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Serafina, that's what I'm hoping. I had an anterior placenta with DS, and I remember thinking it was pretty late that I started to feel him, but I don't remember when it was. This is my first pregnancy after a yucky miscarriage, and I am more anxious than I've been in the past, always fearing I've lost the baby.
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Oh jenny that's so understandable.
I stress that I'll suffer a loss for the opposite reason, that after my reproductive system doing nothing but comply with my wishes to make perfect babies (the first time when asked and never when not asked) come smoothly out of me that somehow I'm now "due" for a horror story. A loss, something wrong with the baby, or at least a nightmare/complicated birth. I guess mamas will always fear. (Hopefully months of uncomfortable braxton hicks with all three is enough to give me a little bit of karma protection, but I still feel like I have a bullseye painted on my head)
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I think I finally felt another kick yesterday, during a La Leche meeting.  Maybe he heard the other babies and wanted to play.

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I've been feeling a lot of movement over the past week (week 21). A couple of days ago I let myself have a cream soda (lots of sugar), and she was kicking so hard afterwards.

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22 weeks and still not much clear movement - definitely a few strange sensations here and there and if i lay on my stomach at night, i can usually feel a little popping type of sensation but even that's not very reliable.  at this point, i think i've accepted the fact that he's moving around a lot and i'm just not able to feel him yet and figure that will happen within the next couple of weeks.  

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Yesterday the baby kicked at dd while she was leaning against me. Lol she thought it was so funny.

DH got to see the baby kicking good from the outside last night.

I think the baby is head down because of where I feel the movements.
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