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I am wanting to get some chickens. My mom doesn't want any and it is her place so last yr i didn't push it. but we tried growing a garden but grasshoppers ate everything. I was wondering if maybe the chickens would eat the grasshoppers and if they do how many chickens would be a good amt to keep the insects under control?

thanks for any information in advance


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IME the chickens will eat the garden, as well as the bugs. I've found ducks better for garden pest control. They eat the bugs but aren't as interested in the plants. 


I have fairly limited experience though....anyone else?

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My ducks decimated my entire garden one year!  No ducks or chickens in a garden at all unless you want the whole thing dug up and eaten quickly.

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And there you go. I was just lucky with my ducks, I guess. I'll have to keep that in mind when I go about raising ducks again. lol

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