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Anyone want to be penpals with my five-year-old DD?

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I could have sworn there was a penpal thread around here somewhere, but all the ones the search turned up were years old...


DD is nearly five and we've just started homeschooling. As part of English I'm encouraging her to write letters. She sends them to her great-grandmother (Australia) and her aunt (England), but neither of them really write back. They appreciate them and all - Grandma calls, and my sister emails, Skypes and sends the odd postcard if she's on holiday - but I think DD would really love the "send a letter, wait for the reply, send another one" give-and-take thing, especially with someone her own age (ish).


I broached the idea to her today and she seemed keen. So!


Let's see... she likes movies, superheroes, ballet/dancing, music, and is very into drawing. She's also heavily into brides at the moment - most of her letters include a drawing of a bride and a bevy of bridesmaids. We're Christians, homeschoolers (obviously), we live in the country on an orchard with chickens, and we're in New Zealand. She has a little brother (21 months)... and that's all the relevant information that comes to mind!


She's a tad precocious - would probably interact pretty well with someone 6-7ish, as well as kids her own age.


Any takers? :p

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Oh! She sounds like a wonderful match for my daughter who is also 5! Except she is hooked on all things Pug and dog related. Please PM me :)

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Will do! :)

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My younger "I will be 5 soon,unless I skip to 6" would probably like to. She can't really write yet but big sister can help.
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My 5 year old would absolutely love this! She has one penpal, and had another but they didn't write back (and she was bummed) so yes at the risk of sounding rude, writing is a must! She loves horses (and horseback riding), nature-y type things, superheros and fairies, and we are homeschoolers in NJ (we have a small farm) email me! 

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We would like to participate. My son will be 5 soon. We live in the states.
He doesn't much like writing so they would be dictated. But for me the hope would be that this might be incentive.

He likes...batman, dinosaurs, books, books, books, space...and making up stories. He also does tap, gymnastics and is trying to convince me to let him take a hip hop class for college students.
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My daughter Dani would enjoy this. She'll be 5 in September, but she has started writing recently and loves mail. She's into superheros, space stuff, robots, Legos, and roller skating. We've in suburban VA and unschool. smile.gif
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Well, me and onemoreontheway have brokered the deal between our two daughters. :p Do any of you other guys want to pair up? On the older threads about penpals there were plenty of takers, so if anyone has an older kid who's keen, jump in and see if you can find a partner!

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Yes, anyone who wants to PM me for my address. smile.gif
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