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*~*~March 2013 Chat!*~*~

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Hello All !


So we are getting close to the babes first birthday..Any one planning a party?


Happy 1st Birthday to Sang who turns 1 this month :)blowkiss.gif

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D. is being absolutely unbearable. First she had a tummy bug three days ago. She threw up twice (poor thing) and spiked a fever.

Seriously, I love FEVERBUGZ. It always seems that there is a problem with the thermometer, so I love that I can just slap one of these on her and have her fever constantly monitored.

You all may want to get one before your babe gets sick!!

Then, she has been absolutely can't put her down (she is sitting next to me here on the floor as I type this), and just whining and complaining..Ugh.

Poor baby. I know her top teeth are coming in, I see them.

Its just overwhelming right now cause its been 4 days now. I really want to just take a shower and scrub my 2001 parts without having to hold her. Peeing without holding her would be great also.

Anyways, this is nice though. Maybe she is feeling better. Shes not whining or crying.


I am making garlic mullein oil super quick in case it is some kind of ear infection.

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Heya ladies.  Not a whole lot to report today.  Just wanted to get into the March chat so I can find it again easily. 


Don't have any plans yet for the birthday, but we have discussed it a little bit.  My inclination is not to go big, but then I have that mommy guilt because we went huge (in # of people) for DS' first.  Even if I just invite my BF, and immediate family, that's over 20 right there. 

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Whew!  What a month February seemed to be for everyone.  Personally I'm not all that thrilled with 2013 so far.  Maybe it just got off to a rough start and things will improve from here.


With regards to the birthday party, we traditionally throw a big bbq party on Memorial Day.  Last year DH talked me out of it which was probably a good thing since I was miserable and my water broke that night.  But this year we're back on.  I'm not sure that we'll do anything specific for Elliott's birthday.  I guess maybe have a family dinner.  DH and I are really moving away from the hallmark/materialistic side of holidays.  I'm finding that we need fewer "things" and that time spent together is much more precious.  For instance, my birthday is coming up.  I told DH I really just want some balloons and maybe some flowers to brighten up the house since March can be so dreary.


I just wanted to chime in about the spilled BM.  This has been a nightmare of mine since I started pumping.  That must have been so upsetting for you Rozzie.  greensad.gif  My other nightmare has been Elliott falling off of something and landing on his head - and that almost happened on Saturday.  E was at the studio with me and one of the moms was watching him.  Her son likes to play with E too.  Well, he sat E up on a counter and of course as I came out of rehearsal E saw me and literally jumped off the counter and was about to land directly on his head when someone caught him.  We were all sufficiently terrified.  I didn't really say much because I think we all learned the lesson without me needing to reinforce it.  I'm pretty sure I have a few more grey hairs though.


E finally figured out how to crawl forward!  He is much happier now that he can get to things more efficiently.  Of course if I turn my back for a minute he's getting into something I'd rather he didn't.  We're going to have to baby proof in earnest now.  His two top teeth popped through last week so now there are four teeth!  He's coming down with a cold again though. :(  Has anybody used the Hylands Tiny Cold Tablets?  We've been half-heartedly using them but I'm not sure they're doing any thing.


Cristeen - I hope you're able to get some answers soon.


Oh, I remembered what else I wanted to ask you all about...  We are going up to Connecticut at the end of March.  It will be our first flight with Elliott.  It's only an hour but I wanted to fly rather than drive so we can get a taste of what it will be like when we go to California in June.  We'll be renting a car once we get there so we need to bring E's car seat, but he won't have his own seat on the plane.  So my questions is, do you know if I can just check his car seat at the gate?  Also, any other advice is welcome!  Thanks mamas!

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Yes, you can gate check his seat.  If the flight is not full, you can also ask to bring it on the plane.  I would recommend getting a travel bag for it if you're going to check it though, as otherwise it gets tossed around by it's straps.  Overall I wouldn't recommend checking it if you can help it - the man-handling that luggage is subjected to can be equal to a car crash on a car seat.  If you really do have to check it, I've heard it recommended to get a cheap seat for the trip, just in case and leave your expensive one at home. 


What part of CA will you be visiting? 

