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HORMONES!!! Good Grief

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I am seriously in hormonal overload this pregnancy.


I have 3 VERY active kids and feeling way over pregnant. It seems like the kids are knowing EVERY SINGLE BUTTON to press and my hormones can't take it so I'm losing it. If I have to say "Please do xyz" ONE MORE FREAKING TIME!!!!


Please tell me I'm not the only one.

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Totally! I have no children but this happens with everyone else in my life, I feel misunderstood. I am becoming a turtle in a shell . I need quiet time to recover from everything. I hope you can find some of that, what helps you. I know I need to practice for when those quiet moments are harder to find!
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You are so not the only one. I feel positively hateful. I'm practically hissing at people.
Luckily I have lots of pms practice so I am at least able to say to myself, "this is a bad mood in my body, I'm not really this wretched a person."
I'm trying to have a sense of humor. I really am. (Hiss snarl growl) smile.gif
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I agree!!  It doesn't always happen BUT last evening I was feeling very over the arguing, fighting, rude attitude (my almost 14 y/o), and my 2 y/o that I normally want to cuddle ALL DAY LONG was being overly touchy feel-y (she lifted my shirt to touch my belly and her hand was like ice) and I just wanted to be left alone for 15 minutes  (I needed to arrange shipping for about 12 items I sold on eBay that needed to ship today) and I flat out said .... no one touch me, no one talk to me, leave me alone for 15 freaking minutes.  DH entertained sweet 2 y/o and about an hour later she asked me would I please hold her now :( I felt like a witch for making her leave me alone earlier.  Thank goodness that doesn't happen too often and we snuggled in bed  about 10 minutes later :)

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