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Oxford - I never have had any symptoms prior to a BFP with any of my three pregnancies/babies. I felt as normal as can be until 7 weeks, then whammo! Morning sickness arrives.

Chourd - I didn't know there were tests that sensitive!

Lyterae - I hope your wait goes by quickly. This cycle I distracted myself by learning new eyeshadow application techniques on Pinterest. This coming from someone who doesn't really ever wear makeup. haha

Ay3651 - I learned about pregnancy tests by reading the peeonastick website. But it looks like site hasn't been updated in awhile. I've been using $tree tests, but I can't speak for how well they work. I just discovered the Countdown to Pregnancy website, and they have lots of test reviews and info.

Livnkadesmom - I hope you get that egg! smile.gif
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Thanks mamablue. I will hold slight hope for this month, I don't think I'll be too disappointed if it doesn't work tho. Last month I had every early sign known to woman (or google) and got very disappointed. I feel like I'm not really in the game this month. Still, last month I has signs and that was BFN so we'll see

Anyhow! Your signs sound very promising!!!
I don't know what implantation feels like, however I am very excited for you :-)
Please keep us all posted, I'm sending you lots of baby dust!!
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Mamablue, I got them from this website - I stumbled on it when looking for wondfo style... I'll need to try them to see if any good - lol and be pregnant!
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Originally Posted by AY6351 View Post

Thoughts on testing before AF is due, tomorrow will be 6 days before she is scheduled, having some symptoms, dying to test! What's the best test? I've read FRER can detect up to 6 days prior to missed AF? Anyone used those? What about dollar tree test? Thoughts please! And good luck to all@


Well, I tested this morning (2 days before AF) and got this, so....


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Congrats ultra fighter!!!! Wow that was fast, are you going to test again tomorrow? Is this your first?
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Originally Posted by chuord View Post

Congrats ultra fighter!!!! Wow that was fast, are you going to test again tomorrow? Is this your first?

Thanks, chuord! I know!! I'm going to test again on Sunday with DH. Nobody knows about this one except you guys. I wanted to savor this by myself for a couple of days so if AF really doesn't come on Saturday I'll test more "publicly". hehe I'm so stoked! This is our first, and our first try even!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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Originally Posted by ultrafighter View Post

Well, I tested this morning (2 days before AF) and got this, so....

Yay!! Congrats! Are you coming to the November DDC?!
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Yeah, jjh, I guess I am!!!  love.gif  All the due date calculators I've run for the last couple of weeks agree on mid-November.  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Congrats ultra!!
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Congrats, Ultra! Nothing like quick success!


AFM, I am 6 DPO, not feeling too impatient. But, guys, have you ever experienced getting into a big fight with your SO while you're in the TWW? It's really awful. I know I'll feel differently once we work things out, but at the moment I'm not wanting to have another baby with DH at all. And then I feel guilty, and wonder if I'm going to repell this pregnancy with my stress and negativity.


Blah. I'm going to test on Sunday, I think.

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Congrats ultrafighter!!

Livnkadesmom, good luck this month! Sending you tons of baby dust!
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Ultrafighter - No squinting at lines for you! Congrats on your BFP. orngbiggrin.gif
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I was actually kinda ticked off yesterday because the grocery store only had the expensive digital ones on the shelf, but now I'm really stoked that was my only option! ROTFLMAO.gif

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Yay yay!! Congratulations Ultra! On your first try as well, that's wonderful news. Enjoy your little secret and see if you can keep it quiet,....
I couldn't!!! ;-)
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Hello primal joy, you sound down. Having a fight is awful when your hormones are up anyway. I always feel irritable and vulnerable.
I can't work out what "SO" abbreviation is!!! But I am sure you will work it out and feel better.

Chin up and keep your eye on the BFP!
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mamablue-Those cramps sound good!  Don't worry about the BFN this early.  The longer you wait, the more accurate the tests will be.  Good luck!

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Oxford -- SO is for significant other... Suppose I should have stuck to DH! Thanks.

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hehe I will periodically refer to my DH as my "sig fig" (significant figure).  But rarely cuz people don't get it!

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I had a chemical pregnancy last month, which was awful. Now we are heading into the TWW for this month. I am fertile now and should be ovulating in the next few days. Fingers crossed this one hits and sticks!

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Ultra fighter - that is fantastic! Have fun with it, and wishing you another on Sunday!

Hugs to all waiting to O or watching for AF...
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