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Katie- my cycles are typically only 18 days long...that's why I started using the opks so early. Can't stress too much I guess though, af will either be here or not next week
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Sparkle, dahlia, Katie- you are all inspiring! Please share news and scans etc. we are all enjoying your journeys :-)

Livn - fingers and toes crossed for you. Sit back and let your body do its thing. It knows just how to do it. I'm still watching g for your BFP!!!
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Aw, thanks ladies :) It means a lot that we can all stay in touch and keep offering our support! I still feel close to you all, and really root for you every day. Even those ladies that weren't in my tww, you're getting baby dust from me too even if I don't personally respond to you :) Keep your chins up, everyone!! Chuord, I can't help but feel like your turn is coming up very soon!! I've got such a good gut feeling for you, even if this cycle wasn't the one!

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Thanks dahlia! I'm hoping too xxx
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lyrerae congratulations, mama! So exciting to see some good news.

chuord boo to AF. Drink a glass of red wine for me or whatever your chosen vice.

Sorry to all the other gals with AF.

AFM I'm hangin out on 7dpo. My BBT thermometer is officially broken so I don't have that to obsess over anymore. I'm not going to replace it unless AF ruins my party this month.
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Lyterae - Congrats! I was hoping some of you ladies would get a BFP. It looks like a handful of you are moving on to new cycles. Best wishes to all.

AFM - CD7 for me. New for this cycle - temping. Yay! (Actually, I despise temping, lol.) I'll start my OPK's on Monday (CD9) as I usually get a smiley on CD11 or thereabouts. I'm hoping to be back in the 2ww in the next few days.
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sorry to everyone who got their AF's. greensad.gif

I'm having pretty dull and constant back ache. It shoots down through my behind to my legs and I know I'm not imagining that. I took a nap today and my bb's where so sore when I woke up. It went away with time, but any pressure brings it back temporally. And now I'm laying here in bed not wanting to move because I'm nauseated and aching.
I got a bfn this morning so I'm waiting til tuesday, maybe monday.
Fx for everyone waiting to test!
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Sounds promising Kelsey!!!
How many dpo are you?
Fingers crossed for you!!

Mama blue- enjoy your BD!!! Hope you hit the timing just right and have lots of early symptoms :-)

Writeon- exciting times! You could be our next BFP this month...
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Thanks Mamas!!  I echo Dahlia's sentiments, I just feel so connected to you all and am excited to cheer you on!!  Chourd I too have such a real feeling that your time is soon. Oxford fingersx.gif for you mama.Livnkades I think it is entirely reasonable to think BD 4 days before O could achieve fertilization. It's all in the timing on day of the BD and the O. Also, BD on day of O is less likely to result in pregnancy than 1-2 days before, but still quite possible!! I hear you on wanting to think you're out and just serenely ride through the TWW. That was always what I aspired to do, never actually achieved it. I always thought I was probably out but convinced myself each of the 10 cycles TTC, this must be it! because of some magical thinking and lots of hope. And each month when AF arrived I thought, this is it, I cannot do this to myself anymore! But then I did. Despite how draining and painful the experience was, I am SO glad I was persistent.

Big hug.gif to all and wishing you om.gif goodvibes.gif and dust.gifwherever you are on your TTC journey!!


AFM I have my first official OB visit and scan April 9, I'll be almost 10 weeks. Still on the fence about my provider and birth hospital (not sure whether to stay with my longtime OB/GYN who I love, trust and feel super safe with who delivers at a birth hospital I'm not so excited about or switch to a new CNM who I've heard lovely things about who delivers at my birth hospital of choice). I hope to decide by April!! I'm sure I'll check in lots before then smile.gif

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Oxford- 12 dpo! Maybe 11. smile.gif but I really would like to wait til 14 dpo to test. It's killing me to see bfn's. I'm due to start af in 3-5 days.
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Kelsey- A BFN is horrible. I try my best not to test too.
Fingers crossed for you!
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9 DPO. I started getting nauseous last night and it's worse this morning. So tempted to POAS! Fx this is it and not the start of PMS.
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7dpo today. I am not really feeling any symptoms except mild back aches and cramping. I can't believe I have to wait another 7 more days. I hope I can wait 7 days to test. praying.gif

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I'm out. AF came for me. Grumble grumble. greensad.gif but hey... Looks like I'll be ovulating on my birthday. Lol and DH's bday is the day before mine smile.gif
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Ugh, sorry renaissance.

lisab82 I'm starting to go crazy thinking about testing. I thought I'd be so good about waiting this cycle but I'm sitting on my hands trying not to go out and buy some tests.
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I hear ya write, I am actually going to a fertility doctor so I have a blood test schedule for next week to see if the protocol the doctor gave me worked...but like you, these two weeks are going by soooo sloooowww. It would be nice to give my family some great news for easter weekend!

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Hugs renaissance!!
Writeon and lisa2b good luck with the patience! Or the poas - lol whichever comes first...
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Write on- I am still watching!! Think this coul be your month. Nausea is a top early sign :-) how exciting...

Lisab- the waiting is rubbish! Hope it passes quickly for you

Renaissance - hard luck :-( still the board is clear for a new month and two birthdays is an awesome excuse!!!! Wink wink ;-)
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Over here, I'm in CD6. I figured I'd ignore the "window" and pursue DH all month!!! ;-)
GL an baby dust to all those trying.
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Originally Posted by oxford View Post

Over here, I'm in CD6. I figured I'd ignore the "window" and pursue DH all month!!! ;-)
GL an baby dust to all those trying.

I think that is a great plan!!! I may try that out next month too...if things don't pan out the way I hope.

AFM- 5 DPO and trying not to symptom spot. However my boobs have been sore which is not common for me at this soon after O. Also a lot of creamy CM (sorry TMI!) which I usually dry up after O. We'll see! Again, I still think we probably missed the boat since BDing didn't occur the 2-3 days (instead 4) before O
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