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Flying at 30 weeks as opposed to 28 weeks.

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We are relocating to my hometown from Europe and I cannot decide whether it makes a difference to fly at 28 weeks or at 30 weeks. Pregnancy is going well so far. I am also under contract at work and would like to stay at my job as long as I can. But of course I don't want to risk a later flight if two weeks make a difference. Has anyone traveled in their third trimester? (The airline flies pregnant women up to 36 weeks so that should not be a problem.) The flights are relatively short, 3, 2.5 and 5 hours each with plenty of rest in between. 


Any experience in this area would be greatly appreciated!

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I flew at 32 weeks with my first, 34 weeks with the second, and will be flying next week (@32weeks) with number 3 - I haven't had any problems (except for every once on awhile a passenger who doesn't know much about pregnancy joking about giving birth on the plane). What are your main concerns with the flight? I definitely do a few things to prepare ahead of time but otherwise have had good experiences. : )
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I would personally fly up until about 34/35 weeks - after that I'd just be concerned about going into labor early (on the plane away from medical facilities).

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I've done it. Flew from US to Romania in my third trimester. Don't see why it would matter much between 28 or 30 weeks. Whichever works better with your schedule should be fine. 

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I'll be traveling from Boston to California at 32 and 36 weeks. I talked it over with my mw, and she is more concerned about staying hydrated and wearing a seat belt than pretrm labor.


If everything is going well for you and your care provider doesn't see a reason not to, I don't see why 2 weeks would make a difference.

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I don't think 30 vs. 28 is going to make a difference, I would make sure you have a doctor's note that says when your due date is in case you are challenged (unlikely, but better safe than sorry). Make sure to try and get up and walk around (you'll probably have to pee anyway) at least once on the shorter flights and at least two or more times on the longer one.
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Dunno how far along you are, but I wish I had waited till my 20 wk ultrasound before making all the gung-ho travel plans I now have to cancel because things weren't fine after all.

Make sure you get a doctor's note with time enough to rework your plans is necessary. I found myself with 3 places to go and grounded from flying or driving more than 1 hr away from a hospital.

And I felt (still feel!!) great. :-/ I don't mean to scare you or be too pathologistic, just speaking from the heart.
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