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Dd1 got a "big girl bed" when she was 2. She'd been sleeping in her own room since around 10-11 months. Dd2 started sleeping in a normal bed when she was 2. It was the bottom of that Ikea bunk where you can actually have the mattress on the floor, though. Also, she continued to sleep with me most of the time until she was 5. Jasper will be in our bed until he is at least 3. We don't have any more rooms. Eventually, we may try to give him his own sleeping space in our room. It will be a while, though. He is definitely not independent... I've had an independent kid. Jasper is the opposite.


We got him a potty today. He is terrified to get near it. Sounds about right.


Sara, I saw that about the boys earlier. Sorry! Hope they adjust quickly!

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Noch has been in his own room and crib since the first week, but I wil likely move him to a toddler/twin bed around age 2.

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That's tough Sara, I'm sorry they are having a rough transition. Your Facebook post about Shay made me giggle.

B has been giving potty training cues. She brings me diapers when she needs changing, and understands what poop is and that it is supposed to go in the potty. She likes to sit on her potty whenever someone is in the bathroom. I'm not too into forcefully potty learning, just letting it gradually become something that happens- with ODD it worked before 18 months. I'm hoping B follows suit! It would be nice if just ONE thing could be easy with this child.

She is going to sleep in our bed forever. When she finally moves...I won't miss her nighttime presence :P
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My older kids have moved to a toddler bed next to my bed around 18mo. With traveling and such we don't have much of a consistent routine, but Cyan and Olivine both sleep easily in their own beds. I suspect Coralie will be in bed with us for a while. She's easy to sleep next to, so it's alright with me.
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He always pees after his bath, so I stuck him on his potty tonight right after his bath... Of course he didn't do anything. He started directing us to his changing table fairly recently, but only when he poops. He walk in there, point at it, say, "THAT!" and grab all over his diaper.

He's been in his own bed since he was 6-8 weeks old. I just don't know how he'd sleep if he wasn't confined into a crib... I don't know. I definitely want to attempt it before new baby gets here. I'd love to have to buy a toddler bed instead of another crib. Cribs are expensive!!!
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My older kids were potty people by 18-19 months, so I just expect it with Shay, too. He's very communicative about it, so I'm not sure if the move will slow him down at all.

The FB post was intended to induce giggles. It's hard not to laugh wilen a kid insists on carrying around eggs. I boiled a bunch so hopefully he can deal longer today. We're taking them to a new storytime today.
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Adorable pic, Nicole. We just got the same potty last night! It plays music when you pee in it... are you kidding me?! How awesome is that!?!? Dh and I are jealous.... 

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I am going to start potty training Eli soonish too - maybe when it warms up more.  My only concern is our apartment is all carpeted except the washroom and kitchen :(I fear all the 'accidents'.  Eli says Pee Diaper, Poop Diaper or just Diaper when he farts lol.  We were on the bus the other day and he peed and yelled DIAPER really loudly - blush.gif, I of cause blushed!  With him it is a game now, he runs away when he need a diaper change *rolling eyes* he will come into the washroom, see me, and then he will proceed to run away.  I need to pretend to do something else and then spin around and grab him, otherwise it is a chase.  

I wonder how I can teach him not to run in our apartment - I don't mind, but our neighbours downstairs might *sigh* the downsides of living in an apartment with a toddler.  Eli has also started screaming really loudly when he is angry.  It is different from what he was doing prior, it is definitely a new way to show his frustration.

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Sonja, if it makes you feel any better, Shay yells "boop!" And claps whenever he hears anything that sounds remotely like toots.

Ask the downstairs neighbors if they can hear him. At our old apartment the toddler running was not audible from downstairs.
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I get the Lame Mom of the Day Award.  I was checking my email and Avery was fussing upstairs.  I heard him start to cry a little and I thought, just one more minute, one more minute to myself...  then he starts to all out cry so I go upstairs.  What do I find?  He's picked up his potty, a new diaper and is standing there crying his little eyes out because he pooped in his diaper.  Ah!  I didn't get my butt up stairs when I should have to help him with the potty.  He was so upset.  I should be encouraging this new motivation he has to use the potty, but instead I was checking my email...  Yep, lame mom of the day.

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So cute! That's how it always works. The rare times we do ignore the cry for a minute, it's the cry that actually means something!!!
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Lol Jaimee, I think email is the number one cause of misses. I've been on enough EC lists to know that one.
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LOL, thanks, that makes me feel a little better. 

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I am so guilty of having my kids so tuned out sometimes that whining doesn't phase me- unless there is screaming or some keyword like "punch" "drop kick" or "bleeding" I have been known to not even notice....

Don't feel bad!
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Seriously, my child just licked the bottom of his boot!!!!! jaw.gif
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My daughter is almost 4 and she still refuses to sleep anywhere but plastered to my side. She starts the night in her own bed now though, and has since she was around 2. I have to lie with her until she is asleep, and then I tiptoe away. Her "own bed" has always been a mattress on the floor, in our old house she had her own room, but now she has her own bed in our room.

Oren starts the night in his crib in the baby room (all three babies share a room) but always wakes around midnight and comes into bed with me. He's getting his canines right now, so he nurses all night long. We'll try night weaning again once his canines are in, but before we try potty learning. He's not really close to pottying yet.
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We have the same potty seat as Nicole and Amanda, too! I got it on sale at Target a few weeks ago. I love that it duals as a step stool. Sora likes sitting on it with the top down and swinging her legs. lol

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Oh my I've been missing out! I always check in on my iPad and just check my subscriptions, I always forget to check when the month changes. I wondered why it was so quiet here!


Car seats: Rear-facing here too. We turned DD1 at 2.5 years when she started experiencing motion sickness in the car. It helped her to be forward facing. Greta is still rear-facing, except when she rides in her baby sitter's car, but that always local for the most part. We'll keep her rear-facing as long as she tolerates it. I hope to make it to at least 2.5 like DD1. Four years is really ideal though. Their spinal cord doesn't fully develop until about that age, so rear-facing is definitely safer. 


Cost of living: We are in the midwest and live in a very rural area. My town's population is around 5000. We have a 2 bed, 2 bath house and we pay a mortgage of about $550. The house we're looking into buying is 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and our estimated mortgage payment for that right now will be anywhere from $750-800. 


Beds: We put DD1 in a toddler bed when she was almost 2. She didn't stay in it long. Once I was hugely pregnant and she still required us to lay down with her while she fell asleep... We made the move to a twin bed with guard rails so I'd be able to lay with her. We didn't use the rails for long though before she learned to not fall off the bed. When we took the rails off, we stuck the crib mattress (had it set up for Greta's arrival) beside her bed so she'd have a safe place to land if she did fall. She fell once and never fell again. I'm not sure how we'll do it with Greta. She lays down awake and goes to sleep on her own, so I plan to use the crib as long as I can to keep her contained. With DD1, it was easier to make the move once she was really too big to comfortably rock to sleep. It was easier to lay with her than to rock her by then, so we moved her. I think Greta will use the crib longer.

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Seriously, my child just licked the bottom of his boot!!!!! jaw.gif

Is that the grossest thing yet? Lol. Shay went through a licking phase where he kicked everything. The ground, doors, shoes, people, dogs.

Kirsten, how is it going?
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