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I'm still confused about this chicken pox thing (teenage boy)

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So, is the only issue really that the high fever from CP could cause sterility? Why isn't this an issue for girls and women? And my brother get fevers of 105. He did as a teen and an adult and he has several children. My son has been in puberty for a couple years now and I'm still just trying to figure out what the real worry is with CP. Is that it? Or is it really that it can truly harm you to have the virus as an adult? I do worry about getting him the shot because I feel that all the new cases of shingles are connected to the shots and not actual cases of CP. I also worry that it becomes a life-long booster issue. If my son got CP (and I've had him tested, he is not immune) and something awful happened to him I could never forgive myself. So, I'd appreciate your thoughts and information on this topic, especially from mothers who have teenage boys or adult boys who did not get them the vax. Thanks. 

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It has been a while since I did research on the cons of chicken pox as an adult, but I remember the main concern was just that is was more severe and miserable and thus the possibility of complications is increased, but nothing in my research raised any big red flags. Neither of my kids got the vax. Both kids were exposed a few times (not intentionally), didn't get it......until 2010 when ds2, who was 8, came up to me and said he was itchy, lifted up his shirt...yep...pox! He got through it fine, as did his two friends who caught it from him, ages 8 and 10. My older son was 18. He got it, too, and it was NOT the easy breezy experience the younger kids had. He had hundreds of them, he looked scary, he had a fever and was absolutely miserable. However, the misery only lasted about three days, then he was at a "normal" chicken pox level in terms of no more fever and felt okay, just super itchy. Luckily he didn't have any scars, either.


So yes, it was worse for him. But it wasn't worse than a bad flu, and I'm glad he got natural immunity, though all my natural organic and no vax for him has now been negated by his job in the Marines, lol!!


I still wouldn't give or get the chicken pox vaccine.

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Yeah, as long as it wasn't you who was miserable all is good. My college roommate got it student teaching and had it in her vagina, good thing your son doesn't have a vagina...but then it still would not have been you who was miserable huh?


I had CP as an adult. I had it badly in every crevice of my body. Yes I was miserable, but I had no complications and recovered nicely. Had I a choice to do it over or get the vaccine, I'd do it over. Please take your attempts to guilt the members of the I"M NOT VACCINATING forum elsewhere. Its really starting to piss me off. 

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My daughters had CP, and the younger one had it on her vagina. Not such a big deal. She also had it in her ears. BUT she survived, and so did her sister, and so did I and everyone else I went to school with back in the stone ages. I'd take natural immunity over a vaccine any day!

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