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Primal-someone else had posted on another forum about melatonin and having trouble concieving. She said that once she quit taking it she got pregnant. Just FYI 😊!
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Wow serynyd - I remember you getting that bfp - doesn't seem THAT long ago 😄 lol how time flies while ttc...
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Chuord, I'm 10 weeks today :) Morning sickness and fatigue, and a tiny little bump starting just above my pubic bone :) It's all worth it, and I really don't mind all that much. I believe it was Blonhrt you're thinking of who waited 4 weeks for her bfp!! So yeah, it's not over til the fat lady sings lol! How are you feeling? I'm anxious to hear your results for this cycle!!

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I'm having some major cramps tonight, as well as having sore boobs and fatigue for the last 3 or 4 days. I'm only 9dpo but anxiously awaiting tomorrow morning to test. 

As a side note, I am flying to Germany at the end of next week (12 hour flight). Does anyone know if there's a link between flights in early pregnancy and miscarriage? If I am pregs, I'm going to have to think long and hard about whether I'll still go!


Looks like there will be a lot of testing soon! FX for everyone in the TWW!

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Quick update-
AF has still not arrived. My cervix is really high as well. That's a good sign isn't it?

I'm going to get out the POAS tomorrow morning and keep you posted!
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Just been catching up on old posts - sorry takes longer on a phone

Larski- so sorry. :-( you poor thing. My heart goes out to you. Hang in there.
To change your FF interpretation- select "more", then settings, then detector override, then a drop down menu on detector settings. Changing it to fam made my o date 2 days later because my temps were a bit erratic before o. It doesn't feel like that is the right day for me though because on o day I was stalking DH and desperate for it. Two days later I was a lot less interested!! I think Mother Nature programmes us quite carefully in that regard!
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Dahlia - nothing to report but bfn so far - aside from the mentioned 'symptoms' ... I'm assuming I'll be a late bfp when it happens... Hopefully not as late as Blonhrt! Can't believe I forgot her name - yesterday I could literally focus on one thing at a time - just! It was like my brain was asleep!
I love your enjoy it all attitude about the pg side effects 😄
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What does "Fx" mean?
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Originally Posted by owlhowl View Post

What does "Fx" mean?

Fingers crossed😄...all these abbreviations and jargon can get confusing!
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Originally Posted by lyterae View Post

  I hope things turn out how you'd like :hug


Thank you. 


I told myself I wouldn't test, just wait for AF, but old habits die hard.  BFN.  I'm not good at waiting.  I'm hoping something happens soon so I can stop thinking about it.

I guess the odds are slim, we did the deed about 3-4 days prior to ovulation. 

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Hi Ladies,
Just a quick update sorry I don't have time do a full catchup.
11dpo here and another Bfn. I am still hoping but am getting frustrated. So far I am crampy, a little nauseous, sick in the shower and Sooo tired but still a bfn!!! Grrrr

Primal: I don't have any willpower either. wink1.gif

I will try for a full catchup tomorrow.
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mamablue I'm so sorry what you and DH are going through. I hope that time and talking will lead to having a supportive DH again in your TTC journey. How many cycles have you been trying?

Thanks to all the ladies on here who have shared their DH frustrations kelseywhitney, sparklemaman, I think Oxford too? It's so comforting to know we're not alone in this and that we're actually pretty normal in our relationship struggles through TTC.

Still hangin out here on 2 DPO. Wouldn't ya know DH's BD drive has revived now that O time is done.
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Larski - I'm so sorry. I wish you didn't have to go through this. 

Oxford - sounds promising! Ill totally be stalking this thread tomorrow to see what you find out. I hope it's a BFP! 
Amy -I hope you get your BFP, too.
Hoping for good things for you ren31, primal, ak and 777. All others, too. 
AFM - I have all these replies for everyone, but my iPad is being so slow and laggy on mothering. It's making it difficult to type. (Anyone else have this issue?) It's pretty frustrating, so ill be quick. My DD is fine, the fishbone ended up dislodging itself right before they were about to scope her. Also, my DH and I were able to talk about his outburst. He brought it up and apologized. The poor guy was in tears. He was so disappointed that AF arrived. He said he forgot how difficult infertility was/is. I think all of us here can relate. So he and I are back on the same page. 
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Originally Posted by writeonyogamama View Post

mamablue I'm so sorry what you and DH are going through. I hope that time and talking will lead to having a supportive DH again in your TTC journey. How many cycles have you been trying?


We don't use birth control, and its been 11 cycles since my PPAF. We've been adding extra efforts (OPK, cervical position, and the like) for the last 5 cycles. 

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Mama blue - oh bless him! There's nothing sweeter than a dh/dp explaining honestly why they has a hissy fit! I guess we need to randomly go off to vent so why shouldn't they? They share the disappointment when actively involved... That's why I keep telling mine AF is on the way - lol then if its not he gets a big old surprise!
Akcowgirl we are the same dpo, neg for me this am too
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I got a BFN this morning :-(
I'm disappointed.

At first I saw a faint line, but as it dried it disappeared, so I think it was wishful thinking as I peered at it and held it up to the light!! DH said he couldn't see a line and was quite bemused about all the obsessing (bless him!)

I am now one day late. My temp dipped by 0.2 degrees Celsius this morning, so I think AF I just being tardy this month. If she hasn't shown her annoying face by tomorrow, I will test again.

Hard luck chuord on your BFN. There's still time tho...

Mamablue- great news that DH is back on the team :-)

Writeon - isn't it annoying that they get all interested straight after!!! My DH is still a little confused about the whole thing I think!

Akcowgirl- sounds promising! Hang in there and fingers crossed for you!
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BFN again this morning; now 12 DPO. I don't think it's going to happen this month. I did skip the melatonin last night, and was still able to sleep, so maybe that will work out for me. AF due in 2 days. I'm not having any pregnancy symptoms, but I'm not experiencing my usual PMS symptoms either (kill everyone!), so I don't know what's up. Maybe I'm just having a more mellow month hormonally. But, I know, it's not over until it's over. I'll just keep testing every morning until AF shows up (because resistance is futile).

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Hard luck primal! There is still time though, that little one might be upping your hormones as we speak!

Over here, I am now officially obsessing! AF still hasn't arrived and not giving any cramps either. Ach this roller coaster is mad! So glad that you all understand :-)
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Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! Still no AF for me yet, still have BFN every morning! I am having AF cramps since yesterday morning, no other AF symptoms (migraine, acne). Just ready for her yo come so I can start next cycle!
Mamablue, so glad things are looking up! Glad to here DD is doing good! You got a good DH for opening up and communicating with you! A lot of men won't due that because of their ego's! Glad yall are back on the same page!
To everyone else, good luck! And have a happy day!
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Hi! AF is due in 4 days, I have my usual bloating and cramping. I often start spotting a few days before my period, so I will be waiting for that!
Also, the day after BD'ing, I got a terrible yeast infection, I treated it with garlic...I find myself thinking about how I read that garlic swings for boy...lol smile.gif
Anyone have experience with TTC and getting yeast infections?! It's like my body was not happy to have swimmers in there orngtongue.gif
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