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Amt - awesome numbers!


Lea - how are you liking acupuncture 2x week?  my wife is currently doing 1x week, and I started doing it too recently, I really like it, pretty relaxing


Fmorris - good luck, and props to you for holding out on testing!


Darcy - so sorry to hear about your bfn ;( 


Soto - how are you feeling?


to anyone I am missing, good luck w/ everything


AFM - anxiously awaiting our first HCG level & third progesterone level, hope to have results by end of day, but it may be tomorrow.  dw is doing great.....we're 18dpo, no bleeding, and the frer line has progressed well, as far as darkening biggrinbounce.gif  The preg line was just as dark as the control line when we tested yesterday. fingers crossed we have a 'sticky bun'

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SanDiego-yay yay yay! Darkening line is awesome! FX your beta numbers are high!!

2momfam-I had IB on 7dpo but other than that had and still have no symptoms. So no symptoms could be a good thing smile.gif
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Lizbian, It is nice DP wants to be there. That's why I couldn't say no. I can't understand why you have so much troubles trying to get that tank bank! Glad you did get it back though. Isn't it hard not reading into things that happen!?


Granite, Thanks for the encouragement! You wont believe how hard its been not POAS!


Darcy, Sorry to hear about taking a break, but sometimes its what you need to regroup and come back with a BFP. Best of luck to you and your journey.


Escher, I feel totally crazy waiting so long lol. I've surprised myself as well!


Twomommy, I've been following it as well..hoping for great outcome.


Sandiego, Thank you! and Thanks for the props, I think this is one of the most challenging things I've done! I'm KMFX for a H & H 9 months for you two!


AFM, 13DPO and still NO POAS! I tell you i'm doing all it takes to take mye mind off it. doesn't help that i've got sore boobs, tons of creamy cm, and temps have been up. I'll find out soon enough! I did have another dream last night that I tested and saw the second line come up. That's positive pregnancy test dream number two. GEEZ!

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Darcy thanks and I hope taking a break helps get you back on track & that you come back stronger & more successful. x


amt yay congrats on the graduating!


twomommy it was so lovely, she is the most amazing woman I have ever met & is the epitomy of a selfless Christian who does things for the right reasons not necessarily 'religious' reasons.


san diego great news on the good results, hope the next ones are just as good.


fmorris so hard! you are very good, well done & good luck for when you do it.


AFM well tank gone back, POAS tomorrow so wish me luck! I am currently 11 dpo & have loads of symptoms but trying not to read anything into it. Have creamy cm, nausea, really sore throat, headache, fatigue, dizziness, sore boobs.Phew I hope it means something not that I'm still sick but tomorrow hopefully we'll know. It's still early so have the weekend as not feeling AF will be here soon as no bloating etc.

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Fmorris - What patience you have! Way to not obsess with the stick! Your symptoms sound great! Can't wait for the results!

Darcy - So sorry about the BFN. I know I am tense knowing there have been so many +'s this month. I wish you well in your waiting for your body and spirit to rejuvenate. Please don't give up. So many have taken a break and come back to get a quick BFP! Best wishes to you!

Amt- congratulations on your official graduation!

Liz- Your symptoms sound good too! FX!!

AFM, I cannot say there are many symptoms in my chart right now. My uterus has been relatively uncomfortable ever since the IUI. That is finally a bit better. My temp dropped a bit on 7dpo and is back up today. Slightly tender boobs. Creamy CM (but also on progesterone supps). Could have been slightly nauseated this afternoon but i am attributing that to my vitamin. Vivid dreams continue..... and i broke into tears last eve terribly sad at the recenr loss of my brother (and mother). Every symptom has a reason i can use to explain it away. I want to wait until the weekend to test but i will probably break down before.

Here is my chart for any who are interested.... http://www.fertilityfriend.com/m/home.php/3fb031
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KWPX2, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. That is sooo hard to lose a parent and a sibling. My wife lost her father and sister exactly three months apart last year. It's been a very hard year, but things are beginning to get slightly easier. I pray that you are able to take care of yourself during this difficult time and that you can feel their presence with you.
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Soto- Thank you for your kind words. I lost my brother very suddenly last summer. Although it may not seem terribly recent it still feels so raw and like it just happened. I cannot imagine your wife's grief at losing her loved ones so close together like that! Peace to you both as well.
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Ladies I need your help. So DP and I decided to test this am. I used a cb digital and got 'not pregnant'. Bummed, but then I popped it open to look at the strip.

What does this all mean???
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Ugh, fmorris, so frustrating! And totally inconclusive at this point, at least according to what info I could find about this online:



Test again tomorrow? Or go get a blood test right now? FX for you!
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Fmorris: that sucks! How frustrating! Try with an FRER or schedule a beta test!

