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That is a scary thought this early on. I'm at a moderate risk for incompetent cervix so I also get concerned when I feel her really low and have lots of Braxton hicks. I usually chug some water and relax, that helps sometimes. I also know you tend to get more of the Braxton hicks when the babe is in a weird position. I'm sure your cervix is nice and long and closed Nettlesoup smile.gif
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I'm in the club of worrying about Braxton Hicks contractions.  I don't have an incompetent cervix, per se (as I understand it incompetence is defined as thinning/opening without uterine contractions?) but I do get preterm labor when I'm not totally relaxed and at rest.  And I've had them already.  :(   So far my cervix is nice and long and hard but in previous pregnancies it became an issue after 20 weeks, and movement had to be restricted throughout second trimester and total bed rest in third.  Blah.  I don't have huge hopes that things will go any differently, my uterus is a hyperactive little sucker.  :/


Maybe we need a support thread for those of us with this specific concern, for discussing how our uterus and cervix are holding up throughout the remainder of pregnancy?

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Yes Serafina, I believe incompetent is thinning/dilating without uterine contractions. Mine is nice and long and hard. It was never an issue with my first, but I have had a few more procedures on my cervix since her so my doctor is watching it close. I'm hoping he's watching it so close more for my peace of mind than anything... But he did bring it up at my last appt without any prompting from me. Whic is good, but also made me realize I'm not making up the risk. Your situation sounds a lot scarier than mine! I hope this time around your uterus stays calm until D day.
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Thanks, MamaMash!  Bedrest really did the trick last time so I don't worry too much about going into labor too soon, just more worried about being laid up all summer.    I had a laser surgery performed on my cervix in '99 before any pregnancies (could very well be WHY my uterus acts up) and since my kids, had a LEEP done in '09, so I'm also on even higher alert that my contractions could be even worse this time- having had twice as many procedures done since previous pregnancies.  :/  Nervous!

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Being laid up all summer would blow! Haha excuse my immature wording there. I had a conization of my cervix and D&C in 2008, countless biopsies and cryotherapy since then and before my daughter. She was born in 2011. And since her birth I've had more biopsies and cryotherapies, which shouldn't increase risk factors. But that led to a LEEP, D&C, and hysteroscopy (removed a couple cysts and endometriosis) in early 2012. My cervix had almost a year to repair itself before I got pregnant with this one, and the LEEP itself was very noninvasive as far as removing tissue went. I'm hoping this is all just a precaution and that my cervix holds tight!
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I hope so too!  And for myself.  They had to remove very little the last time, and as far as I remember from my '99, they didn't take very much then either.  At least, it's the kind of thing that gynecologists have said they can tell that I've had the procedure done, but the amount was minimal and shouldn't be any problem for childbearing.  However, my uterus seems to think otherwise.  Or then the two are unrelated and my uterus loves to contract for whatever reason.  I'd love to be able to swim in the lake this summer.  We bought a home right by a lake six months ago after weather was already cold, and this will be our first summer right next to a swimming pier to dive off of, etc.   If I'm on bedrest, no lake fun for me, boo.

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I'd always wondered about what incompetent cervix means. I do think a thread should be started for that type of discussion and I'm interested in learning about these things. I've not had any issues previous except that I never went into labor on my own because my waters broke and the hospital forced induction on me.

I wonder what will happen this time around. What does a midwife do? Do they tell you to wait it out until labor actually starts? Is the infection thing a real risk? I also had the dreaded strep b.

And BH at 20wks! Yikes! Take care of yourselves mamas, that would really freak me out too.
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I don't know anything about an incompetent cervix either. I've also yet to notice any braxton hick; something I never noticed in my first pregnancy either.

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Originally Posted by tillymonster View Post

I'd always wondered about what incompetent cervix means. I do think a thread should be started for that type of discussion and I'm interested in learning about these things.  

And BH at 20wks! Yikes! Take care of yourselves mamas, that would really freak me out too.

Actuallly BH at 13 weeks, but they are not every day.  I'm now 17 weeks almost, and I could count on my hand the times they were quite strong.  I hope it stays so infrequent.


I revived a thread I started in winter about it, if you guys want to chime in and take this discussion/sharing there.  http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1373157/who-here-is-at-high-risk-for-preterm-labor#post_17335755

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I've had BH for a couple weeks now, pretty common at this point with my third, it seems. Maybe 2 a day? I am sure I can always drink more though.


I don't know much about incompetent cervix, but one birth story led me to believe, at least for insurance purposes, it had to be a repeat situation beyond one pregnancy. That might be totally different than the OB/midwife side of things though. I had a short cervix last pregnancy, my midwives weren't concerned and didn't advise follow up u/s. I don't think I had any funneling and def no dilating

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Pretty sure I just felt hiccups smile.gif
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Aww, that's cool Mamamash!


I'm starting to get kicks higher up which is nice. They are usually right at the bottom of my belly, but I've been starting to feel them around belly button level so they are more obvious and others can feel them.

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I felt a kick externally today, right below my belly button, but of course it stopped as soon as DH put his hands on my belly.
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yesterday i could feel both of the littles kicking at the same time (one was up high, one was down looooooow). that was a first for me, and it was pretty incredible. I could even see the higher baby kicking from the outside (also a first). they are definitely getting bigger and more powerful! 


i haven't felt hiccups yet, but that will be entertaining and cool! 

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I've been feeling flutters since 16 weeks or so but nothing more than that so far. The one thing that NO ONE told me is that I can feel ticklish from the INSIDE of my uterus. Weirdness!

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Mrsandmrs; I can't imagine what it must be like having two kicking at once! It must be pretty cool though, while they're still small anyway.

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Yeah, that IS cool, mrsandmrs. I'm at 17 +1 now and still not feeling much I can identify as baby for sure. There have been a few times I've been pretty certain, but it happens so quickly. Trying to be patient smile.gif
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I'm sooo jealous of u all 😝
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That's so cool mrs&mrs. Just one baby feels like a lot of movement to me. I can't imagine 2 in there moving.
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I've been feeling flutters for weeks now but I can't wait till they become strong enough for DH to feel. I haven't told him that I can feel the baby.


katalopolis: yes, that is exactly how I would describe it: like someone is trying to tickle me from the inside!


mamamash: hiccups, that sounds like a fun new sensation!


mrsandmrs: jealousy here too, to be able to feel both distinctly, how cool!

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