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2 or 3 kids???

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Advice...I have 2 x daughters (1yr and 2.5yrs). We continually have the thought of whether or not to have 3?? I have heard that if you are not completely sure that you are done after number 2, then you will go ahead with number 3? But of course for some reason the decision I have 3 for so many reasons seems such a hard one! I'm looking for words of advice either way?? We wouldn't be having a 3rd to have a boy, just would want 3. Or should we be content with the 2? We have limited space??? Has anyone had 3 with limited space? We have a 3 bedroom house and the girls currently share. What age gap would you recommend for dd2 and the baby3??? We had 18 months between dd1 and dd2 (both Caesars)...so we go a 20-24mth gap or give ourselves more time and have a 3-4year gap!
I don't want dd2 to struggle if we have another baby so close, but also don't want baby 3 to be so much younger???
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I love having 3 kids, close in age. The adjustment from 2 to 3 was much easier than 1 to 2. We probably have what you'd consider "limited space"...we were in a 900 square foot apartment, now we are adventuring and camping in a 12x14 tent smile.gif So space? Not really an issue for us..we like being close together.
I knew we were "missing" someone when we just had 2 kids. DS3 completed our family, a fourth baby would be a "bonus" smile.gif
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I am currently pregnant with number 3. I have 2 little girls already. I will have 3 kids under 4 for a few months. Our first are 16 months apart, and while difficult, I love having them close in age. This one will be 27 months younger than #2 and for me I think this is perfect for us. 


We always thought we would have 2, but my partner and I realized that there is someone missing at the dinner table. I cannot describe it better than that, but both of us feel that someone is still missing in our family. We do have the resources to support a third, so here (s)he comes (we don't know the gender). 


My two eldest girls will share a room. I think it will be a great thing for them. They have very different personalities, but will learn about sharing and privacy and problem solving from a young age. Plus I love the idea of sibling cosleeping. the Baby will have its own room for some naps and to store its things, but will sleep with us. Not sure where all the kids will sleep once they are older. 


I truly don't care if this third little one is a boy or girl. It would be amazing to have 3 girls and equally amazing to get a chance to parent a boy. DH also doesn't care. I think that if I 'only' wanted a third to have a boy or girl it would not have been right for us to conceive again. 

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