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Writeon -- Congratulations!


AFM, we aren't "officially" trying this month, but I have my hopes anyhow. I'm CD 8 right now, BD'd last night, and will continue throughout the weekend since I tend to O on CD 11. I stopped the melatonin for now and am just taking the Ambien. I think I'm going to try guiafenisen as well, because, why not?


Good luck to everyone who is getting close to test time!!!

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Hello primal, that sounds a much more chilled approach, I think I will follow you.

I am also trying guafenisin for the first time this month. I started yesterday and I haven't noticed any change yet- I am sooo impatient!!
Last month u had 2 days of EWCM so I'm hoping for a bit more. It's CD10 for me and I usually o about CD14 so time yet

Has anyone else got experience of guafenisin?
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Thanks Oxford for the words of encouragement and positive thoughts!

I think I'm probably out. 😢I had a temperature drop this morning, it didn't go below my cover line but still went down quite a bit. I'm definitely disappointed but more so confused. I always have an 11 day LP. This month I even started taking B complex 100 to increase it a couple of days. Now it looks like my LP will only be eight or nine days!?!? So even if we did catch the egg it would've had time to implant. My last check on my thyroid was 2.68 and my doctor increased my medication so my levels should be where they are supposed to be in the range for normal function (1-2). Needless to say I'm really confused as to why my body is not working right. I'm really okay with the not being pregnant thing it's just I don't want there to be problems that prevent me from getting pregnant like an LP problem. Sorry for the vent! I would have been much more accepting had AF come like normal after an 11day LP, rather than giving me a new thing to stress about. Anyone got any thoughts or suggestions on why my LP went down instead of increasing on B complex?
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Good morning ladies, so today is 11dpo for me and yesterday I thought I was getting my period and well today I am back to thinking I may just be pregnant. I took a test yesterday (yes I caved whistling.gif) and it came back negative but thats fine cause with my son I tested


negative until 16dpo. my boobs are killing me, I have been cramping all week and im nausea. I have a blood test schedule for Monday so


until then, Im keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck ladies

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Livnkadesmom from my understanding when you start taking vitamins it takes a full month to start reaping the benifets of taking vb complex, It will happen. I know it's very fustrating!! Allow it to work it's magic. Kmfx for you hun....
(FYI) Vitamin b6 is also great for extending your LP
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Originally Posted by 777Star View Post

Livnkadesmom from my understanding when you start taking vitamins it takes a full month to start reaping the benifets of taking vb complex, It will happen. I know it's very fustrating!! Allow it to work it's magic. Kmfx for you hun....
(FYI) Vitamin b6 is also great for extending your LP

Thanks for the input 777Star! I used to take vitamin B6 and then I read that the b vitamins absorbed better when you take them in the form of vitamin B complex do you know anything about that? I have wondered if I need to go back to the vitamin B6 or if I need to cut my vitamin B complex down to 50 mg a day instead of 100. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I'm just confused as to how my LP went from 11 days down to eight or nine days instead of increasing. I am still just spotting...brown today, so I can't say I have actually started. I know that spotting before AF can also be a sign of low Progesterone. I guess it is just a wait and see right now.
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LivnKadesmom I take B6 & B Complex. If I were you I wouldn't discontinue
using it, I would add B6 back to my regimen. I'm not sure about the spotting
I had spotting as well with this cycle, I spotted for 3 days into my cycle
I normally have a 27 day cycle & this month it was 31 days my first time ever!
But I think that I am very stress out ttc...
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Well FFS.


I was playing with BabyCenter's due date calculator. Went to choose "March" from the drop-down menu, and accidentally clicked on "Recommend" for FB instead.


Really wasn't intending to announce like that, especially as there's nothing to announce yet. Hopefully no one saw that before I deleted it.


Not the first time I've accidentally "Liked" some random web page that I didn't really intend to share with everyone on FB. I wish they'd make those buttons two-step. Is there any way (official or otherwise) to disable them entirely?


(The result would be November 28 or December 4th, depending on whether I go by LMP or date of conception.)

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this waiting games is no fun... Wish the next 2 weeks would hurry up and come quick so I can know already... :/ ... who else is now starting the waiting game..

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Livn, I agree with Oxford and 777stsr - hang in there it could still be good... Am hanging to see what your temp does tomorrow, if it goes up it was probably implantation... 😄
Hi all 😃 fx for you all... I'm just trying to spend a little less time obsessing this month, so still here and lurking 😜 just not posting ALL the time lol
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Lovely to hear from you chuord :-)
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Originally Posted by angelbaby84 View Post

this waiting games is no fun... Wish the next 2 weeks would hurry up and come quick so I can know already... :/ ... who else is now starting the waiting game..

