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Argh, just noticed the first signs of spotting and AF-ish crampy feeling in my lower back. So I'll say I am out, even though I haven't tested yet. This time I took a slightly lower dose of progesterone, which apparently shortened my cycle back a bit. Guess another blood test is in order too. So I called up the doctor to schedule the next ultrasound and insemination appointment, which should be my first IUI at the office. I'll also have to get lots of paperwork with an attourney in order until then. Ka-ching, ka-ching...

SanDiego - she didn't say it was definitely a negative influence per se, but to stop it as a precaution and also that the normal dose of an over the counter vitex wouldn't do much anyways as compared to the effect of 200mg artificial hormones.
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pokey - hi! thanks so much for dropping in & for your response... how are you feeling? hope you're feeling great... biggrinbounce.gif  we do have high hopes for this cycle, and agree... i wish we did NOT take that OPK, the smiley made us freak out...but then researching online yesterday, i see that it's nothing to go by, when taking injectable meds.  we were supposed to originally go back for our next u/s thursday after work in the evening, but we switch it to thursday first thing am.  i would assume that we'll trigger at some point tomorrow & insem 24 hours later, but we'll see what these follies look like tomorrow morning  my poor wife is so sick of the injectable meds.  ....& yes, our acupuncturist (specialty is fertility) recommended the chastenberry drops, i want to say its 60 drops in water per day


freiderike - thanks for the info as well....hopefully that is not AF, when do you plan on testing?


fmorris - thanks for the info too...and yes, there are so many factors to think of & work on during this process..like i mentioned, we have done a lot of changes for the last 2 months regarding nutrition & natural supplements to take to help fertility, good luck to you!

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SanDiego-  That all sounds good!  I asked about the recommendation because it seems good to have someone who has the whole picture recommending the Vitex because I feel better having someone with more expertise telling me what to do with that herb.  Glad you are both feeling better about this round.  I'm feeling just peachy!  Thanks for asking. 

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pokey - thanks! can't believe you're around 6 mos, is that right?  oh, I forgot to mention, yes my wife is having more CM, and thick/ew-ish than normal, we're taking that as a good sign

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SanDiego - I think the injectables really throw a lot of things off (in terms of over the counter testing). As far as all the supplements I don't see anything on your list to really worry about. The PNV and folic acid are super important and are absolutely fine to take regardless of pregenancy status. Good luck upcoming!!


Fmorris - I may have read over it and missed it. WHen is your projected O and Insem date? I am so happy for you that your partner is excited. Boy or girl it sounds like you will both be thrilled!


Friederike - So sorry for the AF symptoms. Any testing?


Liz - How is the cold?


AFM, I went yesterday for CD2 US. I grew a modest cyst on one side but it is not actively producing estrogen (as evidenced by my blood estrogen levels...i think somewhere in the 200 range). So I am cleared to begin letrozole this eve. I am also going to be taking dexamethasone with it. The rationale is that since I have PCOS I have high testosterone which keeps FSH beat down. Since I have been taking metformin the testosterone has been reduced but my adrenal glands still produce DHEA which also beats down FSH. SO taking a steroid will help slow production of DHEA and therefore allow FSH to rise and ripen more of my follies. We have decided on a donor at Xytex and he has previously reported pregnancies. We had a BIG debate on whether to use Midwest cryobank or not. Our RE told us she had mad crazy sperm counts from them for another client. We looked them over and read a lot about them on other forum threads and decided against them as they seem to have no real caps on family group size and they repeatedly recommend "super donors" who have GINORMOUS numbers of reported pregnancies on the donor sibling registry. Also they do not have any WTBK donors. We decided we couldn't sleep well knowing our potential donor might have hundreds of offspring and we wanted to at least have the possibility of our child being able to contact the donor in the future. It may not be everyone's priority (which is OK) but these two points seem to be pretty important to us. It means a couple hundred more dollars for the sperm but in the long run we felt like it was a cost we couldn't really cut. Wishing everyone good luck. Wondering how those who are lurking while waiting to figure things out are doing too. Please drop in to say hi.

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kwpx2 - thank you! we also have been using Xytex from the start...we really like them, and have been using only open donors. (2)  I agree, we feel our future child should have the option to meet this person down the road if they like.  We have a lot of friends who have also used Xytex, and all had successful pregnancies. I hate to say we also like the fact that adult photos are displayed, along with in depth essays, videos, audios, etc.  Not to mention they guarantee high counts.  Good luck to you!

