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What is going on with me??

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So I more or less gave up on TTC after my negative test in the doctors but my body has been wierd lately for example I explained to her that I had *TMI WARNING* strange brown discharge I hate going to her because she fobs me off like I dont know my own body.. :/ I know if your pregant you cant have your period blah blah but mine have been strange the last two months... They have gone from 4 days long to 1 - 2 days and become light. the only reason I cant let this go is because my friend was 3 months pregnant before she knew she was even pregnant she had strange light bleeds so she thought it was her period. Anyway when I ovulate I always felt AF like pain but this time I didnt feel a thing a few weeks ago I felt a HORRIBLE pain in my left ovary area it was so bad I couldnt walk naturally I took some painkillers and tried to sleep it off. I have gained some weight but my breasts feel more or less ok only sensitive sometimes.
Also can someone explain what the lines inside the clear blue digital test with conception indicator means? My pregnant friend took one and got 3 lines inside so I tried and got the same just lighter lines. And I know we shouldnt have opened them but we needed to in order to see the difference in the lines.
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Have you seen a different doctor? That just sounds really scary to me, and without proper prenatal care because of your doctors rude behavior to your needs it just seems like there are way too many signs for you to not at least have something going on! It sounds very probable, but you know... It's so hard to say because sometimes periods can be so strange! 

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I would see another provider asap.  You could possibly have an eptopic pg, or a possible cyst. Either way, you deserve to be seen by a provider who will listen and take your concerns seriously. Hope it works out.

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My last doctor sort of put me off going to her anymore ive just been dealing with it myself :/ I really dont like not knowing whats going on with my body.
Apparently the doctors test isnt that sensitive?
Ill take a test tomorrow and see what happens if I am pregnant ill slap the doctor in the face with the test smile.gif
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Some doctors do get big heads sometimes... Good luck dear!
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