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Well ladies, everything is the same, except my breasts arent as tender as they have been. Also, I have been burning up all the time lately, and I live in Alaska, however, yesterday I got cold. I havent charted bbt, but im guessing my temperature dropped, but then again last night, I was burning up again, had to sleep with no covers. Guess I should have been charting. My face has started to break out, af due on the 29th, I think, that is..if my cycle is going as it should. Im not exactly sure about them, I was on the mirena for 2 year, then the depo for 6 months, then I was on the pill for about 2 months, didnt have a period at all while on mirena or depo, and only 2 while on the pill, the last 2 months. So..im not exactly sure when it should be. I had a period around February 1st thru 3rd, then I had a period on March 1st that was very light and only lasted barely 3 days. Can any of you tell me exactly how long my cycle is running, and when you think it is that I would have ovulated? Im pretty sure I didnt miss my chance, as my boyfriend and I have sexual relations pretty much every night. So whenever it was, im pretty sure I didnt miss my window of fertility. Im just hoping that the mirena didnt mess me up. I had 1 for a year and a half, when I went in for a check up, it was gone, they did an ultrasound, nowhere to be found, so they put another in, it gave me all kinds of complications, so I had it taken out, then went on depo, started gaining weight, so I went on the pill for 2 months. No birth control January, February, or this month. So im kinda lost. Please comment on all that I've shared and give me your input, I could really use it. Im desperate ladies, please help if you can. Even the smallest advice is better than none. With not knowing my cycles, im not sure if these symptoms im having could be af getting ready to show her ugly face. I read somewhere that your cervix is low and hard before af, but mine is high, soft, moist, and closed. Am I wrong? ? I dont know...kinda getting discouraged...I hope im still in there, I knew I shouldnt have taken that 1st test. Now I feel like its just over. Please comment...give me your thought, even if negative, nothing can hurt!! I didnt mention before...but I have had 2 miscarriages, didnt want anyone feeling sorry for me, but like i said, all of your comments can help, nothing can hurt me at this point! Thanks again ladies!
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. . Could these be positives or evap lines? Suppose to have my period on march 11 started bleeding slightly on march 18 very light no heavy dark blood lasted few days
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Originally Posted by chuord View Post

Jjh - hugs! Hope you find something to help with the sickness... Have you tried these
Queasy drops my sister found them for my mum when doing chemo... Apparently great for morning sickness....
Ill check those out smile.gif I called my provider, they gave me a script for zofran if I really need it... I don't want to take it unless I absolutely have to! Thanks smile.gif
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Cressy - I hope you have answers soon.

scjp - I see something on the second one! Woohoo! Did you use FMU? I'd test again tomorrow.

Angelbaby - I'm right there with you. Waiting waiting waiting.

AFM - 3dpo. OPK's, EWCM and temping all aligned wonderfully and so now I wait. Interestingly, I was bloaty and crampy on O day and had light pink then light brown spotting 1dpo and 2dpo. I started my progesterone last night, and the spotting is gone. I don't know if it was a coincidence or not. Have any of you experienced spotting after O? It's a first for me.

I am hopeful, but not with my hopes up.
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With the second one yes I used fmu the other one no
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Hoo boy! Here I am, likely with a long-outdated signature and on my iPhone on here for the first time...anyway.
I am in the two week wait. Not sure of when I ovulated this month but my husband and I kind of decided on the fly (after previously deciding to wait a month) to just go for it. I didn't notice this month but going by chart I ovulated yesterday or day before so I have a very long two week wait ahead. Sigh.
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lisab so sorry. :-( your symptoms sounded so promising. Fx for the next try, mama.

scjp I see lines in those pics. Keep us posted!
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I will ill know tomorow after I go to doctor at 1:45 I'm so hoping
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Hello Cressyhoke- so sorry to hear about your miscarriages, it is such a profound loss :-(
I know nothing about the drugs you mentioned. It sounds like your cycle is styling back into a monthly pattern. Unfortunately Mother Nature has made pregnancy symptoms indistinguishable from AF, so the bad news is it could be AF, however the wonderful news is that it could also be a little baby :-) hang in there for a few more days an if AF hasn't shown her unwelcome face, do another test. Your BD every day is a brilliant strategy, regardless of your cycle, you are going to be well prepared for O. Fingers crossed for you. In the meantime, do something relaxing for you and take some time out. Good luck
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Scjp- I see the line on the second one!! How exciting. Keep us posted on your testing today

Lisab- awful news. So sorry. Those symptoms sounded so good. Extra baby dust for you next month.
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Here things are not going well. I seem to be completely consumed by having a baby. We don't have children so it will be our first together and I am desperate to be a mother. Unfortunately that means I push things too hard and find it difficult to step away.
As you know my strategy has been more BD and we managed -5,-4,-3... Doing well. Last night was -2. I tried to initiate and he just yawned!! It made me so frustrated. He said he was too tired. Right on the important day.

