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fluttering/vibration sensation?

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Hi Ladies, 


I am 11 weeks and some change and have been having a fluttering (more a vibration like a phone vibrating) sensation in my lower uterus and cervix for the past few days. It comes and goes, lasts a few seconds then recedes. It is not painful and if I weren't so early, I would swear it is the butterflies of the baby first movements. 


Has anyone else felt this before? Does anyone know what it is?



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I felt this one (#3) early...around 9 weeks. My first was 15w and my second was around 12-13. I think it's possible!

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I started feeling this one (#2) around 11 weeks but didn't believe it. Now at 13 weeks there are times when it is definitely the baby. I didn't feel my first until 18 weeks though.
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I started feeling this one crazy early- 8 or 9 weeks for sure. My second I felt at 10 weeks and my first not until 16 weeks. No kicks this early just little wiggles/butterfly movements.
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I have been feeling "something" since last saturday. at first i thought i was nuts because it's so early, but it keeps happening a few times a day so i think it is actually a baby (OK, two!) in there. 

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OK, so maybe I am not crazy and this is the baby moving. My first I didn't feel until the movements were actual kicks and rolls around 18 weeks, the second was flutterings around 14 weeks and now these little vibrations at 11 weeks. We had a quick ultrasound at 10 weeks and the little babe looked so quiet and didn't move a muscle (besides the heartbeat), so it seemed unlikely, but now I can't really deny it!

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I've felt a few flutters over the last week too (I'm 11 weeks today)...my first, I didn't feel anything that I identified as "baby" until about 17 weeks.  shrug.gif  Maybe I'm nuts, but glad to see that others have been feeling early flutters too. 

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I think I'm feeling some movement, too. Especially after I eat, if I'm very still. Could be all in my head, but it makes me smile and feel more connected. luxlove.gif (I'm 11w3d today.)

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I keep thinking I feel something, but when we had our NT scan, what I thought might be baby wiggles, the tech described as mini-contractions.
Now, those of you who are feeling flutters, help me out here: How do you all tell the difference?

It's only been five years, but my memory of when fetal movement got big and obvious is fuzzy. I do remember feeling like a had a little fish swimming in there.
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I'm 12+5, and I've been feeling what I think it movement for a few days now.  Especially when I lie on my stomach in bed.

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I'm 14 weeks and still am unsure if what I'm feeling really is the baby. What it feels like to me are gas bubbles. But a little different. I've never had the flutter sensation, not even with dd. When I started to feel her it wasn't until the actual kicks started. It's definitely not an everyday thing that I think I feel the baby.
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I was wearing low wasted jeans that were pretty tight, while helping my toddler put shoes on I definitely felt a tap. Since then, I think I might have felt a little pop here and there, but I can't be sure. I can definitely feel where my uterus is and it was exactly where I felt my first tap. I'm only 13 weeks though. The gas bubbles are now moving up my belly. I'm really, really looking forward to feeling some real kicks. This is when pregnancy becomes so enjoyable and I am READY! Just in time for spring. Bring it all on.

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I swear I can feel "something" sometimes when I'm laying in bed at night... But only if I lay on my stomach. I know I'm not crazy! LOL

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What's the point where medical science deems it possible to feel the baby's movement?  I really have no idea it's been 8 years for me, and I can't remember.

How do you ladies feeling stuff in first trimester know for sure it's not a slow GI causing all kinds of unusual digestion sensations?  Not trying to be snarky, just honestly curious?  Whenever I feel something (12 weeks) I just assume it's my wacked out GI but now you guys have got me suspicious.....

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To be honest I assume anything I feel is GI related as well. I don't expect to feel anything yet, and wouldn't know the difference anyway since my stomach makes funny noises and grumbles anyway.

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Serafina33 - for me the difference is pretty clear, but a bit hard to explain. Part of it is the type of movement, the consistency of the movement, as well as the consistency of the things that trigger it. Also pregnancy really doesn't seem to throw my GI tract off of my norm, so that helps too. Also I was able to feel some flutters during our 12 week u/s and they definitely coincided with what babe was doing on the screen!

In the end though, I don't think it really matters whether the flutters are baby or GI - if it makes you feel more connected to babe, it's all good smile.gif
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I attribute 99% of what I feel to GI stuff. It's hard to explain how I *think* I know it's the baby. It feels almost identical to a gas bubble popping, but after I don't feel the pressure that normally follows gas bubbles that low down. If that makes sense? I'm 14 1/2 weeks now and can still count on two hand how many times I've felt what I think is the baby. I'm really not even sure that I have felt the baby, it happens so infrequently and if I let myself really believe it's the baby then I'll start stressing that I haven't felt the baby in days.
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I'm pretty sure I felt the baby today! I'm 14.3 weeks now. I felt a definite "pop" or "tap" very low above my pubic bone. I tried wearing my jeans zipped and I don't think the baby liked it. I felt my first's child's movement at 16 weeks. Felt like pop corn. It's exciting to feel it early. I read that subsequent pregnancies can be felt earlier.
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I think I read that you shouldn't expect to feel movement until 18 weeks or later, but that's with a first pregnancy. And, obviously, we're all different. Things like mother's build, position of placenta, etc., will influence how easily we feel the movement. I can't wait till it's DEFINITE, though! It's the best part of pregnancy, in my opinion. love.gif

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Serafina, I don't remember when I started feeling movement I was sure was baby in my other pregnancies, but I'm pretty skeptical of all the stuff I feel for now and probably will be for several more weeks. Partly this is because since having DS in 2011 I can't tell you how many times I've had the thought that GI stuff can feel so similar to the sensation of my baby moving inside me. In fact, there've been times it's really eerie- like *Whoah! Sit up in bed, what the heck?*
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