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Sandiego, Oh no problem. I was quietly thinking to myself, am I doing too much. But I just want the best possible start for our LO. Hope our changes bring some wonderful BFPs for March. Mye mum's birthday is this month as well, maybe she'll get a nice birthday surprise lol!


KWPX2, No worries! My projected O date is CD19 (18 March) Now thats a monday, so I'll be discussing timing when I go in for mye annual on friday. I'll do the two-fer. One appointment that will also knock out mye TTC questions. I'm planning on using the trigger shot as well, so I'd like to get her opinion on when to insem. I'm shooting for about 34-36 hours post trigger to insem. I'll keep you posted though! Glad you decided on a donor. I used Xytex for our first. I'll be going with NW Andrology and Cryobank in Spokane this time. They've been extremely helpful with correspondence. I was trying to decided between NY Cryos Int'l and NW Cryos. What sold meeh was when I inquired about counts and motility NW said each vial ($300) would contain a MINIMUM of 20million with motility around 35%. On the other hand NY Cryos Int'l would be $250 for MOT10 which only contains between 5 and 9.5 million. I'll pay the extra $50 for 10 million more sperm...I only need one! Also, the first photomatch with NW is free. The donor part is soooooo time consuming! You've got the hard part down. Best of luck this cycle.


AFM, CD7 Clomid day3. Few hot flashes here and there, but nothing major. Teeter tottering on when I need to order the swimmers, I'll get more of a confirmation this friday when I go to see mye ob/gyn for mye annual. Shes been soo helpful with this process. I'm eager to give her a bFP for all her hard work lol! I'm so ready for this cycle! GL and babydust to all!

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Fmorris - sorry about the flashes, but good to hear the Clomid is treating you well otherwise. Grow some nice follies!

Okay, I am out. No testing needed. Next insem hopefully on 3/15. I hope and pray a folly is ready to trigger on CD9 or else the insem would fall on the weekend where my doc isn't open.
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Hi Everyone,

Friederike: I'm sorry that AF arrived. I'll keep my fingers firmly crossed that you're able to trigger on CD9! fingersx.gif

Jenny: I saw on your blog that AF arrived for you too. I'm sorry. hug.gif

Fmorris: I'm sorry you're having hot flashes but I'm glad that otherwise you are doing well. It's exciting that it isn't too long now until you insem!

SanDiego: I think liking adult pictures of the donor makes perfect sense. It seems like it would be nice see before you get pregnant, and it would be fun to see how the kid looks like the donor once he/she is born, and it would be nice for the kid to see if they want to know what their donor looks like. Our bank doesn't provide those, and I wish that they did. Good luck with your ultrasound today!

KWPX2: It sounds like you have a good meds plan for this cycle. I agree with you that it seems worth paying more to have a WTBK donor with fewer offspring, but I know that different people definitely feel differently about that.

Lea: How are your temps doing? fingersx.gif

Twomommyfamily: Any news from you? fingersx.gif

AFM: Not much to report. 4dpo. Still feeling fairly positive about this cycle, which of course means that I am going to be more disappointed if it doesn't work. You would think that after it took a year to conceive our son I would have appropriately low expectations, but somehow I am still overly hopeful.
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escher - Thanks for asking. My temps are good. After the drop on Tuesday they went up yesterday, so despite the lack of a definite positive opk, I'm sure I ovulated on CD15, as expected.  I am feeling more positive this cycle too (I think because I was able to try in-person rather than by mail), which I agree will lead to more potential disappointment. I'm glad you have the perspective of the time it took to conceive your son to help you along the way. 


Anyone else joining the tww soon or testing soon?