Kwpx and Soto: I'm so sad to read about your family losses. It's timely for me to read this because I just got devastating news about my father's health last night. It's awful to experience losing the people we love so much.

Lizbian: did you test??

Sandiego: fingers crossed for your beta results!!
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ummm, I am somewhat shaking, we got a glimpse into our levels (our doctor will call us with exact #s in a few minutes) but he said progesterone was around 200 and hcg around 700....does anyone know if this means more than 1?  omg!

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Wow!! Sandiego! What incredible levels!!!!!
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ZOMG, SANDIEGO! Well, betabase appears to be down, but that sounds healthy by my recollection! Here's a forum thread of others comparing their 18DPO betas.

As you can see from this chart too, hCG levels vary widely!

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Still no AF nor spotting (just shitloads of creamy CM...it's getting just ridiculous Lol I can't get a break!), shes due tomorrow, and temps r still above 98..oy vey. Idk?
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kwpx2 & soto really sorry to hear about both of your losses. That's very hard when it's family and such close family too. It's natural to get down about that hug2.gif


fmorris I have no idea but may just be a bit early? good luck tomorrow!


san diego that sounds great but I have no idea!


Twomommy sure did!


AFM I tested this morning BFN but I'm not disheartened as I think it was a bit early anyway so going to test each of the next few days or at least until AF comes. DW was so cute the other day, looking through baby stuff online. It shows how far she's come since not really being sure about the baby thing. FX for tomorrow or Saturday!

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TwoMommy- so sorry about the bad news regarding your dad. That kind of news is never easy to swallow! How are you doing in the wait?

Fmorris- keeping FX for you!!

Liz- its early. Keeping FX for you. How sweet your partner is baby shopping! Good feeling for sure. Keep testing till you get a + or AF shows up. Good luck!!

SanDiego those numbers look great!

AFM, Still hanging out waiting. Trying to determine if i am nauseated or imagining it. Nervous mostly i think. 9dpo today...too early. Going for some acupuncture today. I so enjoy napping with needles stuck in me like a porcupine. Who woulda known!?
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twomommy really sorry to hear about your dad hug2.gif

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KWPX2: Your chart is looking good! I have my fingers crossed for good results when you test! fingersx.gif

Fmorris: What a confusing test result! When will you test again? fingersx.gif

Twomommyfamily: I'm so sorry to hear about your father's health.

SanDiego: That sounds like nice high progesterone to me and a healthy normal hCG level. (For comparison, I think we had 950 at 19dpo and we only had one mature egg). Hooray for everything looking good! Will you go back for another beta? And are you ready to graduate? orngbiggrin.gif

Lizbian: I'm a big fan of testing early and often, but it does mean that sometimes you have to deal with false early bfns. I hope your tests start saying bfp soon! fingersx.gif

Friederike: Any news? fingersx.gif
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Thanks again everyone. Escher, I have mixed feelings about taking a break. At first it was really hard. We were actually supposed to break this month but had such an awful insem last month I couldn't end on that note. Things have really picked up at work and we have a ton of family commitments in the coming months. Not having to go to all the appointments and missing all the work is definitely going to be less stressful. I guess I am just sad that it didn't work. It was a lot of time and money spent and it's frustrating to know that we have nothing to show for it. I am also scared it will never happen. You mentioned your first took you quite some time to conceive. What finally did the trick? 


KWPX2, I am so sorry to hear about your recent losses. That must be so difficult. hug2.gif Twomommy, I am really sorry to hear about your dad. Saying lots of prayers for him. hug2.gif


San Diego, congrats on those levels!!! You must be over the moon. What protocol did you follow this time around? Lizbian & Fmorris fingers and toes crossed for you ladies. Hopefully we get some great news from you two tomorrow or the next day!! 

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DW found this on another forum today. I thought ya'll might like to see it too? It kind of blew my mind that at day 14 there is still only 74% accuracy!

HPT Accuracy Results Percentages: (Based on a 25mIU sensitive test)
10 dpo : 35%
11 dpo : 51%
12 dpo : 62%
13 dpo : 68%
14 dpo : 74%
15 dpo : 80%
16 dpo : 88%
17 dpo : 92%

Here's another good summary from FertilityFriend:

Average Day Past Ovulation (DPO) for the first positive pregnancy test: 13.6 DPO
Average DPO for the first "false" negative test result: 10.3 DPO
Percentage of pregnancy charts with a positive test at 10 DPO: 10%
Percentage of pregnancy charts which show negative results before a positive result: 17%
Average time between the expected period and the first positive pregnancy test: 0.5 days before the expected period.
Percentage of negative test results taken three days or more before the expected period day on non pregnant charts: 40.7%
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