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March! I kind of hate march. At least here in Boston. It's just like winter... And cold and windy. I traveled to DC for work recently and it was warm and there was no snow or biting wind... That was nice... :/

I was at the gym today at lunch (yeah me!) and met a pregnant mama who's due date is may 14-- same as me last year AND randomly (?) the day Kai was born (I still can't believe he was born on his due date). It really made me think about where we all were this time last year. I don't miss it! I think I am done making babies.
But. I GOT MY PERIOD AGAIN. "Didn't you just have the longest most epic period," you ask??? Yep. 24 days between cycles and 10 days of bleeding is NOT acceptable so I am really hopeful this is just a strange readjustment period for my body. I have always had very regular 28 day cycles which is actually how I was able to be so accurate with the due dates of both my kiddos. This is ridiculous - right!?
And as for pumping... Going to the gym meant that k only gets one BM bottle tomorrow poor babe. Also my right breast feels like it isn't really producing anymore. It does a little when I pump but not much; and my left boob is almost permanently engorged.
Am I a freak of nature.
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Cristeen - We'll be all over but unfortunately not as far north as you.  My sister lives in Thousand Oaks (about an hour north of LA), my parents live in Oceano (on the central coast), and I think we'll spend part of our time camping in the Sierra's outside of Fresno (where I grew up).


Rozzie - Yikes!  That is too much!  I hope your body gets back to "normal" soon.


Still no period here.  I thought I was getting it, but really I've just a had a little bit of spotting once or twice.  I'm sure it won't last much longer.

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Mine started today, too.  Mine have been all over the map: 38 days, 31 days, 50 days, 33 days.  I guess this is #5 since she was born.  Before I got pg with her, my periods were pretty reliably 35-40 days.  Weird. 


Rozzie - if it's another 10 dayer, please call your OB or MW to discuss it with them.  One like that is a fluke, but a pattern of them can be any number of things. 

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Ick Roz. I am definitely hoping the monster periods are just your body getting back in to whack and *not* any thing else. If (however) your periods do stay heavy, I have heard that Mama cloth can help lighten them up. I'm sure you have heard that also.


Crazy when we think about where we all were a year ago.

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Thanks everyone. Definitely planning to talk to doc if this one proceeds like the last.

I realized my pervious post was super grouchy! And I just wanted to say that its great to hear from everyone smile.gif
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Hey, we all have grouchy days.  I don't think anyone here took it personally.  grouphug.gif

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grouchy days are happening right now... I think it is just the end of winter ... it is always tough.... hang in there!

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Roz- Freak of nature? Nope! I think it's pretty normal to have lopsided production- my left always produces a lot more than my right. Also- your cycle really does totally suck. I hope it's a one-off thing and don't happen regularly! And I also hate March. I was SO EXCITED for March ("yeah!"  my brain said, "March is like spring!") but really... it's just like winter. Just more teasing, windy, and cloudy. I miss the sun. I can't remember when I last saw sunshine.


End of winter/ waiting for spring is always really hard for me. I'm always convinced that this will be the one year that spring doesn't happen. We're having financial problems, we're all sick again (yay!), no one is sleeping, my husband really seems to suffer in February/March with depression problems, and so on. End of winter sucks.


Speaking of - anyone have ideas on dealing with PMS? Supplements, etc? Month 3 now where right around PMS is supposed to start I turn into a bit of a monster- lots of yelling, threatening to wean the baby, etc. 

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pulsatilla 30x helps with whining, and super b complex best I got, Grace.


Dodi and 5 yo dd both throwing up again. This flu bug or whatever it is sucks..Mellow in some ways, but hate them being sick.I see a top tooth!

I'm struggling with m/s.

You know I kind of forgot how hard pregnancy is with a little one. D's preg was just so beautiful and wonderful cause it had been so long since we had conceived and my youngest was 4. Ofcourse, we had drama with nosy neighbors but otherwise - good preg.

This time I just feel tired and like "oh boy...get to do this AGAIN!" when the difficult nights happen.

I'm estatic, but I do feel overwhelmed in a way I didn't with D's preg.

I remember it from the back to back pregs though.


On the bright side, planning a trip to the museum in Portland this month. That will be fun. Pack a nice lunch and go do something with the kids.  We went to the small museum last month, but since getting preg with D. and moving rural - museums and zoos have been off the list.I vow to do both this spring/summer!


We upgraded to an old Suburban. Hillbilly limo. It will be good and is the first step towards the exploring America RV/trailer lifestyle DH and I are contemplating! Atleast for a bit before we settle on the friends farm. Gotta get the house to sell first though.And uh, get rid of crap.

Its a distant goal.


Taking queen bee rearing workshop in June. That will be loads of fun. Got hives and bee suits and all that. Goats should be preg. we find out any day.

Lots going on, but I feel lonelier than ever sometimes.

I have recently started talking to my mom again through email. We havent talked since D was 3 weeks old.


well..better go, rocking a sick D. girl here while tv babysits the two olders.