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hi all,


we just got back from our cd12 u/s and everything looks great! lots of activity/nice size follicles....one is over 20mm, and a few are right behind....we're done with the injectables, and go back tomorrow morning for a trigger, iui Saturday morning. crossing every body part we see another BFP, and this time it sticks! I feel hopeful for this outcome. winky.gif

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escher good luck for the progesterone test. There is nothing wrong with being hopeful/optimistic. If we didn't think there was any chance of it working it wouldn't be worth doing, right?


justanotherjenny good luck!


friederike hope you get to enjoy your weekend with friends - does DP go with you, or are you on your own? Sorry about being out for this month but great you can have IUI at the doc's office. I think you're going to be a couple of days behind us - looking like Wed/Thursday next week x


lea ooo good luck for your TWW & sorry DW couldn't make it but keeping FX for you that this is the one x


fmorris it's great DP is getting into the baby thing now, it was the same with my DW now she's right into it! It's funny looking at houses thinking that we need to have room enough for 1/2 kids! Grow follies, grow!!!


sandiego wow that's a lot of follies. FX for one fantastic one! Good luck for the insem


kwpx2 I think that's a great decision to make. As you say, you don't want your kids to have hundreds of offspring. Great you can get a 'known' donor too. We discussed that but in the end because we're going to Denmark they don't allow open donors & we decided we were OK with that. It's a hard decision to make & we had a conversation with a psychologist friend of ours the other day. We were talking about adopted kids finding out their parents & she hadn't thought about the fact that having one natural parent would make a difference to the child in the long term (hopefully won't feel rejected!). Great you have an agreement with DW &  FX they're a good donor!!!! We went the same route with them having reported pregnancies. May not make any difference but every little bit helps, eh!


AFM wow I am so much better now, the antibiotics have really kicked in & I've managed to sleep through the night without coughing. Still not made it to the gym but hoping tomorrow will be the day. Ordered the swimmers to be sent from Denmark tomorrow, I am going to start the process of sending them back either tomorrow or Monday, but I don't want to jinx them getting stopped in customs. Our insem date looks to be next Wed/Thursday. Wed is fine but I'm teaching crazy hours on Thursday so it's going to be a bit of a mission but we'll get it done!


I have a telephone appointment with the Danish IVF clinic in 2 weeks today to discuss options. I like to get the ball rolling so that if this next cycle doesn't work we can start to plan going over in June. Good luck to anyone insemming/ultrasounding in the next few days & looking forward to being in a (healthy) TWW next week x

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Friederike, Thanks. They're not so bad during the day, but at night its a whole new world! I'm hoping for some marvelous follies! Super excited for your upcoming insem. GL nd sticky baby dust


Escher, I'm making it somehow lol. I'll just be ready to get to insem date. Nd when I get there I'll say, ooh that came quick lol. Anyway! Glad you feel good about the cycle. I've got FX for you!


Lea, I'll be more so mid-month for inseming..about a bit over a week to go.


Sandiego, what brilliant news! I wish you the best of luck with the trigger and IUI!


Lizbian, I'm rather please she is as well. I can tell shes pretty anxious too. We've decided (well I finally convinced her) to keep this cycle quiet and we're not telling too much of anyone we're going for it. I'm with you on rooting for good growing follies! Thank goodness for antibiotics, huh? Your insem is so close! Best of luck! Nd FX for timely tank retrieval this time!! x


AFM, Not to much to report. I'm on day 4 of clomid, and let meeh tell you all..last night, I was sooooo HOT I felt like I was in the middle of the Sahara desert! It was intense, nd poor DP was bundled up with the covers I kicked off bc she was so cold! And I had a wonderful dream. DP and I were at the house and for some reason I was POAS..well after a minute I started to see a second line nd flipped out and was yelling to DP I was pregnant. Funny thing is I ran to mye closet saying, I've got to use the digital I have to confirm! I got a BFP in mye dream and it was such a wonderful feeling. Mye goodness I can't imagine how great one IRL would be. GL to all!

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Hi all. I have to step out of my cave to share some of my excitement since no one IRL knows DW and I are trying...So this very long hard process has done quite a number on both of us. We have decided(and finally saved up enough) to order sperm from a bank and let the DR do it, with montoring, trigger shot and everything! I just got off the phone with the bank and have the swim team ordered and will be shipped monday! I go monday to have a midcycle u/s! Depending on what that u/s shows I will trigger that evening or next evening with my insem 36 hrs later! After 2 very long yrs I have a new found hope and am very excited that this might really be it! Thank you all kindly for "listening"



goodvibes.gif to everyone, may your journey short and sweet!

