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Are dads welcome too?

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I am trying to find a popular parenting forum to join. My wife and I need advice often, but have also learned a lot too that we would like to share. This seems to be targeting just women, so maybe you have a suggestion as to where to go.


Thanks, Nick

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Hi Nick,

 Dads are definitely welcome too!  You will notice under the name Mothering, it says "The Home for Natural Family Living."  Natural Family Living includes everyone in the family.  Parenting isn't done just by women. 

Welcome.gif Thank you for joining and sharing what you have learned with our other members.




MDC Moderator

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HI, Nick, and welcome to Mothering! I don't know their user names, but I know there are actually several dads here! So hop on in! Take your coat off and feel free to stay awhile. :D

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