I'm here. My OPK was positive both today and yesterday, but I haven't gotten a temp shift yet. So I'm thinking today may be my O day? I don't know. So I guess I'm BDing and doing the 2ww at the same time. (I hope O hurries up, because I have BD fatigue, haha. Like I said to my DH, if we have to go to a fertility specialist, we can go knowing that we gave the old-fashioned method of conception the best possible chance we could.)
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Liv- any more news on spotting versus AF?? She's the worlds worst house guest- unpredictable and turns up whenever she chooses!
On the vitamins, my advice would be to let it all go. The stress and analysis are more likely to decrease your chances more than the vitamins will increase. Easier to say than do, but take some me time. If the same thing happens again next month it may be time to speak to a doctor. For this month throw your hands in the air at our unpredictable and often uncooperative bodies!! Reset the board for a new month of subtle seduction and being way too interested in CM!! I will still keep my fingers crossed that its not AF but a weird pregnancy thing. Big hugs.

LisaB- good luck keep us posted on the testing. Sounds very promising!!

Mamablue- good for you! There is so much satisfaction to hitting BD correctly!! Keep up your stamina girl!!

For me, I think I'm -4 days from O. I think. Trying the old fashioned method this month, lots of BD. so far we have managed -5 and -4, I'm hoping to keep DH engaged every day to O. Wish me luck!! Poor DH ;-)
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My temp stayed the same as yesterday. Lower but still above cover line. I spotted off and on yesterday. It was brown rather than the red it started out as. The spotting has stopped as of now. I still think it is AF coming to ruin the fun, but I guess I still have to wait to know for sure.
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Oxford- good luck on the seduction the next few days! It can be exhausting, but so worth it in the end. I think I am going to give the B complex one more month and see how it affects me next month.
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I am 8-9dpo today. I am having headaches, very sore nipples, the entire breast is beginning to become sore. Had cramping and a pulling feeling right at my uterus. My cervical position is extremely high, soft, moist, and closed. I am urinating a lot more, as well as eating more. My eyelids have become swollen the last 2 days, but I researched it, and it says that the swollen eyelids and headache are caused from increasing hormones. The last 2 nights I have had trouble sleeping. I also have a hard time laying on my stomach. Now...according to my last period, my EDD is December 6th. I 2ould be right at 3 weeks today. I have yet to test, I dont want to test too early and be disappointed, so I am going to wait until atleast 12dpo. Hopefully by then I will get a proper result. Well ladies...there are my symptoms, what do you think? Do you think that I have a chance?? I really hope so. If I am, im hoping for a girl, considering I already have a son, but no matter the sex of my child, I will love it the same. Please..tell me what you think. Thank you!!
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Sounds good cressyhoke! Keep us posted on your testing!

Thanks Liv, I'm trying to keep up the seduction. The weekends are fine with lots if time, weekdays and work are not so easy!
I am still not giving up in you this month, who knows the spotting may be weirdy pregnancy stuff. Hang in there and still got my fingers crossed for you!
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I've been TTC for 7 months now, and AF is due tomorrow. I've been using OPK for a few months now as well. Since Monday 3/18 I've been cramping, having headaches, and nauseated. I took a FR test today which is one day before AF is due, but it was a BFN. I honestly feel like AF is going to come. I feel like I always do about this time of the month, but im not normally nauseated or have intense headaches, so I'm getting discouraged. Anyone know of others who have felt like AF was gonna show up any day but were in fact pregnant? The BFN is making me doubtful too... Still hoping though :/ wishing everyone the best of luck while waiting smile.gif
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Well ladies AF has moved in for her weekly visit. According to FF this gives me a 10 day LP, but I spotted since 8 DPO. I normally have an 11 day LP with spotting a couple of days before. If you remember, I thought I had O'd on CD 20 which would be consistent with starting AF today, but FF said CD 21. Anyway, going to continue B complex for one more month and see what happens. If I don't get the results I want then I will go back to plain B6. We booked our 7 night stay at the beach for June last night, so maybe I can focus on losing a few pounds for that and not so much on TTC. I will be lurking until my next TWW. See you in April...or hopefully not! Baby dust to all!!!
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Well AF came this morning so maybe April will be my lucky month. Good luck to everyone!
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