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summer camp

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We signed our older kids up for summer camp. It's a two week sleep away camp that we're familiar with. They sent a form to be filled out by a doctor, it's pretty basic and we don't mind. The other information they need are official copies of vaccine records. I emailed to ask what to do since they're not vaccinated and, after waiting for them to figure it out, they said the kids can attend but they will need a religious exemption letter. We have ours from when the kids were in school so I emailed it to see if it would suffice. They're ok with it but have asked us to hold off on sending it because they're not sure they will need it. They have to wait for forms from their insurance company for us to fill out. 


They haven't sent these forms yet so I have no idea what it will say. Just wanted to see if anyone has dealt with something like this. We're concerned the forms will ask us to sign that we are taking responsibly if any other camper comes down with an illness that has an available vaccine. They've been really polite about it but seem to be confused as to what to do, they said they've never encountered an unvaccinated child.

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One of my BFFs owns and runs an overnight camp.  They accept the same forms as the schools in accordance with state law.  We have a physical exam exemption in CT as well as a vaccine exemption.  The camp accepts both.


You can not be held responsible in any way if a child comes down with a VAD, especially if your child doesn't have said VAD first.  Can you hold them responsible if your child catches something from a vaccinated child - like pertussis or shed CP vaccine strain?

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My DS's soccer club requires players to be up to date on vaccines, as DS is compeletly unvaccinated we just hand them the school exemption. They are not state funded at all, but happily accept the signed exemption and nothing more is said.

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