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Nursing Mama's TTC March

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whistling.gifWaiting to be ready whistling.gif


blowkiss.gifWaiting to Catch First PP Egg! blowkiss.gif

lurk.gifWaiting to Ovulatelurk.gif

fingersx.gifWaiting to Know - 2WWfingersx.gif





belly.gifOur Most Recent Success Storiesbelly.gif







DD 3 years, Due 2nd week October


DD born 3/11,6PPAF,TTC 5 Months



DS 21mos
LO 11mos


DD 6mos TTC#2 Due Sept 28

DD 10mos


Please put all changes in bold!

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 Hope everyone is having a good day.


 Would anyone object to me only listing the most recent 2 Months that got BFP's ?

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Thank you so much for hosting the thread SoCaliMommy! I have no prob with shortening the list of BFPs. Not much to report here. Starting work Monday. It will be part time for march, gearing up to full time in April. Maybe the change in nursing will bring back AF? I definitely have been feeling a bit different the last 3 weeks or so but who knows if its hormones gearing up or what. Maybe I'm just stressed about starting back at work.
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 Christina ~ Yeah maybe the change will bring back AF.

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Hey socalimommy - Looking at the intro post, it looks like our DS's are the same age! This is our month to to get pregnant if we want to have babies two years apart. No pressure or anything, haha! It's not too likely for me, though. I think I'm going to be here for the long haul.
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 MamaBlue~  It would be fun to have another November baby. Yeah i am also doubtful i will get lucky when i had such a hard time getting pregnant with him.

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Isn't this the month to get pregnant with a December baby? Unless it happens in the next week or so. 


I'm glad it's March! I spent all February thinking it was March for some reason and now I'll finally be correct. 


We are not officially trying yet, but apparently also can't be bothered to use protection, so I guess we're "not trying, not preventing" right now. I wouldn't mind waiting but the idea of getting on with it and getting the first trimester over with is appealing as well. Last Sunday we both had a twenty-four-hour stomach bug and I was lying there feeling totally drained of all energy and thinking "If I get pregnant again, I'll feel like this for months." Anybody else not particularly looking forward to the being-pregnant part of having another kid?

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My first cycle of TTC #2 was terrifying. But now that I'm on cycle #4 of TTC I would welcome the prego woes!
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 If someone had gotten pregnant last month and sometime in this month i'm pretty sure it'd still be some of November. With my son i found out around now that i was pregnant and was due November 12th so.

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I think I have sufficiently forgotten pregnancy woes. My first trimester was during summer "break" so mate it made it seem easier?

Could I be added to the list of trying to catch the first egg? DS was born 4/12.

I'm considering trying to jump start AF by stopping pumping for two weeks, using my freezer supply in the meantime. I have about a 9 month window to get pregnant or I have to wait another two years. I'm feeling the pressure.
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Hi everyone, I'm still hanging around despite a BFP last week.  My betas are low but doubling really well (latest was only 100) so I'm not yet ready to declare myself a success, especially after last month's chemical loss.  I'm sure I'll feel more confident once my #s rise or I see that tiny flickering heartbeat on an early u/s.  My nursling turns 2 later this month and is still avidly BFing.  Wishing everyone lots and lots of baby dust!!!

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goodvibes.gifgoodvibes.gifAKK!!! goodvibes.gifgoodvibes.gif

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 Welcome RosieL



AngelKissedKids~ fingersx.gif that your #'s keep going up.

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Hi there. SoCali, I changed my user name, so if you could switch out me for jenny vangy, that would be great. 


I'm still wondering where the heck AF is. DS has been night weaned for over a month.  With my other two, that was all it took to get my first ppaf, but they were both 15 months, not ten months, so I don't know, maybe it had nothing to do with that. I'd love to say we were DTD enough to feasibly catch the first egg, but I've been sick. sick. sick, so if we do, it will be a real miracle.  DS is still nursing during the day almost exclusively, but we've been working out some food allergies the last month with NAET therapy, and he's already been showing more interest in foods that would make him oh so sick before. Anyway, plugging along hoping to either see AF, or catch that elusive first egg. 

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Good to see you piratemere! Good luck with the first egg. May we both find and catch it soon. smile.gif
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Hi Rosie!

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I'm achy in my hips, been slightly nauseous, and a crabbypants. DH and I are both excitedly thinking "woohoo, maybe it's my cycle!" I'd love to catch the first egg but getting My PPAF would e really reassuring.
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I love that this thread exists. I have been feeling like the only person in the world that can't wait to get her period. So I'm not alone after all. Does anyone take some kind of supplement or anything?

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Hi Ladies
I have a question. We are ttc our second child. Our DD just turned 2 and is still nursing morning, bedtime and about twice at night. I have had my AF back since she was 4 months old. This month for the first time since we started ttc again every time she nurse I start having crampy feelings. Should I try to wean her? If I am pg is this crampy feeling dangerous to the new baby? For what it's worth I am 10dpo.
Thanks in advance!!!
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Ak: Oh man, if I was in your shoes I would be peeing on every stick in the house! I don't know the answer, but y guess would be that it's perfectly fine. Fingers crossed for you!

CrystalR: I feel the same way. Bring on AF!!!

All that crazy achiness and cramping must have been unrelated...no AF here.

I have the cheap wondfo amazon hcg tests and was planning on just regularly taking them every week. Crazily enough, I forgot to do so this weekend. I guess I'm more relaxed about this than I thought.
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