We managed more BD this morning, -1, so I guess that's important.
I am annoyed with myself for getting frustrated with him. It doesn't help, in fact it does a lot of damage. I feel like I am becoming baby obsessed. I hope you guys understand, I'm not sure anyone in TRW would. :-(

My temp stayed low this morning, so I am still on track to O tomorrow. I think if it is BFN again this month I will get checked out at the doctor. We have been TTC 6 months and I am 35. Any views?

Baby dust to all :-)
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I took another cause I love taking preg test lol when I think I might be. Does this look like an evap line or positve? Need input from from ppl with experience
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Well I went to health dept at 10 they called and said they could get me in earlier and the urine test was negative greensad.gif so I insisted on a blood test so I will find out results tomorrow I am so hoping I am.
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scjp- It's soo hard to tell from the pic, but fingers crossed it's a bfp for you! Maybe try a pink dye test like frer? I had better luck reading those, personally. Good luck on your blood test! Sending you baby dust!

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Oxford - Sorry to hear about your troubles. Skipping a BD day shouldn't hurt anything. Often it's a good thing, because it gives your partner a chance to build up a nice supply - especially if his body isn't used to daily BDing.

The guideline is to seek help after 6 months of trying for someone 35+. Don't let it frighten you or stress you out. Many times the treatment is uncomplicated and easily affordable. In fact, this is likely my last cycle of trying natural, and I'm looking forward to letting my RE figure out what's going on. There's only so much I can figure out in my own.
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I really should know better than to test before a missed period! But my luteal phase is so long (15-16 days) that it's easy to convince myself that testing earlier makes sense.


7-8 days DPO (or the suspected day I ovulated, anyways) I had a bunch of cramping, which is very unusual for me. Starting day 9 or 10, I had some very mild nausea. But there's a GI bug going around at work, so that could be it too. Or it could be that I always have mild nausea as PMS and only notice when there's a chance I'm pregnant. Or it's totally psychosomatic. Who knows.


Today was day 12 or 13 DPO and I figured that if I am indeed having symptoms my HCG levels are probably high enough to be worth testing, so I POAS with a FRER with FMU and got a BFN (the excessive acronyms crack me up). Then went to wipe and had some light brown spotting, which has continued (very lightly) in the six hours since.


So... if we assume my luteal phase is not suddenly getting shorter, then 1. it's implantation bleeding and just too early for BFP (google finds plenty of examples of negative FRER at 12 DPO that turned out to be positive later), 2. I misjudged my ovulation day and we missed the boat (very possible, I'm going totally by symptoms and not temping or OPK), or 3. I'm returning to the pattern I had before my first pregnancy where I had some spotting about 48 hours before AF started, but I haven't had a period like that in a decade.


So, POAS told me absolutely nothing, and now I'm out of tests :p

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First of all, Good luck to everyone in here!! I think about you guys often, and always have my fingers and toes crossed for you all to get bfps!!


I hope it's ok that I butt in and share real quick :) I know Chuord, and I think a few other ladies wanted to hear about my appt.. So, we got to hear our baby's heartbeat for the first time today, and it was amazing!! Doctor says everything looks/sounds great, and I'm just so happy and relieved! Our little one is pattering along at 160 bpm, and the heartbeat was so strong, and loud and clear! It was such a happy moment :)


Thanks for letting me share! Don't give up hope ladies! Ocelotmom, I got a bfn at 12 dpo, and finally got a faint bfp at 13 dpo. My cycle is shorter than yours too, around 28 days. So, keep your chin up!! scjp, mamablue, oxford, I'm thinking of you all! Good luck!

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That is GREAT to hear Dahlia! That sweet little ❤beat is music to a mother's ears! Thanks for sharing! I know you are so excited!
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Thanks Liv!! How are you  doing?

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