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I'm not feeling like "this is it" but more like "oh sh!t this is really going to happen, and soon!" lol.gif

YES! This is exactly how I'm feeling! DH keeps asking me what I'm feeling and it's been hard to explain... I'm not "IN" labor. But feeling very "birthy" and like labor is immanent, even if its still a few days. Also I've been losing little bits of my plug since yesterday morning but so far all has been clear... I might get real excited if some gets some color to it wink1.gif LOL
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I made it through DH's family's annual Easter picnic today which is approx 1.5 hours drive away from here. I wasn't planning on going until just about an hour before and then I decided to go for it. It rained some on the way there and some when there but it was mostly nice. We were outside at a little park just outside of an old gold mining town in the CA foothills. The drive out there is so beautiful right now with all the rolling hills being green. Very scenic. 


Last night we had a thunderstorm like no other we'd ever seen. The lightning was flashing every couple of seconds and it was mostly up in the clouds the entire time so the whole sky would light up and it looked like day time. And the thunder was a constant low rumble as a result while the rain poured like crazy. It was so awesome to watch and took about 20 minutes to pass over us but lasted quite a while moving around the area. I am a huge fan of thunderstorms so I was shaking with excitement. I actually had the thought that it would be so cool to labor in that weather. Not outside, of course. ;) It just started pouring again outside and they are calling for more thunderstorms so I've got all of the windows open listening to the awesome sound and smelling the fresh air. It's cooled down from 70 to 58 in just the last hour or so. Love this weather! Maybe the electricity in the air will encourage this little one out.


Speaking of the LO... I've been feeling quite a bit more comfortable lately. Not as sore or achy. That being said, DH and I will likely DTD tonight so the fun aches will probably be back tomorrow. ;) It was strange to tell people today that my EDD is less than two weeks away now. It was like a reality check every time I said it. I was told by SIL yesterday that my doctor won't let me go over 40 weeks most likely due to my past with hypertension and the fact I was showing signs of it as our last appt. I have an appt with him Tuesday and she said to not be surprised if he mentions induction. Blargh... On the one hand, I know my body is already progressing and it hadn't at all with DD1. On the other hand, I really would like to go on my own. But... if I do go down the hypertension road again then I'd much rather have a healthy me and baby than be stubborn and wait it out you know? We'll see.


Oh and both of my SILs are having boys!! One is due in May but will likely get induced end of April due to size(?) and the other is due mid August. There will be a lot of babies around here soon. 


Ooh just heard thunder. Going to go stare out the window. 

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TIFF4NY - I LOVE thunderstorms too! That would awesome to labor in smile.gif and speaking of it being strange to tell people you are so close to your EDD. This morning when our pastor was introducing us before we got baptized he told everyone I was due TOMORROW, and there was this BIG audible GASP from the congregation! It made me laugh smile.gif
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Let me just say I am so hoping I can sleep tonight! I have been having prelabor stuff for 3 weeks now and the thought that it could go on for more weekS is starting to sound scary. I enjoy feeling the warm ups but it is starting to be an around the clock thing and my SPD is making it so I can hardly walk! Oh I hope this doesn't last much longer......

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Bailey: I hope you slept better last night! I caved and took Tylenol PM and slept much better than I have in awhile. I don't know if it was the tylenol or if I was just exhausted from no sleep the night before. Either way, thank goodness! 

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Originally Posted by MaineCoastMama View Post

First time mom question!

What does your baby's night time sleep setup look like? 

We have an Arm's Reach co-sleeper all set up, except for being strapped onto our bed. We have a sleep wedge thingie. We have swaddling blankets. We have a sleep gown. 

What does your baby wear? I am trying to figure out if this is all overkill, and what it will actually look like. 
DF was against a family bed. So we got a cosleeper. But we quickly realized that there's more sleep for all of us when babies are in the bed at night. Just a diaper and a blanket for each girl. Amarra loves a tight swaddle. This is very convenient for baby trade offs at night because we just pick her up with one hand and pass her back and forth like a stork bundle. Sierra prefers a very loose wrap and she has already flipped from back to stomach on her own. I'm not too worried cause I know she can lift her head and switch from side to side. I sleep with a flannel pad under my side for breastfeeding spillage when I'm asleep.
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