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Anyone take New Chapter Perfect Prenatal?

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I love the product information, to fill gaps in my sometimes-inconsistent diet (which is usually good, traditional foods), and I like that it includes folate instead of folic acid, and I like the herbal additions. However, it appears that Proctor and Gamble purchased it last year, and there are a lot of reviews on amazon giving warning about that. Does anyone take them, or have you read up about that, if the components have remained unchanged? Someone posted a link in a review to the New Chapter folks addressing this, but the link must be old as it didn't work.


I know a lot of people like Rainbow Light, but I prefer the ingredients in NC better. The other option is Garden of Life Prenatal, which would probably be my second choice.

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I like the new chapter ones alright. They smell gross, but otherwise. The ingredients all look good. Vitacost.com shows the list of them if you would like to check that. 


I would say they seem just fine. I have also done rainbow light before as well. They were fine for me too. If you like the ingredients for the new chapter ones better, go for it. Another good one I've heard of is the Garden of Life Prenatals. I've seen all 3 of these listed on vitacost and amazon.

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Thanks, I did end up ordering them. I like that they don't turn my pee flourescent yellow like synthetic vitamins do. I liked the herbal blend in New Chapter and studied the three for a while (Garden of Life, Rainbow light).  I think ti's good that the New Chapter (and garden of life, I think) uses FOLATE not folic acid. It's better used by the body.

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I am taking New Chapter, as recommended by my MW.  I hope you like them too!

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My first of 4 pregnancies I took the NC prenatal with folate, and my son at 14 weeks developed Anacephaly, causes can include lack of folic acids. We lost him. So my specialists recommended to only take folic acid and not depend on folate. Since then I have followed his instruction and have not had any problems on other prenatals. There were no other reasons for what happened......no history in family lines or anything. I have since had a healthy son.

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My only experience with NC products was the Every Women's One Daily.  After a few weeks of taking it regularly I developed mild depression that I couldn't shake with exercise and de-stressing.  It started to get much worse, but I attributed it to the change in seasons and lack of sunlight - I even went to my doctor and was considering medication.  My cycles were also getting wonky which concerned me as we will be TTC this coming fall 2013.  I changed my supps up to take more D3 and dropped the NC multivit.  Lo and behold my mood stabilized and my cycles returned to normal.  I really think the blend of herbs in the vitamin screwed with me.  I may be super sensitive to them, but it is something to consider.  I would prefer if they would stick to just the vitamins and minerals; I don't think we necessarily need to supp with concentrated herbs unless something is "wrong".

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