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~eat lots and lots of eggs for breakfast every single day ;)

~sell them to friends and neighbors (who then often bring us all their empty egg cartons from the eggs they've bought at the store)

~give them away as gifts to anyone that happens to help us out in any way (like the family that drives my son to boy scouts all the time, the neighbor who puts up with our dog, the guy that plowed our driveway this winter....)

~we sold them at the farmers market last year (and sold out every time!)

~I pickle them (and can them- they keep indefinitely that way)

~we scramble batches of them, stick them in a Ziploc and freeze them that way (and then scrambled them & ate them all over the winter- they were great!)

~make lots of quiche

~use them for target practice ;)

~use them for binding things like potato pancakes or rice burgers (rice burgers are big hits around here- I take a pot of leftover rice, stir in a big bunch of eggs, add garlic, then fry them in burger shapes, yum!)

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Just coat them in mineral oil and they don't even need to be refrigerated and can last for months. (that doesn't work for store-bought eggs though, those are washed and processed).

I come from farm people and until I moved to the city I had no idea eggs even went in the fridge lol ...I learned that lesson pretty quickly though after leaving several cartons of eggs out on the counter for a week and asking someone "what the $%#& is wrong with the eggs in this city??" They must have thought I was Amish or something lol

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Give them to someone hungry:)
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