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It gets better!

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I was just thinking this morning about all the anxiety I felt while pg with twins, how hard it was when they were little, and really, how much better it is now than singletons!


My twins are #3 and #4 and are now 5 years old.  At least once a day I think "This is so much easier with twins!"  They have each other and play so great together.  They spent over 8 hours yesterday at older sibling basketball and soccer games. 8 hours in the bleachers- and they played (with others and each other) the whole time without any fussiness or boredom.  They have better compromising skills than my singletons.  And the stupid phrase "they have each other" is true. 


So hang in there all you mamas with little ones, or still pg.  It gets better!  Better than you can imagine really!joy.gif

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Thanks!  I needed that today.

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We found age 4 to be a real turning point, in terms of being able to do things with the boys (instead of for them), and their ability to entertain each other. I agree with you about compromise - I've always felt that my sons learned empathy from a very young age, too.

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Thanks, I really needed that :)

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Whew .... only 2-3 years to go!! biglaugh.gif


Seriously though, that was a super sweet story. These little years can be TOUGH. I remember people telling me "the first year will be the hardest" ... ummmm, no. However, I can definitely see how as they get older, things change and the dynamic and relationship look different each year.


Sometimes I forget how amazing it is to be a mom of multiples! Thank you for sharing and providing inspiration!

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Thank you! Needed that today :)

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Yes, thank you for this. I really needed to hear it, too.  My girls are going through a rough patch at the moment...one of those times when you had been in a good routine, and it gets shot all to hell by something. In our case, I think it was a combo of the #19 "wonder week" / growth spurt, the very early stages of teething, and getting round 2 of vaccinations a little over a week ago.  Poor them and poor me....I am so tired at the moment.  I never want to wish away their baby years, as they are so fleeting and precious. But it has been such hard going the past week.  I can't help looking forward to the day that they are playing together and we can all do things together as a family.

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