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Nearly 3yo DD will only poop in pull-up in bed - help!

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Hi lovely ladies.

This is my first time on the toddlers forum. I'm usually found on the TTC forum, but I've had a toddler issue I just can't resolve.

DD will be 3 in May. She's been peeing in the potty since Thanksgiving. She has only pooped in the potty maybe 3 times ever. She's at a home daycare where she's in undies all day except naps. We follow the same plan at home (3 days a week) and have her in a pull-up during naps and nightime. She rarely wakes up dry after a nap and NEVER has woken up dry in the morning. So, we haven't had the guts to go pull-up free during sleep times.

So, here's the deal. She will fall asleep and then poop. It's nuts, but we have to change her nearly every night in the middle of the night (well right before we go to bed). She doesn't even wake up when we change her and this morning, she thought she had a poop in her pull-up b/c she didn't remember us changing her in the night. I'm not exactly sure if she poops right before she falls asleep, but there have been nights where I'll check on her and she'll be fast asleep without a poop and an hour later, she'll have a poop.

We have tried incentives, sticker charts, watching videos while sitting on the potty. The few times she's gone is when I've helped her stand on the potty. It's actually like she is birthing her poop! We have tried the floor potty and the real toilet. Nothing's really worked.

She's going to be starting preschool in August. They have a 100% potty trained policy, so she can't be in pull-ups even during nap time. I'm wondering if we just need to ditch the pull-ups altogether.

Would love any ideas!
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Hrm..could this be a food allergy? Is it...er..liquidy? Is there something you're feeding her before bed that's not agreeing with her?

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Thanks for the thoughts echo. Her poops are well formed. I think it's more of a fear if pooping in the potty. I put her down for her nap in undies yesterday and she woke up 3 hours later bone dry...with a massive poop. I took her to the bathroom and we put the poop in the potty. Then, she insisted in trying to poop on the potty. She didn't have success, but I praised her for trying. She pooped in her pull-up twice in the night greensad.gif
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My 4 yo ds just started popping in the potty. Before that it was in a pull up or undies, he didn't care. So a couple weeks ago he had to poo and we were in Target..I told him I didn't have new undies for him or a pull up so he had to use the potty. And he just did! He had a couple accidents over the next few days and now he's got it. I don't know if its an option for you but waiting until he was ready to do it himself seemed to work for us.
Otoh my 2 yo ds is about 70% potty trained pee and poo, all by himself as well. All kids are different.
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micah_mae - That's a good point about readiness. Our ped said the same thing. She'll do it when she's ready. My only issue is about preschool. If they didn't required 100% potty training (no pull-ups even for naps), I'd have no problem at all waiting for her. I think my plan is to just go pull-up free for naps and if we get that accomplished, I can deal with night time poops. She was wet after her nap yesterday, but she's asking about trying to poop on the potty more. Baby steps smile.gif
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