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Originally Posted by oxford View Post

Livnkades- your post made me smile with recognition. I can get so angry at DH's peaceful sleeping when I want sex!!! We have not managed more than twice in the fertile window yet!! I got some great advice on here last month to let it go and let it happen. It's totally true. And not very easy!!

Yoga mama- hope he was cooperative!! ;-)

I know...isn't it great to know we have people that can relate to what we are going through? I don't know about you, but there isn't really anyone I have IRL that I can vent these type frustrations too! 😉 This is like a little family!!
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The TWW feels like it's dragging by, 6DPO today! No signs/symptoms to obsess over right now. I can't find the post but someone else recently said it was their 2nd month TTC and if they dont get pregnant this cycle they are waiting till summer, we are in the same boat.

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Livnkades I totally get it mama. I don't really have anyone IRL to talk with about this either. I am so very grateful for all of you!! Please don't misunderstand my previous post, I was often really angry and frustrated with DH. He too was completely like, whatever, it might happen. . . And I was completely focused and obsessed, tick, tock, hello? After about 6 months of not pushing, trying to just let it go and let it happen, I took matters into my own hands and became a lot more assertive and initiated more frequently. It was not always because I was that interested in the moment but rather interested in the outcome. That's just being honest. And truthfully, it wasn't terribly effective until this last cycle. Big hug.gif mama!! Fx that you catch that egg fingersx.gif


Lyterae Sending you lots of good vibes!! goodvibes.gif

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Sparkle -- Thank you for the reply. I may try temping in a couple of months if this cycle doesn't work for us. We're going to take a couple of months off if we're not pregnant now because of travel we have planned. I seem to be really regular with my ovulation, so I have been planning intercourse for the 2-3 days before as well as on the day of, so I think my strategy has been similar to what you were doing with temping, assuming, of course, that my OPKs are accurate. They seem to indicate CD11 every month for me.


AFM -- I am not a rock star. I decided last night that I would test this morning. I am 9 DPO now, and figured it was worth a shot. I had some tests from the research study I'm in, and thought they might be more sensitive than the $ store tests I have stocked up for when I'm closer to when AF is due. Well, I woke up this morning, really needed to pee, and COULD NOT FIND the study tests. I looked everywhere. I'm pretty sure they were thrown away accidentally. We also have an 18 month old, so who knows? They could be in the dryer. Anyway, I ended up taking a $ store test instead, and no surprise, it was a BFN. So, I will return to my plan to test on Monday morning. I really am okay with it going either way this month. 

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Originally Posted by Serenyd View Post

Congrats Vaquitita, jjh5351, ultrafighter

Renaissance, good to hear from you and good luck! Hope you get a sticky bean this month. 

NSusan, hope your situation works out! 

Anyone heard from Larski


Thank you!

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Primal I'm the same dpo lol, same thoughts it 645am here - do I poas... Hmm I have some cheapies that are meant to be 10 sensitive - more importantly I have a lot lol, so wasting one wouldn't hurt right? 😝
Fx for everyone in the tww...
Afm - temp dip yesterday and a rise today hmmm that'll give me something to obsess over all day! I agree thank goodness for this place and you wonderful supportive gals! Dh has no idea how obsessive I am over this lol
My chart if anyone is bored..
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Yes, I love this place too :-)

Quick question... For those who chart on fertility friend, Di you use the "advanced" method or "fam"? I had advice to use fam as the temps are moste accurate, but it changes my o date by 2 days and that doesn't feel right to have been later. Anyone got any experience?

Sparkle- so glad it's still going well for you. :-)
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Sorry Oxford - I didn't know there were options like that... Am now looking forward to an answer too 😀
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Looked I. Details apparently I'm using advanced...
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Chuord -- I think your chart looks promising! Do you have any idea of what the sensitivity is for the $ store tests? I couldn't find it in the packaging. As far as you testing or not testing, you know what we on the forum always vote for! We're worse at waiting than anyone else (even when it's not us!).


I'm obsessing over weird crampy feelings in my uterus. Oh, if my husband only knew how I go quietly crazy every month!!

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I think the dollar tree ones are 25! I know that my line wasn't nearly as dark on those a couple days ago as it was on my wondfos
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Primal joy - thank you! Here's hoping, although cramping again today... $tree tests I don't know, I'm in Australia so don't have them here. But from when people use them/ get results I'm thinking maybe 25 or 50 at the least... I know re the crazy, love them - but oblivious!
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Hi Ladies
Can I join in? I am 9dpo today and POAS this morning. No surprise it was a BFN. I am super tired today and have been for 3 or 4 days. We have been sick around here though so that could be it or the fact the my 2yo still wakes 2 to 3 times a night. I stalked up on dollar store test through so I can satisfy my need to POAS every day between now and possible AF if need be. It is driving me crazy waiting though.

