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18wks and definitely feeling some weird things in there. i guess "fluttering" describes it.. "rolling" does, too.. as does "moving" (although i can't tell WHAT it's doing in there)!


there's definitely a lot more going on in there now than compared to, say, 10 weeks ago. so i'm pretty sure that's what y'all are feeling, too.

sometimes there's a jab here and there, but it may not be from the baby. sometimes i can SEE that it's shifted positions -- like when my belly is sticking out more on one side than the other, totally weird!

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My baby's been pretty active too. Most of the time I guess I would describe it as rough flutters or like a fish swimming around in there. DH has been trying to feel, but I don't think we can feel from the outside yet.


Tillymonster, I only had those vibrations that one night. I haven't felt them again. It was like the frequency of a cell phone vibration. I googled it, but I still am unclear on what that was. Some people said that can happen if the baby pokes a nerve just right. One idea is that if a muscle is taut, it will vibrate. Many people said that their doctors just shrugged it off. Are you getting weird vibrations too?

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22 weeks, 1 day today, and besides that one 'maybe' kick a week or so ago, I haven't felt anything.  I'm starting to get worried.  My midwife appt isn't until May 8.  Should I contact them before that?  Last time she said first timers could feel anything between 18-24 weeks, but I still feel like I should have felt something by now.

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KaliHekate, it could be that your placenta is in a position that makes it hard for you to feel anything. But if it's really worrying you, I see no harm in calling your midwife to ask about it.

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I have been feeling the baby all the time now for the past few weeks. I'm 21.3 weeks. My husband felt a kick for the first time last week. Usually he stops kicking when I try to get someone to feel it. I've been able to see his kicks from the outside too. So fun!
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I finally felt her yesterday at 20w 7d. My DB put his hand on my belly and felt her too! It's like lots of vibrations with proper kicks every now and then. ☺
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Yay Serena!!! Isn't it the coolest thing? Makes puking for 6 weeks worth it eh? Lol just wait till you see that deliciously snuggly baby! It's the best thing ever.

I'm impatient and want to give birth tomorrow. Haha! I am currently nursing (and it hurts waaaa!) DD to sleep and as she's sweetly drifting off guess who kicks her, hard, a few times in the belly? I mean she is squishing me right now for sure. Hahaha! It's funny, I was about to laugh then stopped myself because well I'm putting DD to sleep so late tonight! She just looked at me a little funny like she felt something weird. Ha! I love this part of pregnancy!!!
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Turns out mine is super wiggly, and expert at avoiding doppler and ultrasound, but the reason I haven't been feeling hardly anything is that my placenta is in front.  Darn!  At least it's not too low.

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Serena; I'm really glad you finally felt the baby moving! It's the best thing ever smile.gif

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I've started feeling my little boy more and more.  For a while I'd get occasional random pokes that I wasn't sure if they were just gas...but now it is clearly the baby and I can feel him a lot more often.  Yesterday he was going crazy poking around while I was translating at a meeting for work.  I got so distracted I had to ask people to repeat themselves a few times...how embarrassing.

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Sounds like we've got a LOT of squirmy babies in this community! Mine is definitely always on the move these days.
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I just started feeling what I am more sure are kicks on Sunday! I love it!

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20 weeks yesterday and feeling movement for sure now.  In the past 2 weeks I've been feeling some fluttering very low and now it's sometimes more "kick-like" sensations that are either low or on my right side.  Yay for squirmy babes

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I'm so jealous.  I'm 19 weeks and stupid placenta blocking all the fun movement.

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I wonder why I can feel so much movement and so early since I have an anterior placenta. I feel good kicks at the top of my uterus and very low.
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Yeah I thought I was feeling quite a bit and now... not much? What is that about? I'm 18wks4day. I guess this is still in the "too early" category but I want to feel movement every darn day! Can your placenta move from week to week? I am a total noob about that... this lil bean (well, ok, he/she is MUCH bigger than that now!) really needs to just start squirming. I'm tired of this sometimes stuff!


Tomorrow is the big gender revel... he/she best cooperate!

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I know that when the baby is in certain positions that early that it may be hard to feel them. Like when they are facing your back. As far as I know the placenta only moves a little as the uterus grows. Nothing drastic. It doesn't move from week to week.

Try some yoga moves to move the baby around. Downward dog and pelvic rocking.
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I discovered yesterday that when my bladder is really full I can feel him a lot! I was stuck in a meeting and he was noticeably getting more active as the urge grew. Finally I had to just dash out.

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Tillymonster, I'm with you- I'm not feeling much and we're both at about the same point, almost 19 weeks. I wish I could remember when I first felt movement in my other pregnancies, but I don't. I have only felt a couple of things I thought were baby moving, and nothing for certain. It's making me anxious greensad.gif Our big US is over a week away still, I'm dreading it and looking forward to it at the same time.

How was your appointment? Boy or girl?? smile.gif
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Jenny, you might be just like me with the placenta blocking you.  I'm 20 weeks and feel almost nothing.

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