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Originally Posted by Amt1015 View Post

Hi all. I have to step out of my cave to share some of my excitement since no one IRL knows DW and I are trying...So this very long hard process has done quite a number on both of us. We have decided(and finally saved up enough) to order sperm from a bank and let the DR do it, with montoring, trigger shot and everything! I just got off the phone with the bank and have the swim team ordered and will be shipped monday! I go monday to have a midcycle u/s! Depending on what that u/s shows I will trigger that evening or next evening with my insem 36 hrs later! After 2 very long yrs I have a new found hope and am very excited that this might really be it! Thank you all kindly for "listening"



goodvibes.gif to everyone, may your journey short and sweet!

AMT, Welcome back! I'm glad you decided to come back and share this special moment with us all! This is mye first cycle back after DP and I taking a few months off. I'm doing clomid, monitoring, and trigger this cycle. It'll be the first for the trigger shot for meeh, but 2nd time on clomid. I wish you the best of luck on this cycle! We're just about cycle buddies :) I'll be going in next week sometime for mye U/S and see what mye ob/gyn thinks. FX for you! dust.gif

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Hi All,

I will come back to do personals soon, it has been a very busy week... I hope everyone is doing well! There have been some well timed insems in the last few days and some exciting, well planned insems coming up in the next week! Baby dust to all for a fertile March!! dust.gif


AFM, I'm out this cycle. Please move me to waiting to O. AF started this afternoon. I was not optimistic with our ill fated ivi attempt and I stopped progesterone yesterday so AF could start and we could just get the next cycle going. I'm setting up my day 2 ultrasound for Saturday. I will be back to monitoring and trigger plus taking clomid this cycle, stepping up our efforts. 

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fmorris what a great dream! years ago before I realised I was gay I had a dream I had a little kid but that it had no father. Hopefully it's going to come true too! I love that you ran back to the closet - how apt! smile.gif


amt how exciting! welcome back to the TTC club & I hope it's a short & successful journey. We're insemming Wed/Thursday so will be in the TWW together wink1.gif


twomommy sorry to hear that but good to hear you're stepping up your efforts, you're doing all the right things x

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Hi Everyone,

Twomommyfamily: I'm sorry about AF. This will be your third cycle, right? Third time's a charm?

Lea: Your timing sounds like it was great! fingersx.gif

SanDiego: How did the trigger go? Good luck with the IUI tomorrow! fingersx.gif

Lizbian: I'm so glad that you're feeling better! Good luck getting your swimmers easily AND sending back the canister easily!

Fmorris: That sounds like a wonderful dream. Hopefully it happens in real life soon!

AMT1015: It sounds like you have a great plan! Hopefully this is exactly what your body needs to get and stay pregnant.

Darcy: How are you doing?

Livingisliving: Are you insemming soon?

Sotohana: How is your column going? Have you insemmed yet this cycle?

Question for you all: What other threads or forums do you regularly read on mothering.com? Are there any other forums on the internet that you regularly visit?

AFM: Progesterone test this morning. Hopefully it is not too horribly low. fingersx.gif
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lizbian - good luck with your insem next week!


fmorris - clomid is not easy for sure! (not that I can relate directly...my wife took it for 3 cycles)  hopefully that dream will come true and you'll get your BFP!


amt - good luck at your u/s next week & that is great you're back in the game


twomommy - sorry to hear about your BFN, & your next plan of attack sounds great


escher - looking forward to hearing about your progesterone levels


afm - we triggered this morning (cd13) and will be doing a back to back insem (our first time doing this) on Saturday morning and Sunday morning.  we then start checking blood levels for progesterone on Monday, and begin taking progestone (pills & Crinone) as well on Monday

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Twomommy, sorry you're out for this cycle, but you seem well prepared for the next! Best of luck!!


Lizbian, It was a brilliant dream! Looks like your dream was a premonition trying to tell you something! I sure hope its the same for meeh! And yes, I thought running back to the closet for mye digital was hilarious! Even in mye dream I want to see 'pregnant' staring back at meeh!


Escher, I know! and thank you! I'm hoping the same as well! Hope your test goes well. GL


Sandiego, Boy are you right, I only had a couple of effects, but sometimes they were intense! Took mye last pill today though! Yay! So exciting you triggered this morning, insem not too far behind I see. GL and FX for you!


AFM, Well today was the mye annual, so before hand I printed out mye last 3 months of charts to show to mye ob/gyn. She said it looks good, just from looking at the charts she could tell I was ovulating. So mye follie scan is tuesday 12 March. From there will see what we're looking like and trigger from there. :) High Hopes! FX for you all!!

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