your u/s


lea - crossing fingers this is it for you!


afm - well..we're a bit of a nervous wreck right now but putting full trust in our doctors. (who we love) we went in for cd9 u/s last night, had 6 follies...3 bigger (14-15 mm...and 3 smaller) they believe we'll end up with 3 by iui time.  however, we did a OPK this morning and got a positive/smiley...we were not expecting this... we don't go back for another u/s until Thursday afternoon. the dr does not seem concerned about the positive OPK and want us back Thursday..praying the timing works out and this is it.

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one more thing..do you ladies think it's possible to 'over-do' it?


meaning we are trying a lot of new things this cycle, for example, my wife is now taking a daily folic acid pill, the chastenberry drops, daily baby aspirin, nutrition changes (no soy, more green superfoods & herbs in daily smoothies)...in addition to acupuncture & a daily prenatal vitamin (both of which she's done every cycle)  & we're doing injectable meds again.


I would assume all of these supplements are OK, but what are your thoughts?

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sandiego-I got that blasted smiley face too early more than once!  It was wrong.  It sounds like her follies were too small to be ready.  What are her other fertile signs?  Is there EWCM?  Is her cervix soft, high, open and pink?  If they don't line up, I would do my best to relax.  The cycle I got pregnant (and it stuck), this very thing happened.  Our RE tried to reassure us because she thought it was too early too.  Looking back, I can see that my other signs didn't line up, and I definitley did not ovulate until after the trigger.  I was a little thrown off because I did have EWCM the day I got the smiley, but it turned out to be day 1 of 3 days of EWCM, so it was just fine.  We always lost sleep at this point in the cycle because of the stress.  I wish I had skipped the OPK altogether and just relied on the ultrasounds.  So take a deep breath and try to relax as much as you can.  As for overdoing it on new things, I also did new things my last cycle and it worked great.  I started metformin that cycle and I had recently started taking B6 every day.  The only thing your DW is taking that I would think could make an impact is the chasteberry, but it usually takes many months to reach full potency, so if this is her first month, it might not make a big difference yet.  Is her acupuncturist or someone recommending it and telling her how much to take?  The other things can't hurt, I think.  Extra folic acid is all good, and the consensus seems to be that baby aspirin doesn't hurt either.  Plus, my doctor recommended it when I was taking injectables because it helped with the OHSS and possible side effects of the hyperstimulation.  I have my fingers crossed tightly for you!

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Sandiego, Thanks. HOPEFULLY, mye congrats will be next :) It is hard, but I know mye time will come soon..i'm hoping for sooner than later. I hope that your timing works out as well. I wonder y the doc didn't act on the + OPK. Either way, all is crossed for you! This cycle I'm using, Fertilitea (Chasteberry [Vitex], Red Raspberry Leaf ,Green Tea, Ladies Mantle, and Nettle Leaf), 50 mg of clomid, Novarel trigger, daily prenatals, and I'm eating a lot of more green vegetables and more omega 3 fatty acids. Oh I'll be doing the pineapple core as well. I'm also drinking ensure plus to help maintain a healthy weight. I feel like I could gain a few more, just to make things better for baby. I don't think you can overdo filling your body with good healthy things. Isn't that what our TTC bodies need?

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