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Originally Posted by Onemoreontheway View Post

pulsatilla 30x helps with whining, and super b complex best I got, Grace.


Dodi and 5 yo dd both throwing up again. This flu bug or whatever it is sucks..Mellow in some ways, but hate them being sick.I see a top tooth!

I'm struggling with m/s.

You know I kind of forgot how hard pregnancy is with a little one.


Super B- ah, I knew there was something lurking at the back of my mind- something I knew could help and was forgetting about. B vitamin, right! Also helps with my eczema issues which are a bit out of control right now.

Boo to the flu bug :( We've had a few evil ones this winter that just keep coming back.

M/S- so hard! I remember that with a little one too. Well. Sort of. It's terrifying when you're in the middle of dealing with the more trying times with a baby to think, "hey, I get to do this again!" At least with a few years in between babies you've already forgotten a bit how hard it can be :) I was thinking the other day that at least you've got this experience already, you know what to expect so you won't be as blindsided by the difficult times. It gets...easier... every time? Right? Isn't that what they say? Something like that?

Also, whatever I said a little while ago about baby fever? I take it back. I seem to have two parts of my cycle- the "I love babies, I love these kids, i need more" part of the month and the "oh my god, why did we ever have children?" part of the month.

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Ladies! Hello! I'm still grouchy but I will try not to say irritable things this time thumb.gif

I guess I feel a bit frustrated because I want to reply to everyone and I just can't even focus my mind enough to do it.

Grace - I have bad bad PMS too (you ladies have all experienced it virtually!) I keep forgetting to take my omegas and multi vitamins. That doesn't help.


Still have my period over here. But, I think that it was just spotting for like 4 days and then I really got it on Friday. So it's not like I was gushing blood for a week. I'm not really that worried unless it comes way earlier next month.


Kai has a bad cold, I can hear him coughing in his sleep right now :( Makes me so sad for him, but it's just a cold, clear mucous, etc.


Work has been intense. I am feeling like there isn't enough of me. And most certainly not enough of my brain. I'm responsible for too many things, and I just feel pulled.


However, we now have a full time "nanny" for Kai instead of daycare and IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. I love her, he loves her, our family is happier, and I feel like I get more time with him even if it's 30 minutes in the morning and evening because we eliminated the awful drop off/pick up.


Not much else to report. Just wanted to say hi.

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Originally Posted by rozziemama View Post

Work has been intense. I am feeling like there isn't enough of me. And most certainly not enough of my brain. I'm responsible for too many things, and I just feel pulled.
This is exactly how I feel. It's so overwhelming. I'm really glad the nanny is working out for you.

We just picked my mom up from the airport. I am so glad she'll be here for the next few weeks.

That's all for now.
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ugh, yes too little of one person to go around!

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Hey Chickadees,

I hope every one is well. So saddened to hear about the newest fight that Jynx has on her hands. Any of you out there who have facebook help keep us updated too, will ya?

I have been very bummed lately. The flu is finally gone, but I just cant find any energy! I cook dinner and thats about all I can do. I clean and every thing but I don't wanna!

I've really been slacking with home school.

Little Miss D. took her first steps today, repeatedly.

She'll be walking around a lot soon. happytears.gif I guess today it hit me that the first year is almost over, and the walking mile stone? Yeah, its a big one. Time has just flown.

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OneMore- unfortunately, as I bet you expected, low energy seems pretty par for the course as far as early pregnancy goes. Hopefully you get your energy back soon! Winter and flu and snowy March weather is definitely not going to help. 

I also feel so bad for Jynx. I wish I could help.

Everett is semi-walking. He doesn't do it consistently, but he's steadily getting braver and going longer distances. My other two just took off one day, none of this hemming and hawing and considering- they just started walking one day and never crawled again. Everett is now probably 60% crawl and 40% walk, or there abouts. He's also Mr. Frustrated these days. Redirection makes him scream bloody murder, putting him down- God forbid! Falling over makes him lay on the floor and flail in anger (but you can't pick him up and try to help him, it makes him more angry), giving him the wrong toy, not feeding him fast enough- EVERYTHING. Endless frustration, I don't think I can do anything right. My other two did this right before they started walking so maybe it's developmental? I forgot how draining it is. Apparently, he's also only like this with me. Whenever I leave him with someone else for a bit, he's happy as a clam just puttering around on his own.


That's about it. Waiting for spring. Talking endlessly about spring. Thinking everything will be so, so, so much better in the spring. Hopefully that's true!

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