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When did you go into labor before?

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So for those of you who have children already, when did you go into labor with them? 


We induced with DD1 at 39 weeks, but I think she would have come before 40 wks if we had let her.


We induced DS (baby #2) at 10 days PAST his due date.


DD2 (baby #3) came on her own at 40w, 3d.


I don't have much of a pattern going! Not sure why DS was so "late". He was much bigger than the other two as well. Maybe it was a boy thing? 


I suspect this one will come during the 40th week.

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DS #1 - labor started 2 or 3 days before his due date (I can't really remember since "active" labor was over 36 hours, and I was so exhausted LOL), and finally arrived the day before his due date.


DS #2 - labor started 4 days early with my water breaking at 2am, but then contractions didn't start until midafternoon so "active" labor was only 9 hours and he arrived on the SAME DAY that labor started (he just barely squeezed in at 11:23pm)! WOOHOO!! Haha I was so relieved...


I took RRL and EPO towards the end with both pregnancies, but never induced.


I'm thinking about taking Gentle Birth this time, just for kicks...I really have no particular instinct/guess about when this one might come!

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Mine have been right at/around 40 weeks...but never in their own (#1 was AROM, #2 & 3 were castor oil). Always spend at least the 2-3 weeks prior dilated to 5-6cm and 80ish % (at least) effaced, good station, LOA, etc....so not sure why I hang out so long....(especially since the CO always works like a charm right away)

Hoping to go a little earlier this time for some specific reasons. Only new thing I am adding to my routine this time is GBF.
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I never went into labor with DD, I had a c-section at 35w 5d.


I was 41 w 5 d when I went into be "induced" with DS, but was already 4.5/5 cm dilated, so they augmented instead of inducing.


So I have absolutely *no* idea when this baby will come.

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I only have one but she was induced a bit past 39w for hypertension and I wound up having her two days before her EDD. She was 6lb 15oz. I'd like to go into labor with this one on my own but we'll see what happens with my blood pressure. It has the tendency to creep up. 

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36w, 38w (x3)

So I'm guessing 38w again. With my last 3 I also walked around 4-5 cm dilated for a couple of weeks.

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38w4d and 39w4d with my daughter and son respectively.  Spontaneous, fast labors!


I'm hoping this third little muffin follows that pattern but not banking on anything obviously.

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ds1 was induced at 42 wks  (8lb 14oz)

ds2 was spontaneous at 38w5d  (8 lb)


pretty big disparity! this baby's really churning things up already at 34w5d so I'm guessing she'll come sooner rather than later. Fine with me. I get surprised responses that I pushed out babies that size, as I'm on the tiny side (110 lbs prepregnancies)

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DD1 39 weeks 6 days

DD2 39 weeks 6 days

DS  40 weeks


Really, Really, hoping for it to be pretty close this time too.

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DD1 - 41.1

DD2 - 40.1

DD3 - 41.6

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DD: 36 weeks on the dot. I got a vaginal ultrasound at a check-up at the hospital because I had a really high fever. 5 minutes before I got it done, my water is in tact. When I got back to L&D they took another culture, and.. my water had broken. So we chalk it up to the u/s tech :P

DS: 42w6d. Went into labor myself. My water broke two days before and I had until 6am the morning I had him to be in active labor, or I'd be getting induced not only for my water being broken so long, but because my midwives can't attend a birth past 43 weeks. 

DD2: Ummm, I hope she's here at 38w lol

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With DD we had been trying to nudge things along with a breast pump and homeopathics.  Finally tried castor oil when we were approaching 42 weeks and about to risk our of our mw attended birth center birth.  My water broke that night, though DD was not born for another 42 hours.  


Hoping this one comes on his/her own and a bit earlier, as the MFM group is not fond of going past 41 weeks and will start pushing for induction around 39 weeks.  Luckily they do not employ an enforcement squad, so I think I'm safe from the labor police showing up and taking me away to be induced.  winky.gif


It's cozy in there.  I wouldn't want to come out either.  Then again, maybe the daily vomiting will be enough to encourage this LO to give the outside world a try earlier.  (fingers crossed!)

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DS came naturally but took his sweet time at 41 wks 5 days. He was a hair under 9 lbs.


I'm hoping baby girl comes in RIGHT around 40 wks. That would be perfect timing for us. I don't want an early surprise before my mom flies in or for too much of my mom's visit to go by if she is late. I really, really don't want to have to fight the docs about not inducing AGAIN and go in for NSTs every day etc. That was such a pain my a$$.

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DS1 - I went into labor at 38 weeks 3 days and had him the next day, 16 hr labor. He was 8 lbs 3 oz.

DS2 - I went into labor 11 days past my due date and it was short 4 hr labor. He was 9 lbs 2 oz.


I'm hoping to at least go on time this time...or early.

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I've never been sure when to count labor starting. With my first I'd had contractions every 20 minutes or so on my due date, but they didn't stop me from going on like usual and getting sleep. My water broke at 9am the morning after my due date and the contractions picked up at that point. With my second I was pretty sure it was real labor around dinner time the night before my due date and baby was born the next morning, right on her due date. 

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