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Hiking, I too have been experiencing a really tender pelvic area including the spots between my thighs and abdomen, which is new. I think it has something to do with the baby having dropped really low yesterday. Noticeably, my belly shape has changed and I can sit down much more comfortably. But my body feels different. Even lying down to sleep felt weird. I have been having a uterine lull. Very mild BH for two days. The good ones should be coming back soon, but I've probably got another week at least. Having a hard time reminding myself that each day IS NOT a year and that, yes, I will have my baby soon, within weeks! That is something to be happy about (although I often forget that). 

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Add me to the tender pelvis club. Increasingly for the last month or two I've had some pelvic pain anyway, and between the relaxin coursing through my system and my hypermobile joints I feel like I have to walk veeeeery carefully or I will just fall apart! But over the last week or two, since baby girl dropped, I've had all kinds of twinges/pains/aches/soreness in my pelvic area. For the past few days I've been having this weird shooting pain just on my left side, like almost in my labia (TMI, I know!). It's so odd to me that it's only one side! I've noticed when I'm moving around the pelvic pain isn't as bad, but when I get up in the middle of the night to pee after I've been sleeping for an hour or so, I am sooooo stiff. All part of having a 7-8lb baby (she's a big one) sitting on all of that, I guess!


Writer, I'm with you on every day feeling like a year. Every day I give myself a pep talk about not projecting into the future or worrying about when the baby will come and just focusing on enjoying today. ;) Sometimes it works! Ha. After being so sure for most of this pregnancy that I'd be delivering at least a few weeks early due to so many complications, I'm now just figuring I will be the first person ever to be pregnant for their whole life! Then I can't be disappointed, right??? ;) March 9th is the day that I have had in my head for months (the 16th is the EDD), but I'm trying not to put much stock in that, since part of me REALLY thought she'd come last weekend, and my husband really thought she'd come this past weekend, and neither of those actually happened!

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Story I understand!  Maybe it is a big baby thing?  I have been having a similar pain and we are expecting a 9-10lber.  


Scruffy thanks!  Our lawyer appointment this morning went great.  We are headed off to DP's appointment soon.  I am so nervous for tomorrow!  I'm sorry your man has a man cold. Here's to hoping he feels better and can be helpful again soon!


Did Tear have her baby?  I just noticed her sister's signature has a welcome on it!!

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I had the worst pelvic pain with my boys, 9 lb 13 oz and 10 lb 7 oz. Now that I have been dx with spondylitis I don't know what pain is pregnancy and what pain is arthritis. This baby is definitely smaller though, probably a nice average 8 lbs. :)

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Hey y'all!


So sorry I haven't been posting here so much.  I have felt pretty busy!  I guess adding a new family member will do that to you!!!  


SScruffy- Sorry about the man-cold.  My DH suffers from those and fully admits it!  When I was preggo, he even said that if it was him who was pregnant, he would so 'milk-it.'  My MIL always says "bigger they are, harder they fall."  I figure I can deal with the occasional man-cold, so I don't get too upset about them (although they are annoying...  DH works so hard, he needs a little pampering once in a while, so I usually let it slide.


Granola- How is the movie Brave?  We are thinking of letting DD watch it (she's 5 1/2) but she has never watched a PG movie before.... Why do you think it is rated that?  Any scary parts?


Spughy- wave.gif Hope you found some treasures!!!


Sunshinelove- sounds like you are nesting!!! :D


Sore pelvis sufferers-  I found that after 2 chiro adjustments, my pubic/pelvis pain went away completely!!!  They also say being in alignment is good for Labor and delivery.  Worth a try, maybe!


Being sick-  I avoided many sicknesses while pregnant, too.  It seemed like colds kept coming through my house and I was only mildly affected by one of them!!!


All of you ladies-  You are all being sooo patient.  I just read a quote on facebook that I thought I'd share with you.


"‎Our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on the object we're waiting for." -Charles Stanley


Your babies will come soon and it will be sooo soo very worth the wait!


AFM- Graham is doing well.  :)  He is 12 days old.  He has gained over a pound already and is losing his fresh out of the womb look.  He still smells yummy, though and I love the baby cuddles.  Having him so early (37.5 weeks) was really weird.  I am not at my due date yet and both of my daughters were born ~1 wk late...  So I feel like I missed out on a few weeks of pregnancy!!!  Also, I feel like I am missing out on my ladies in the DDC cuz I can't come on here as much!  I am glad that you are all doing well, though.  Here is a picture of Graham I had taken on Saturday.  I find him to be soo very dreamy.  love.gif But, I am biased!! 




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I'll say it again, Jodie, Graham is gorgeous. For real. No bias needed to see it!

