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Vaccines and public schools in SC

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My son will be starting 4k this fall and has not been vaccinated. Orientation is soon and I was wondering what to do for

exemption? Do I simply just ask the school for a form or is it more complicated?

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Nope..Go to your local health dept. Google your county's health department and find out the hours of operation for immunizations. Call them and let them know you need to see the nurse to fill out a vaccine exemption paperwork. Sometimes they are only there one or two days a week. Go in and ask for a Religious vaccine exemption. No need to explain what your religion is, if any. They cannot ask. You will get info on all of the vaccines and why you should have them for your young one,  just smile and take them.


That exemption is good as long as you stay in that one facility for your child. If/ when you go to another school or facility you will have to get a new one. I was in and out.

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Thanks, this was very helpful. Everyone seemed rather confused about what was going on but I got it finished.

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I have 2 children in public schools in Chas county that are not vaccinated. We just called the health dept and made an appt to go in and get the waiver :) I got a copy and a copy goes to the school

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