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Speaking of Jasper... I miss my baby! I almost cried dropping him off at daycare this morning. It's my first week full time and it's rough. I miss my baby, I miss my girls, I miss my kitchen. I miss picking dd2 up from school and sitting in the library with her while we wait for dd1. I miss picking J up from daycare. I miss playing in the backyard with all of them after school/ work. Getting home at 3 is so different from getting home at 5/ 5:30. 3 gives you time to cook, play, hang out. 5:30 is like, throw some dinner on the table, make lunches, check homework, get kids to bed. Dh does not cook. 


Can I lean on you when I start my M-F 8:30-5:30 schedule in a week and a half? I'm going to miss Sora so much. Ahhh!

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Awww ... I feel so bad ... Eli was playing with the pots and pans, and dropped a lid on his big toe :(  it is a glass lid with a metal edge, which seemed to have landed right on the bottom end of his toe nail ... it is blue ... poor kid.  He has some tantrums too ... mostly when he has been walking a long stretch and gets too distracted to walk and I put him back in the stroller.  But I figured out a way to redirect him and he settles pretty fast.  He is a sensitive soul ... gets upset pretty easily.


He did the cutest thing a few days ago!  We were walking through Beacon Hill Park and he was intrigued by the daffodils ... he walked up to them and said: "(fl)ower" and ran his hands through them saying: "hiehiehiehie" he was tickling them!!!  luxlove.gif  He usually does the hiehiehie thing when he tickles our feet :)  So now every time he sees flowers, he tickles them... 

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Abra, Shay totally chuckles anytime I'm sarcastic. Unless he's mad at me, at least.

Sonja, tickling flowers is hilarious.
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Jaimee, prepare to feel like a better mother than me. That is, if you don't already. Lol. Last night, dh and I confirmed that Jasper has a huge chip on one of his front teeth. One of those right next to the front two. And we have NO IDEA how or when it happened. At least you noticed Avery chip his tooth. Best part of all is that my reaction was, eh... it'll give him character. Mom of the year. 


More mom of the year: it's career day at dd1 and dd2's school. I didn't get their outfits together so they are going as the following: dd2 is an artist (they just dress like normal people). Dd1 is an architect... on casual Friday. They are both wearing their normal clothes. Awesome! 

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I'm wondering if I need to get tested for toxins or exposure to anything... I have no idea how you even go about that. KayPea, where did you go to test for asbestos exposure?


The general contractor working on our basement remodel just noticed that our furnace doesn't have an intake from the outside air. It has been taking in air from the basement this ENTIRE TIME we've owned the house and just recirculated the same air over and over. Between the foundation repairs last year and now all of this remodeling, there has been a ton of clean-up and sweeping. My asthma suddenly got 10x worse last week out of the blue and I had no idea why. I thought it was just because of my eating. Now I'm worried how much bad stuff I've been breathing in from the basement.


I want to punch a wall... and scream at DH for acting so nonchalant about it. He goes, "The furnace filter catches that stuff." Uhhh sure, it catches what it can, but not everything - and especially not when it's clogged from so much dust with basement construction. And forget about me even, we have a BABY in the house! greensad.gif


And I'm sure some of the dust that was swept up included asbestos from the floor. Wonderful. FML. I'm just going to be paranoid forever now...


End of pity party. eyesroll.gif

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Ash, your turn for the spotlight!


Joanie...  ugh, I'm sorry.  Home repair stuff is stressful enough without worrying about health issues, too!

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Getting caught up...


Hi everyone orngbiggrin.gif

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Welcome back J!!  We missed you!!  joy.gif

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I'll give a quick update if that's okay-


I think I last posted in October.

We went on our 5-year anniversary vacation to Kauai, which was amazing but also exhausting because of the two kiddos.  The weather was fantastic- not too hot- and we did all sorts of fun, kid-friendly stuff.  It's a beautiful island!

November was Dyl's first birthday and we had a joint party with miss KJ :-)  It was such a fun time of reflection over the previous year.

December we were caught up in holiday stuff, and in January we were excited about the coming year- setting financial and family goals, etc.  I planned a trip back to Ohio with just the kids and me.  My mom and stepdad flew here from CA and helped me out on the plane to Ohio.  That trip was in early February, which was right when my husband's work hours went way up because of a new project he's leading.  His work schedule stayed crazy through, well, just a week or so ago.  In that time I submitted my resume, interviewed for, and got a super-part-time job at the local midwifery college.  I also had my birthday on 3/4.  Our landlord came over and told us he was selling our house, so we started freaking out.  We did a little research and planning, and decided to buy the house (it's a duplex).  We're in that process now, and all I have to say is real estate is CRAZY.  What a complicated process.  Anyway it's going well so far and we'll close in a month if things proceed as planned. 