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Oh, and I just set up my first chiro apt for today. Crossing fingers it helps move things along AND takes care of the pain, although I would settle for one or the other. 

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Aargh, the weird pelvic sensations! I, too, have a variety of pains, including a severe shooting one down my right leg occasionally that no position or massage seems to alleviate. Like you StoryGirlCindy, I can barely hobble to the bathroom I am so stiff during the night. I had hours of strong painful contractions with grinding cervical pain yesterday but I guess it was him turning as he was finally LOA at my midwife appt today......whoopee, go baby......whether he'll stay put is another thing but I'm happy he can move at least! The midwife was so sweet too, one we knew from DS's pregnancy. We thought we'd have a battle to avoid a sweep but she was v encouraging and said I 'looked' like I was ready and it wouldn't come to that. Great to get such positivity, it really made my day smile.gif

Pondered putting a waterproof mattress protector on the bed last night but didn't bother. DS had a little accident this morning though, wetting through to the mattress, which is unusual for him. Typical Murphys Law though and I bet it won't be needed now it's in place!

Pretty much all I can do is done now so I'm trying to just submit to the birth. I'm really looking forward to meeting my little man of course, but each evening I think 'Oh not tonight, I just want a good sleep while I can.'

Hope y'all with pelvic pain, random discomforts and sick family feel better soon.
Regardless, it WILL be soon!
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Jodie, that picture IS dreamy! I bet you are just loving those newborn snuggles.


I've actually had regular chiro care all through the pregnancy, which has really helped keep the aches & pains to a minimum... I think it's just the end of being pregnant with a) a very big baby (probably also 9-10 lbs if we get to 40+ weeks... yikes!) and b) lots of extra amniotic fluid. There is just a heck of a lot of weight sitting on all of that now! It's really fine though. The most inconvenient time is those stiff middle of the night bathroom trips. I've found that as long as I don't stay too long in one position, the pelvic pain is manageable or goes away.


After a long and yucky winter our weather has been gloriously sunshiney and spring-like for the past few days. I have been taking walks outside every day... it's a great endorphin boost and I figure hey, hopefully it will help things get moving! ;)


Slim, glad to hear your little one is LOA! Very exciting.

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I have a chiro appt booked for tomorrow am.  I just want to be able to walk for half an hour or so without MAJOR pain.  I am okay with some discomfort - I'm not expecting to be able to suddenly run hurdles or anything, and as a small person with a baby that's almost guaranteed to be over 9 lbs there's only so much I can expect, comfort-wise, past 38 weeks (which I hit on Wednesday).  I am trying to focus on what's okay, at this point.  I am sleeping fairly well, the hemorrhoids are behaving, my poops are good, and although I've got a tiny bit of pain in my rib area, it's in the tissue, not the bone, and is nowhere near as bad as it was with DD. My moods are good, some of my clothes still fit and I don't have a whole lot to moan about. Still, not being able to walk is really cramping my style, y'know?  I'm feeling fresh-air deficient and the weather right now is SO lovely I feel like I'm insulting it by not being outside enjoying it.


Granolamama - hope all your legalities get sorted out to your satisfaction and you can relax soon!


Jodie - Graham is absolutely beautiful.  So sweet.  You must be in cuddle-heaven. love.gif

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aw look at those cheeks jodie!


I still don't understand the urge to bite baby fat.. but that doesn't make it go away. 


I'm at work, and it's nothing but doom and gloom here. I was up doing homework until 11:30 last night, and in combination with everything else, I just don't want to be here. Typically, employees just show their badge and can walk straight in. Today there are more guards, the guard had to physically touch my badge, and there are random employee frisks, not just everyone walking through the metal detector (which employees don't even typically do). I don't know, that doesn't reassure me about anything, and isn't pregnancy related, but one more thing weighing on my anxious pregnant mind. I finally got my car back from the shop on Friday evening on the way home. That was an epic fiasco. I picked it up at the dealership because they had to order a special part because they set off my airbag light, but then they never picked it up when it was done, and in the meantime I was out-of-pocket for the rental. I was livid when I called the dealership and they said it had been done since that AM but the shop said essentially "don't call us, we'll call you." On the ride back to the shop to even up, I realized my AC was completely dead. I paid and waited while they figured out what was going on. Apparently something was munching on my wires, but it'd been in the shop the past two weeks, and these problems started only AFTER it was at the shop. Let me tell you, there is nothing quite like sitting in stand still Hawaii traffic in Hawaii heat without AC while pregnant. Part of the resolution as I was nearly irate when I went back to the shop was that they were going to pay for my rental, and the $350 holder fee has yet to drop off my card, and I'm without AC but hesitant to take it back there.. for fear something else ridiculous is going to happen. Also, did I mention, I'm in a lovely mood being this far along? We went fishing last night and one of the ladies that fishes there frequently with her husband said something about my "waddling already." It took much restraint to not say ..already.. I'm DUE basically, but when am I allowed to waddle? Or the sushi girl asking if I was having twins.. et cetera. I don't want to hear another word about how giant I am. crap. If you 



On the upside, I have my last OB appointment tomorrow, then I'm going to WF to stock up and attempt to make some freezer meals.. Feels very odd knowing this is the last appointment before the big day, and the big day is single-digit away. 

