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Mama blue- good luck with the frer. Sometimes our bodies are quite contrary, so it may surprise you, mess up your diary and pop up a BFP. Fingers crossed, let us know!

Chuord- well done for holding out so long. It's lovely not to obsess, although not k owing can make it worse!! Did you take the OPK? Are you busting out the lingerie tonight!! Happy BD, the lower stress must help.

And for me, I've not got a clue!!
After my dramatic below the cover line drop on 4DPO, it went nicely back up in 5DPO, only to drop again today! I've no idea what is going on, my body hasn't done this before. I checke the temp over and over and it was adamant.

So u have been doing the only thing open to an obsessive TWW- stalking charts on FF for double dips!! Lol.
There are some pregnant charts with this pattern, and guess what? Some ovulation charts show it too. I've no clue now!! I guess I'm going to have to do it the old fashioned way and just wait.

I have sore breasts, light gentle cramping (like a tugging or pinging) on my left side and I am tripping to the bathroom to urinate every 5 mins. Whether this is pregnancy, I don't know, but it is twisted fun to obsess about a new symptom!

Hope you are all doing well? Loads of baby dust to all, here's to Christmas babies :-)
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Angelbaby Congrats on your bfp!!!!!
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Well ladies, I feel like I am back to square one with DH. I mentioned TTC #3 to him again on Sunday. Our plan (so I thought) was to actively start TTC this summer but he told me Sunday that he doesn't want another baby. 😰 Needless to say I am devasted. I go from being very angry at him to being completely shattered. I know he loves me and hates to do this to me, but he gets so content on the way things are. Our kids are at easy, fun ages (11 and 5) and I think he just worries about having to "start" over. I have always wanted 3 children, partly due to being an only child. DH has 2 older sisters, so he sees having 3 children much differently than I do. Anyway, I put up the thermometer. We still are not doing anything to prevent, so I know he has to be open to the possibility or he would demand we do something to prevent...right? I wonder if it is the stress of timed BD that bothers him. we went through that when TTC DS. I have decided to just go with it like we have been and maybe the good Lord will allow it to just happen. Anyway, sorry for the sob story. I will be lurking and may comment every now and then. Good luck to all!
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Livnkadesmom - I went through this with my DH, too. He didn't mean it. Turns out he absolutely hates TTC, but really wants another baby. I can relate to that. Maybe your DH feels similarly. My DH struggles with being grumpy and sad that we don't concieve easily, and so I give him his space. He gets tummy aches if I push the issue too much. Men are just as complicated as women aren't they?

AFM - BFN. No surprise. That's okay. I'm looking forward to this afternoons appt. Hopefully my DH will meet me there. He's made it such a big deal in his head that his stomach is not happy. He grumbled something about work getting in the way of everything, so I don't know if he'll make it. I'm not mad at him, but I sure wish he'd go so he can know the game plan. Knowing what's going to happen would make him feel better.
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Oh livn- that must be a terrible disappointment. Does he understand just how much this means to you?
I hope the laid back approach works- for you and him. Maybe in not trying, it will still happen and in a way thy is less stressful for you both. Big hugs :-)
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Mamablue- fingers crossed for your appointment. I hope everything becomes clear and you have a great doctor
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Here is the link to the April thread.




Good luck everyone!



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You're one of the first Dec mamas! Maybe it hasn't been started yet. Also try looking under new groups.
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I'm back to waiting! April was the 8th month since we've be TTC. I really hope this is it. I tried doing the OPK but I would get positives twice days apart and it was aggravating and confusing. So, me and DH just decided to do BD every other day during the fertile time. It's nine days till AF is due so I'm really praying that it will happen this month! Keeping my FX for all you ladies.
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