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klamath falls area?

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hello, we have been thinking of moving back to OR, thought about portland or eugene areas, not actually in those cities, were looking for land, i just saw some deals on acreage outside klamath city, i dont know a whole lot about the area, seems to be growing, anyone have any info? we will be home/unschooling so want resources, we are very green minded across the board. seems like klamath doesnt get much rain, we like to grow our veggies. any info, opinions???

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I lived in Klamath Falls, the town, for two years, and then on a large, working, farm 20 miles north of Klamath for 10 years. I've also lived in Portland the last 4 years, and 20 miles southwest of Portland, on a small farm, the 10 years prior to that.  There is no comparison between the two locations in almost anyway you slice it: weather, altitude, economy, jobs, economic outlook, culture, politics (Klamath is very conservative, Portland very liberal, of course), educational facilities, medical facilities, parks, libraries, restaurants, on and on.  About the only thing these two locations have in common is they are located in the same state.



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...and that sums it up for me! thought it might be conservative, thanks!

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