Good luck everyone.
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Welcome, akcowgirl. Chuord and I are both also 9dpo, so you're in good company!


Chuord -- If I didn't have dollar store tests, I would be so broke. I use the dollar store ovulation tests, too!

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Trying to wait is awful!!!! I'm so glad I can come on here and read everyone's post! Makes me realize I'm not alone! Me, this is my very first time ever ttc, and I have almost every single symptom, but keep gettinh BFN on test! ($ tree and FRER) so I'm just waiting on Monday, when AF is due! I too will be partaking in so "me" activities when she arrives to keep me from being too dissapointed! Good luck everyone!!!!
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Hi, gals! DH has been cooperative with BD so I think we have a fighting chance this cycle. I had 2 positive OPKs and a temp dip today. Hoping to see that temp spike tomorrow. And then, let the tww begin!
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Thanks Primaljoy
This is our 3rd cycle ttc this go round and I am getting impatient. We decided we want more kiddos and I want it to happen right away. I was the same when we started ttc with our DD. dd is still nursing some, only like 3 or 4 times a day for at most 10 mins but it worries me that it will take a long time because of that.
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So many ladies on this thread are about find out if this is their lucky cycle. It's exciting! Oxford, chourd, primaljoy, AY, and Akcowgirl, I'm hoping this is your month. Livnkadeom and lyterae, you ladies, too. Did I forget anyone? I'm going off of memory - it's hard to look back and quote on my phone.

AFM - Bad day here. AF is starting, so Im out. Then, DD1 swallowed a fishbone and its lodged in her throat. Of course, she didn't speak up until 3 minutes before urgent care closed. She's at the ER with DH right now. She'll be fine once they fish it out, harhar. wink1.gif

And the absolute worst of all, my heart-on-his-sleeve DH was/is stressing over yesterday's BFN, IF treatment costs, and our finances. So tonight while I'm making dinner, he blurts out that he doesn't want another baby because it's too much work. I asked if he meant because of having to do IF treatment, and he said no. He said the whole experience of raising another person would be too much work, so nevermind the while thing. So of course I start crying, he's looking at the floor because he knows that he just broke my heart, and we have to keep everything under wraps because the whole TTC thing is a secret from our kids. I really, really, really don't think he meant it, but he sure did catch me completely off guard. And with the fishbone fiasco, we aren't going to be able to talk tonight while the kids are asleep.

Thank for letting me unload here, ladies. No one IRL knows about my TTC, so I can't talk to them about this stuff.
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Oh mama blue - I'm so sorry that you are having such a rough day! I'm sure you're right and the stress of ttc has just got to dh too, I think when it doesn't happen immediately females tend to try and sort it (yes it hurts at times) but with men it's that real primal blow to the ego and their usefulness in life... Not something they are emotionally ready to deal with lol... My dh smiles when I mention our 2 early losses - as he sees it as him being potent.. ( I also encourage that belief lol to bolster the ego) I hope dd is fine, and that things settle down at home, AF and all this is a lot at once!
Thanks for the hopefulness for the rest of us... I have no idea what my body is doing, I am so hormonal lay miserable and grumpy today, with spurts of loving and submissive 😣😣😣 very strange, AF could be coming - cramping yesterday and spotting today... But my temp rose this morning, but bfn lol... Oh and my headaches are back.. Ok my whinge over too - thanks ladies... Will see you tomorrow xx
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Mamablue- you must be feeling awful, what a shock :-( I hope dd recovers quickly. Have you managed to get some time to talk to DH? This roller coaster is so much pressure. Keep him close to you and I'm sure you will work it through. It's great news that he is talking and wearing his heart on his sleeve. We are all rooting for you. Big hugs!

Write on- great news! You are in the game for this month :-) all we need is for them to do their bit and we take care of the rest! Keep us posted on obsessive early signs ;-)
Oh also, thanks for the stats a few days ago, that's encouraging for me as a late starter!

Chuord- What a confusing mix of signs. Hang in there until it all becomes clear. Bloody hormones!

For me- AF is due to be calling round tomorrow, so this month I am ready for her. I had some spotting yesterday. Well actually (gross alert!) it was more brown tinged CM. it is 2 days before AF this month. I had it 3 days before AF last month. I have read somewhere that early spotting can mean low progesterone, but my temps are still high and normally drop on first day of my period, so that shouldn't be low progesterone should it??
Anyone had this?
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