I have started work and love it.  I have a few hours a month that are planned ahead of time (I cover for staff meetings) and then I get called in if the full time operations coordinator is sick.  She's been sick twice this week, so I've had to work nearly-full days.  I love the limited hours, it is a very family friendly environment (obviously!) and I love working in a birth and mama-centric place.  Babies everywhere! So fun. I hope to continue working for them, and they also offer a degree in lactation sciences that I am very interested in pursuing.  In the meantime, this amount of hours fits well with my life.  I am still home with my boys most of the time, and when I am needed at work they are watched by the radiant and wonderful MrsKatie (or, auntie katie to them love.gif)  

My 4 year old was accepted into our first choice preschool for the fall, which we are thrilled about.  I might look into a more consistent but still limited child care situation for Dylan if I decided to work more.  I also still have my work-from-home job, so for now this is good for me.  

SO anyway.  Hi everyone!  Glad to catch up with all of you.


ETA Oh, and I've been planning my gardens like mad.  I hope to have over 130 sq ft of planting space.  So exciting!

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Sara, I'm pretty sure that my kids are related to my dh because they don't get sarcasm at all.  I've had to stop being snarky with my dh because just always took me serious and could never tell when I was joking.  I must have a good poker face.


Sonja, that's cute!


Amanda, If he's not in pain and it's not bothering you, I would just leave it be too.


Joanie, that sucks!  Hopefully the weather warms up soon and you can open some windows and air things out.  


Welcome back J!


The weather here is in the 60's today!  We are going to make a huge bucket of bubbles and let the kids go crazy!

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Originally Posted by TalkToMeNow View Post

Jaimee, prepare to feel like a better mother than me. That is, if you don't already. Lol. Last night, dh and I confirmed that Jasper has a huge chip on one of his front teeth. One of those right next to the front two. And we have NO IDEA how or when it happened. At least you noticed Avery chip his tooth. Best part of all is that my reaction was, eh... it'll give him character. Mom of the year. 

LOL, no I do not feel like a better mother than you now or before.  winky.gif   If you don't know when he did it, it's probably b/c he didn't scream bloody murder when he did it so hopefully it didn't hurt too badly and if you only noticed now, I guess that means it doesn't hurt while he nurses, so that's good, too.  Not much to worry about!  Now Jasper and Avery can be chipped tooth buddies.  Picture?

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Kind of like me finding a big huge bruise across Conner's forehead while leaving for work today. "DUDE! Tell me when you do stuff like this." No idea how it happened.
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Add Eli to the chipped tooth gang, they can be our Ddc chip tooth trio smile.gif noticed right before his birthday that his tooth was chipped, no idea when it happened... smile.gif

Welcome back J, sure sounds like it has been busy on your end! Your job sounds so neat! Always good to have one where you are enjoying what you do!

The weather here is just lovely today - I am so thankful for our beautiful Beacon hill park ... It is a lifesaver for us ... Eli can run around and explore and there is always something interesting to see. The park is huge, and there is a petting zoo, which we haven't tried yet... Along with the beautiful sunshine we have enjoyed our time there!
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Hey J!  Nice to see you around :)

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The vermiculite tested high/dangerous for asbestos. We've been told to leave the house until the air quality is tested, could be 4 days or more. Then? I don't know. DH is done with this place.
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Hi J! Sounds like you've been busy! Glad to see you're back! winky.gif


Ash, I didn't comment yet, but I just wanted to say that I'm sorry you and your family are going through such a trying time right now with medical stuff! I'm thinking of you and your family and I hope your boy's test results come back with the best possible results!

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Oh Kirsten... That sounds really stressful and upsetting... Thinking of you.
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Oh, my... That's such a sucky situation, Kirsten... I am so sorry! Does that affect your belongings, too? Will those have to be treated or something? Wishing you luck for the best possible outcome... Hugs!

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Kirsten, my understanding is that asbestos in vermiculite is fairly common, but maybe that is just here in the Northeast.  It was once a common form of insulation in our area, so is still found in many homes.  When we renovated our house, we had it taken out.  But before then, we were told not to disturb it and that it would not cause a health hazard as long as it was left alone.   Was the vermiculite in your home disturbed somehow?  If not, why has the alarm been sounded?


Here is an article from the US Environmental Protection Agency about vermiculite that I found helpful when doing research on the topic:


A bit off the point, but vermiculite was once thought safe.  Now people do not use it.  In our area, everyone is using spray foam insulation.  I wonder what we'll all think of spray foam in 40 years?  We ended up using recycled denim blue jeans as insulation in our renovated home.  We were able to get an R-value very close to spray foam using the denim.  It was the only insulation that I felt was safe and would stand up to safety scrutiny decades later.

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Here are two pics of the chipped tooth. In the first, you can't see it for the blur, but he's cute. In the second, he is mad and it's a horrible pic, but you can see the tooth. smile.gif

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