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Help :(

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Wiped and saw bright red blood...having bad back pain.  I'm 8 weeks+3 days.  Does this ever end well?

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Oh, I am so sorry you are having this!


You have called you midwife/ob?


My midwife say that blood is fine, cramps are fine - but that both together aren't a good sign.  Not that it never ends up good, but that together they may indicate miscarriage might be happening.


I really hope that's not the case for you.

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It depends first on if the blood is from the uterus. There are other reasons to see blood on tp, cervical cyst, sex, hemmeroids, etc. Even from the uterus it could be a sch (subchori hematoma) which is a bleed between placenta and uterus which can just happen but doesn't always lead to mc. My friend had one, she bled a lot. She had healthy baby. From the stats online over half of women who experience bleeding have a normal pregnancy. You're over 8 weeks which is a good sign. Lie down, relax and breathe, we are all praying for you.
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Thank you so much for the replies and support.  The bleeding stopped last night and I haven't had anymore overnight...whew!  I don't have a midwife lined up yet, still interviewing, but I did speak to my clinic and they said it's pretty common to have a bleeding episode in the 1st trimester.  As for the back pain, I've been having it on and off throughout the pregnancy so hopefully it was just a flareup.  I'm so relieved, but cautiously so.  I'm going to be so worried about this little one until I get to hear the heartbeat.  I swear I'll never complain again about the nausea if it means I get to keep this one until birth.


Thanks again and please send sticky vibes. 

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Glad to see things are looking better.  Sending good baby goddess vibes...

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Yeah! I was thinking of you this morning!
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Praying for a healthy baby for you. Glad the bleeding and pain have stopped. Please keep us updated.

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Just got out of ER and baby is alive, healthy and wiggling around everywhere!  I can't believe how happy I am, I'm still crying tears of relief.  This experience made me see how much I already love this little human being inside of me.


Thank you so much for your wonderful support.

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I'm so happy for you!!!!
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Yay!!!! What a relief!!
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