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Hi everyone! It has been a busy few days. I don't feel awful today, but I can still tell that I overdid it a little bit. Sigh. It still just feels so silly when being on my feet a fair amount, walking, and doing yoga can end up resulting in "overdoing it"! Despite having a friend in town, I even got plenty of sleep. Oh well.


Scruffy, I bet that makes it more real having your midwife's supplies at your house!! Pretty exciting though! It's going to happen! orngbiggrin.gif And I hope your partner gets better quickly...


Storygirlcindy, you made me giggle with your description of resigning yourself to another week every time the baby isn't born on a Saturday. Maybe you're right, though, and it will be a Saturday baby!


Babytoes, enjoy your quiet week, and may your baby come at a good time. smile.gif


LightForest, I can't believe you're still riding a bike, of any sort! bigeyes.gif I was so sure I'd keep biking while pregnant, and then I was so tired during the first trimester that I didn't bike anywhere, and then never really felt comfortable getting on the bike again afterward. I'm not even sure reaching for the handlebars while pedaling would work right now for me. Good for you for doing it!


Shower curtains - our midwives have shower curtains on our birth kit list, for the bed. My husband found some plastic drop cloths though, that I think will actually work better (and might also work well for lining the birth tub). I hadn't even thought about putting a waterproof layer on the bed before labor, though!


GranolaMama and wildmansmom, I hope your babies both come when it feels like the right time for you!


Jodie, thanks for posting the picture of Graham - he is adorable, and does look awfully snuggly!


Beautifulnm, sorry you had to deal with all of that about your car. I'd be pretty wary of returning to that place, too! 

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For those of you who can still reach your feet, or who have someone around who will reach them for you, I have to recommend this little home mini-spa treatment my friend and I did this weekend. smile.gif


Step 1: mix up this scrub: http://www.julieannart.com/2011/03/homemade-foot-scrub.html. It's just brown sugar, honey, lemon juice, and oil (it smells delicious).


Step 2: Soak feet for a while (15 min?) in an epsom salt bath (we just filled up the bathtub part way and sat on the edge with towel cushions). Low light and candles helps with spa ambiance. :)


Step 3: Rub the homemade scrub into feet, maybe lower legs, maybe hands and arms, whatever feels good.


Step 4: Rinse off with warm water, towel dry, and realize you have smooth skin, happy feet, and smell good. smile.gif


It was really amazing!

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That foot scrub sounds amazing, chocolatechip smile.gif. I may have to try that soon.

For those getting chiro adjustments soon, i hope it alleviates your discomfort and helps move things along birth-wise!

Jodie--your little guy is such an angel! Thank you for sharing pictures with us.

AFM--i havent been able to sleep well the last couple of nights due to feeling amped up. Not amped up in like a sugar-overdose sort of way, more like i've got excess energy that doesnt go away no matter what i do dizzy.gif. Its really weird--i've spent most of this pregnancy feeling drained, not wanting to do much, and now in the past few days its like i have one speed: GO!! lol.gif. I did a bunch of cleaning and organizing again yesterday, pretty soon i'm going to run out of things to clean and organize and then what am i going to do?? I kept having stabbing pains in my cervix last night and all day yesterday my uterus felt different, like a crampy, achy feeling that wouldnt go away. Maybe this little one is going to come on DD's birthday--march 7th--which i doubt she'll appreciate much. Blah, i dont know, all this fiery energy must be a sign of something...
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For the past few days I've been having this weird shooting pain just on my left side, like almost in my labia (TMI, I know!). It's so odd to me that it's only one side! I've noticed when I'm moving around the pelvic pain isn't as bad, but when I get up in the middle of the night to pee after I've been sleeping for an hour or so, I am sooooo stiff. All part of having a 7-8lb baby (she's a big one) sitting on all of that, I guess!


I had this same pain that started a week or two before Darcy was born. You're right -- it was really weird and nothing I did could make it feel better. Maybe it's a prelabor sign. thumb.gif


Jodieanne - the picture of Graham is so cute! We had some taken of Darcy on Sunday and I can't wait to see the sneak peeks.


