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No Cook Meals for Morning Sickness

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I can't stand cooking dinner. It makes me so sick! Especially meat, but really, any cooking really bothers me. Any ideas about what to feed my family?
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I'm having the same problem! Since this is my first, I don't have to worry about feeding any kiddos though, so I've got it easier than you.. Maybe try something quick and low maintenance like pasta dishes and salads? Spaghetti (minus the meatballs), fettucine alfredo? Good luck! Morning sickness is so debilitating.

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I am finding it so hard to deal with food and feed everyone.

My kids have eaten lots of bowls of cheerios and make-it-yourself sandwiches lately.  

I did have a stroke of genius a few days ago.  I have a rice cooker pot on my counter, and I bought a box of Uncle Ben's Risotto, a box of chanterelle mushroom soup mix powder, and a can of chanterelle mushrooms.  I threw 80g of butter, tsp salt, a liter and a half of water, and everything else into the rice cooker.  Twenty minutes later the most yummy mushroom risotto, enough for 8 servings, was ready.  So very easy, all of two minutes opening packages and tossing ingredients in, and then it was ready relatively quickly.  I'm gonna start trying to come up with other similar meals I can do with soup mix powders, different types of rice/risotto/quinoa, and canned/jarred ingredients.   I'm normally used to getting my hands dirty chopping fresh produce and poultry, but these days I can't bear it.

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We have been having a lot of pasta lately, as well as "dip days" where I break out a veggie tray, pita, and pretzels and have hummus and spinach artichoke dip.  I don't have to cook anything and everybody gets full.


Other than that my family is living on cereal and yogurt too.  (And fast food.  Bad!)

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Dip days!!!
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oh man, dip sounds soooo good! I'm nauseous, right in time for when I should be cooking. Luckily my husband is being understanding and has been fending for himself.

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I went got 2 dips, chips, pitas, veggies.
(And some canned oranges for me)
Dinner was perfect.
Now I'm baking brownies.
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I've been having a rough time too but we eat mostly grain free (or I should say very low grain at the moment).

I know my crock pot has really saved me a few times as well as individual yogurt, pre-made soups & cheese sticks (none of which I normally buy).

Amy other families here go no grain or low grain and avoid processed foods?
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My kids are picky so I try as little grain and starch as possible and push the protien, veg, fruit and dairy first.
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No grain?  Gosh, I don't know what I would do without cream of wheat (or spelt) or oatmeal these days when everything else sounds disgusting to me and I can only handle the soothing simplicity of a hot bowl of cereal, with frozen berries mixed in to melt and sweeten.

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Ok, another cooked option but easy and delicious, so I gotta share.  Roasted red pepper soup!  Only 2 minutes of getting your hands involved with the food ingredients during prep, and then another 2 minutes at the end.

You get crushed tomatoes (I buy them in cardboard cartons) and roasted red pepper (I buy them in glass jars and they are whole and in liquid) and put equal parts into a large soup pot.  Add peeled onions and garlic to taste.  Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste, and dried basil generously.  I add several glugs of olive oil. Let it simmer on low/medium (however hot you need it to be to get the simmer bubbles) for half an hour.  Then blend the mixture with a handheld mixer blade and before serving, squeeze some juice from a lemon and pour a cup of cream (substitute whatever you like for regular dairy cream, just to soften the experience).  

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We definitely eat a lot of grain in our house (DH is and baker) but we do avoid processed/packaged foods as much as possible.  Of course, i just ate a ramen packet yesterday.  I had one for dinner last night and made DH and DS fend for themselves.   I added an egg, some carrots and peas and it was heavenly.  Broth and noodles and/or salad are generally pretty safe bets for me lately.  I find that anything else I end up only being able to stomach a few bites before the m/s takes over.


I made a huge batch of hummus before my m/s started thinking that it would be the perfect snack.  Well, I got nauseated and hummus just sounded disgusting so I balled it up and froze the squishy falafel patties to be cooked when I felt better.

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Has anyone else lost weight due to the m/s? I'm trying so hard to get enough calories but it's so hard when I just feel disgusted by most food.
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dip day gals---are you guys making the spinach artichoke dips and hummus yourselves or buying ready made?

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Dip dinners sound good! I'll have to try that!

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Originally Posted by dahlia810 View Post

Has anyone else lost weight due to the m/s? I'm trying so hard to get enough calories but it's so hard when I just feel disgusted by most food.


I think that's common unfortunately. I gained 4 lbs in the first few weeks of pregnancy, then lost a pound in a week because of morning sickness. It was all I could do to force myself to eat, and most of the time it was crackers, popsicles, jell-o, or any kind of junk food that sounded appetizing. I found myself making salty, packaged comfort foods from when I was a kid. I'm 10 weeks now and almost to the point where I can cook again. The last week I've been able to go out to restaurants & not get the heaves from the food smells & sights. 

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Dahlia, I lost a bunch of weight in the first trimester with my first kid. Like 10 pounds. Then I was so hungry and ate so much during the second trimester it became sort of a joke. These tiny babies are pretty hardy, just do the best you can.
We've totally abandoned our normal healthy eating habits. My family is eating lots of DIY sandwiches and stuff, we're carrying in a lot, and we're resorting to frozen convenience foods we wouldn't normally eat. It's temporary.
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Originally Posted by dahlia810 View Post

Has anyone else lost weight due to the m/s? I'm trying so hard to get enough calories but it's so hard when I just feel disgusted by most food.

I have too. Broth and salad are only getting me so far. I figure things will even out in the next trimester and I started out like five lbs up from my normal weight anyway.   Maybe I subconsciously knew that I needed to pack it on during the holidays to make up for the nausea and general disgust with food that was to come...

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This aversion to cooking is really strange for me to get used to, I used to cook professionally and am used to doing things from scratch! I also have gluten & dairy allergies that make convenience foods kinda tough to come by. I've been buying the "all-natural" rotisserie chickens at the grocery store and using the breast meat in veggie broth with a small head of chopped cauliflower, zucchini "noodles" (we have a julienne peeler) and baby carrots for a quick soup that's easy on my stomach. I garnish with avocado slices & lime juice- but that's just me! My husband gets a meal or two out of the rest of the bird with a side salad or a baked sweet potato. It isn't "no cook" but it's minimal work and yields me servings to last a couple days. I'm a first time mom (coming off three years of infertility treatment and eating nutritiously like it was my job) so this morning sickness stuff has thrown me a real curve-ball but I'm grateful for the experience all the same.

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Ok I got one.  A true honest no cook one.

Get french onion dip mix, the dry powder, and mix it with greek yogurt.  Use that as an amazing dip for veggies!   I can eat my own body weight in that stuff with raw broccoli.

But these days I'm scared of raw veggies because of bacteria.....argh.

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