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First birthday dilemma

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My son is turning one in April and I'm in the planning stage for his party. We want to do something modest but I'm having trouble deciding on a location. In Oklahoma, the weather can be hit or miss in April, but I'd to have the party at a local park. I thought as a back up I could have it at my house. Trouble is, it's a small house. There aren't really any other options I can think of. Have any ideas for me? I don't want to rent a venue.
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I am going to assume family and friends home would be a no go?

A park is a great idea, but if the weather is foul as you said.... :(

Would maybe a day out at a zoo/skating rink/something like that where every one pays their own admission but you all do something fun together work?

We often do things like that for family get togethers and parties. It keeps the cost down, doesn't overwhelm the kids as much, and makes a happy memory for all.


Hopefully some one will come along with some better ideas for you!

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Does the park have a covered area you can rent specifically? Is your yard big enough to rent a big tent and maybe some chairs/tables for outside?
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My big question is, is he walking yet? If he is, the park could be great but if not, I'd stick indoors. You can often find a small legion or church hall for rent pretty cheap and many have modest kitchen facilities to help with snack/cleanup. If you feel your home is too small, I'd at least look into this alternative for a first birthday, especially if birthday boy isn't a steady walker yet.
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Celebrate it in your home. It's your child's first birthday party and it will going to be memorable if it you'll celebrate it in a place where he blossomed, and it's in your home! You can set it up in your garden if you have. Or find an empty lot in your area, near your home and ask permission if you can have it there.

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