AFM - well today is my official due date and I'm still in shock that she's already here. DS was about a week late, so we weren't ready at all, but we're loving every minute of it. I went to a bf'ing support group today to get a little help on her latch and she's up about 10 oz from her birth weight. My little eater. Obviously her latch is more on an issue for me than for her. Darcy is a great baby and even our nights aren't too bad now that she knows how to nurse lying down. She is a bit of a heavy breather, but at least we can be comforted by the sound of her breathing and knowing that she's OK. DH had to head back to work today, but my folks are here for the week to help with DS. I'm still juggling a lot with little household things, but I know it's going to be more hectic next week when I'm officially on my own. I think we'll be staying indoors a lot until I get comfortable juggling two kids. Well, the little miss is waking up and is hungry. I will check in again soon.

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Maybe this little one is going to come on DD's birthday--march 7th--which i doubt she'll appreciate much. Blah, i dont know, all this fiery energy must be a sign of something...

My dad and his sister share the same birthday (March 29) and while he didn't particularly like his 4th birthday because his mom was in the hospital, they were quite proud to share the same birthday all the other years!


Jodie - Goodness gracious that's one cute baby!!


I had another massage today - she seems to hit all the places that the chiro did (I had to chiro appts in November) so I leave feeling pretty good. 


My co-workers had a surprise cake for me today.  It was delicious and thoughtful.  And I'm so proud that I didn't cry!! 

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I have to add my praise to those giving props to the chiropractors. I totally attribute my fabulously (almost) pain-free weekend to my adjustment last Thursday. orngbiggrin.gif
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Chocolate chip, thanks for the link to the foot scrub!!! I will have to try that tomorrow. My feet have been so dry and disgusting this week. I've never had heels this dry before - not sure what's up! I was just thinking this morning I needed to find a good foot scrub and give myself a little treat!


Maydaymom, it probably IS a prelabor sign, to go along with all the others I've been having for the last two weeks! LOL. I've had pretty much every labor-is-around-the-corner sign in the book... and still no baby! Such mind games! Glad to know I'm not the only one who's had that weird little pain though. It's not usually crippling (though if my bladder gets too full, yikes, I feel like I need crutches!), but it's just ODD.


As far as the birth on a Saturday thing goes - I said something about it to my husband yesterday and he said he's been exactly the same way, re: thinking every time the weekend is done that we definitely won't be having a baby during the week. Yikes... now I'm a little worried! ;) We only have this Saturday and then the next one is her due date... I feel like we're running out of Saturdays! (back to the "lack of rational thought" thing....)

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Scruffy that is too sweet!  And whohoo for not crying!!!


Jodie I REALLY like Brave.  HOWEVER, the bear scenes are a bit intense.  Depending on your kiddo they could be scary.  My DD and I watch it together and we talk about it when it's on but if you're concerned, I would definitely screen it first.  The rest of the rating probably comes from occasional bits and pieces of more adult humor.  Such as all the men get trapped on top of the castle and they tie their kilts together to climb down.  So you see a line of naked butts walking back into the castle.  My DD finds it hilarious.  It is one of the few Disney movies I actually didn't have any real objections too other than the intensity of the bears fighting scenes. 


BeautifulNM I would've been LIVID and it would NOT have made a pretty scene.  Good luck getting it sorted.


AFM, tomorrow morning is the big day.  Either they'll settle or we'll have a trial.  We found out today that she's lodged complaints of marital misconduct on DP's part.  Really woman?!  You bonked your professor to pass college while DP did your homework, you screwed half the town and most of DP's friends, AND you got knocked up by his best friend but you're going to lodge erroneous complaints against DP?!  Oh this woman just makes my blood boil with her disgusting lies and delusions.  She's also lodged with the court that the reason DSD doesn't come to our house anymore is because she came home with bruises and a nail mark (that she told DP I gave DSD).  EXCUSE ME?!  YOU ARE LIVING WITH A MAN YOU'VE ACCUSED OF MOLESTING YOU AND YOUR DAUGHTER and you still let the son come over?  I can't wait to watch her hang herself with her own personality and behavior.  Karma please let her have it tomorrow as she deserves.  I'm sure she'll be herself and her true colors will show - I just hope the judge sees it.  After that is our last appointment.  Less than a week until our little man gets here!!  EEK!

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Jodie, we also love Brave, but the bear scenes still scare my daughter, who has seen it quite a few times.


Wow, Granola. I hope that things turn out for the best, tomorrow. It sounds like a real rough situation for those poor kids to be stuck in the middle of. :(

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