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I dunno, many times stress has delayed AF for me. I'm sure it's different for everyone.
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Thank you all!!
Its so good to be able to share everyone's wisdom and experience. I don't know anyone IRW who is TTC. Thank you.
I will leave my chart on advanced and try an stretch out the BD sessions. I also struggle to get the quantity and frequency of BD! Ladies, I share your pain. I think he is getting more clued up. I keep dropping in small byte sized lessons about baby making basics. Bless them!!!

Renaissance- have you tested yet?
I have my fingers crossed for you!
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Chuord, my fingers and toes are crossed for you!!!!!


Renaissance, good luck testing!!!! Sending you tons of baby dust! :)


Katiecornflakes, how are you?? I feel like I haven't checked in on you recently :)


I love reading along and following you guys, thanks for letting me stick around for so long haha! If I forgot to say hi to anyone, I'm sorry! My brain is fried dizzy.gif To anyone I don't know too well, hello :) Lots and lots of baby dust and hugs being sent out to all you ladies!!

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Hi ladies, 4 dpo here. I think my lp is 10days. But I'm not really sure. Currently at 4dpo I got light cramping and my sex drive has increased. Anyone have the same symptoms? Lol
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Jjh - I'm with you stress delays my AF sometimes... Oxford - I've read that lp is meant to be constant - but mine isn't so??
Thank you for all the well wishes 😊 I'm feeling the love and its great!
In case anyone wants to see my chart here it is.. I really don't think O could gave been later... And my temps are low now despite being above cover line... Neither of my natural therapy ladies can feel any 'additional' energy so I'm really not counting on anything - yet there is a niggle in the background lol... Anyway hugs to you all and fx everything goes to plan for you...
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I'm very excited for you chuord. I'm willing that BFP to appear. Keep us posted!!
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Hi all 😄 well my cycle has resolved with AF starting... I'm just going to enjoy some tummy food and work on staying more relaxed this cycle... Fx for all you ladies still running and thanks to all my hopeful friends!
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Big hugs, Chuord!! Take care of yourself and enjoy the things you can't when you get pregnant :)

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Originally Posted by chuord View Post

Hi all 😄 well my cycle has resolved with AF starting... I'm just going to enjoy some tummy food and work on staying more relaxed this cycle... Fx for all you ladies still running and thanks to all my hopeful friends!

😢 Sorry Chuord!!
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Sorry for all the af visits greensad.gif hugs to you all!!

Afm I have been using opk but so far nothing but negs!! My boobs are killing me and last night a marinade I usually lived turned my stomach. Idk what to think I just tested neg on Thursday, but unless I ovulated on day 2-5 then I haven't ovulated yet this cycle either!! No noticeable cm, there was a bit of creaminess the other day but not much. Af should show up around the 22 so I guess we'll see!!! I put my info into ff here's a pic

Ahhh so frustrating.
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Chuord- ach so sorry! :-( hope you are enjoying your favourite tipple along with sushi, blue cheese and every other banned food.
A new month, the board is reset.

CLS - that us very frustrating. I think we change our bodies by watching them. Hang in there and hopefully it will all become clear. Fx for you!
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Oxford: I think you are right!!
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Sorry to hear tht chourd. Fx for all of us next cycle...
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I am CD 4 now. I checked in FF to see what it say in the "pregnancy monitor" it said - not enough data yet.

I think it would be much friendlier to say - think this could be your month!! ;-) finger crossed girl!
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Chuord - big hugs! Definitely have a glass of wine and some sushi. Take that AF!

CLS - I agree it doesn't look like you've ovulated yet but don't stress. There's time. My DD was conceived on CD22 and all was well. There's time!

Oxford - I put so much stock in that meter thing for a few months, putting in all my symptoms to see the score. But then I realized I wasn't actually changing the outcome, just getting more stressed! I agree it should just list some positive affirmations!!

Dahlia - I'm doing well, thanks. 6 weeks today and feeling really good. Tired and nauseous here and there but overall feeling great.
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Chourd Big hug2.gif Mama. Enjoy some wine, soft cheeses, sushi or whatever you might really like!! Take good care of yourself. I am still cheering for you!! Sending you oodles of babydust dust.gif


wave.gifDahlia!! How have you been feeling? Any scans or other exciting news to share?


I am crossing my fingers and toes for those mamas waiting to test fingersx.gif I miss checking in with everyone regularly but glad to lurk and to root for you all joy.gif

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Sparkle, Dahlia, and Katie-it is always great to hear for you gals! So happy to see that you are all swindling in wonderful pregnancy symptoms and hormones!

AFM- got my solid red cross lines today, which confirmed that I O'd on Tuesday like I thought. Still hoping Dh's little swimmers survived for 4 days before. I have read online that that could be good timing for a girl which would be great. BUT, I am really trying not to get my hopes up. I told myself that I was going to just assume timing was off and I am out, then if it happens I would be very pleasantly surprised. However, I keep finding myself googling "pregnancy occurring from BD 4 days prior to O." UGH!😩
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Sparkle, I'm doing well thanks :) 11 weeks on Monday!! Yay! No fun or exciting scans yet, boo. We'll hear the heartbeat on the 26th (FINALLY), and then have our first ultrasound on the 28th. So, I'll be between 12 and 13 weeks then :) I'll be sure to post pics if you guys want to see.


Liv- Hi there! Fingers crossed for you this cycle!!! Sending you loads of baby dust :)

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Livn - fx for you, for both pg and not going google crazy lol... That was this month for me

Dahlia, Katie, sparkle - I agree it's so special that you hang around to lurk us!
All moving along so fast, and yes I'd love to see pics of ultrasounds etc!!! We can vicariously keep enjoying the success stories!!!
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