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Yes that would be nice dh birthday is Dec 7, I'm tired of getting my hopes up momth after month & then it hit me nothing happens before it's time
Kmfx for you, it's seems promising for you. I hate that pregnancy symptoms are the same as pms symptoms. I'm sorry for your loss hun xoxox
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I had my temp rise today so O was yesterday, as expected. With the BD troubles this month, we managed -5,-4,-3,-1. I was sad to miss -2 and O, but we did manage one day in the 3 day window. So I have a small possibility.
The guafenisin helped, with 5 days EWCM instead if the usual 2.

So now we relax and wait. I am actually relieved to be through BD season. When things calm down I'm going to talk to him about our approach next month. I was thinking that I might tell him the 3 days and then do nothing and leave it totally up to him. It will be hard not to push things, but maybe that would give him more freedom and we wouldn't be so antagonistic. Anyone had a strategy that worked (if I do nothing we would miss the window and if he spots my chasing he resists!!)

Baby dust to those waiting to test
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Hello ladies, hope you're all doing well. Good luck to everyone! Oxford, good luck this month, sounds like you hit a lot of good days!


I just had my first ultrasound, and some of you said you'd like to see pictures :) so, here ya go!




Go ahead and take a guess at the nub if you're into that sorta thing and trying to pass some time!


Good luck again to you all!

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Well...today, so far, my cervix is still high, mostly soft, and moist. Still getting dizzy when I stand. Still no af symptoms, but that could be because or all the symptoms I have already had. Maybe they were just early af symptoms. One more day and af should he here. Pray that she doesnt show her ugly face ladies.
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I"m 7DPO today and I've been extremely tired.. it's like I can barely keep awake... and my cramping has gone away b/c since I've been cramping since I was 4DPO and Yesterday I was cramping whole day into the night .. no idea what this means, but I have 1 more week to wait.. IT'S TAKING FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..


@cressy-- Good luck tomorrow.. hope AF don't show her face..

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Dahlia810 aawhhh Congratz on your little bundle of joy!! So Precious!!
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Dahlia- beautiful, beautiful pictures :-) I'm amazed he/she is so BIG! That is a very cute face :-) what a blessing. I bet you are jumping for joy. Enjoy your special time mama!!
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Thanks girls :)

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Oh, Dahlia! Thanks for sharing! That is one precious little person in there! So VERY happy for u!
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Still...as of yet,no af symptoms. Cervix still pretty high, semi soft, milky discharge. No cramps. Did some exercising, got worn out pretty quickly. I hope im not getting my hopes up for nothing. I wish everyone luck. Ill keep you updated, even if the terrible happens. I really hope that it doesnt. Pray for me girls, im keeping my fingers crossed. What do ya think so far? Do I got a chance, be honest, please.
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Hi, everyone.  I think I'm back in the TWW so am de-lurking.  


My cycle has been all out of whack, so it's hard to be sure, but here's hoping.  My period was extra long and heavy from the chemical pregnancy that I think I had last month.  And I think that O was delayed as a result.  I am actually happy about that because my normal O date would have happened while I was still across the country from my DH, but the delay allowed us to get one BD in.  Because of the travel (across 3 time zones), my temps are all messed up and it's hard to confirm ovulation on FF, but my CM makes me pretty optimistic that I ovulated on the 25th.  I know the chances are slim with only one BD, but I'll take it!  



Dahlia--what beautiful pics, congrats!


And Cressy, Apolonia, and AngelBaby--FX for you!  Cressy, you totally sound like you are still in--I admire your strength in not testing!

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Hi all,

I posted a few days ago. Still waiting....AF is due on the 6th. My husband and I decided we might as well try this month. Not sure if we hit my cycle at the right time (I think I had a chemical pregnancy last month, too, Larski, and I'm not sure exactly when I ovulated.) But we've had sex pretty much every day except for three during the likely time frame so I think we're good. 


With my daughter, I knew I was pregnant before I could even test. This time, I seem to be experiencing the same symptoms: bleeding gums when flossing, occasional light-headedness/dizziness, exhaustion (I used to manage on 5 hrs sleep, now I'm tired 2 hours after waking from an 8-hour sleep), slightly tender breasts, and I seem to be crying easier. Read a few birth stories and actually welled up for all of them. Rare for me. ;)


I'm trying to be patient. I work from home so I'm easily distracted by forums such as this one, but I'm trying to stay focused. I have an EPT that I *could* use in a few days but I think I will wait until the fifth. 


Good luck to everyone here hoping for a BFP!!


And have a great Easter weekend. 

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Good luck, BerryMac!

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Hello Larski did uour temps drop lower this cycle when you had your chemical pregnancy?
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Forgot to mention, still getting really dizzy upon standing.
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Hi, 777.  No, I don't think my temps dropped notably.  It's kind of hard to tell because of the travel/time zone issues, but I don't think they were affected by the chemical pregnancy.  The only thing that it noticeably affected was my ovulation (delayed by a couple days).  

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Also...breasts are very tender again!
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Originally Posted by cressyhoke View Post

Also...breasts are very tender again!

Oh! Good sign I think. Mine started to feel less tender...and BAM, there AF was! af.gif

I'm out this cycle.

So much for our slam dunk on the first try!

FX for the rest of you. 

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Okay. My temps this cycle was in the mid 97 & 2days after ovulation my temps is 97.63 this has never happen before. My previous cycle 2dpo my temp is as lways in the low 98's & I also had an 31 day cycle, when I'm normally 27 days. ...
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Sorry about AF apolonia, I hope next cycle is successful.

Welcome back Larski!

Cressyhoke - I hope all your symptoms turn out to be the real thing. smile.gif

Dahlia - Beautiful baby! I hope your next two trimesters are comfortable and happy. love.gif:

AFM - 6dpo. I'm on progesterone, so I cannot reliably symptom spot at all. It's been a cheerful and stress-free cycle until I called my insurance this afternoon to get clarification of my IF benefits. My coverage is a joke. Took the wind right out of my sails. I thought I was home free since I met my deductable, but nope. IF has an additional deductable and a very low maximum allowance. Lame. Hopefully I'll get lucky and either be pregnant this cycle (yeah right), or at least maybe some of the labs and diagnostic stuff will be covered under my medical coverage. Plus, meds have really gone up in price since my last round of IF.

"Back in my day, Follistim was $60 a vial." *spoken in my best old lady voice* lol.gif

Despite all that I'm looking forward to my consult with my new RE on Tuesday.
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