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Gender Disappointment / Expectation?

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I don't think I will have gender disappointment either way, but I have a strong feeling that this baby is a girl.  I've never felt that way before with any of my pregnancies, never got a feeling one way or another.  I will be thrilled with a girl OR a boy, seriously.  Another little girl would be so sweet, and another boy would mean that DS would grow up with a brother close in age, so that'd be great, too.  What I'm wondering is whether anyone else has experienced the strong anticipation of a particular sex, and whether you got what you expected or were surprised?


And anyone else feeling strongly about gender?  Or hoping for one or the other?

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For some reason I assumed I would most likely have a girl, but thanks to worse, longer lasting morning sickness, and the nub theory I'm starting to think it will be a boy. I'm happy with either, but at first I didn't feel prepared for a boy. But really I think a boy would be easier in a way because I'm a tomboy. My daughter is really into dresses, princesses and pink, and I just don't understand the attraction! At least a boy won't be into that sort of thing!


So I'm happy with either gender now, although my daughter isn't so much. She wants a girl and that's it.

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I really want a third girl, but both DH and I feel this baby is a boy.

On a shallow level, I don't want to buy new boy clothes. On a deeper level, all of our close friends have tons of girls; we literally have no friends with boys. I sm concerned about my ability to parent a boy in the midst of an overwhelming sea of girls.

I wouldn't be disappointed by a boy, but I do have concerns about my ability to parent a boy among my current social set up.
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My first 3 were girls.  I was never crazy about wanting a boy, even thought my ex was.  I have 5 brothers, so I felt like I was burnt out on boys. LOL


Then with my 4th, I wanted a boy only because my ex really, really wanted a son-but I still thought all girls would be fun, Now my son is almost 3 and I think he is made of pure awesome and boys are so much fun!


This time, I would really like to have a boy; and this is the first time I have any significant preference either way.  I would love my son to have a little brother so he's not the only boy in a family of girls.  Also, my son is so mellow and just chilled out compared to his sisters, I'd like some more of that around.  And of course, DP has one other adult daughter, so he'd really like a son. He's so great with my son, and loves him so much, but at the end of the day always stands aside and gives my ex first place with him (even though he kind of drifts in and out), I'd love for him to have his son that he didn't ever have to stand aside for someone else.  

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I have a tiiiiiiny bit of preference towards a boy but no actual feelings about it either way as far as predictions go.

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I really thought I would have a strong gender preference but I have shocked myself. I think, oh, if we had two boys, it would be so great. We have an older son and I love being the mother to a son so much, two more boys would be wonderful. If we had two girls, that would be so sweet. I am a little intimidated by the idea of two teenage daughters, but we would make it work. And a boy/girl pair would just be magical. So, I guess I will be OK no matter what. I say this now, but I guess if I have a strong reaction when we actually learn the sexes, I will know I read my feelings wrong. 

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I sort of would prefer a girl, but I'm feeling like it's going to be a boy and I'm OK with that.

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for my first i did not care (in hindsight i had a blast raising my son into a brilliant little feminist)...this time i would love to have a girl (especially because i was so determined to raise my son in a gender neutral environment and he never ceased to amaze me) just to experience the difference...but in all honesty i do not care as long as s/he is healthy.


my DS & DSD on other other hand...want a sister....

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I am leaning slightly towards wanting another girl. Mainly because I have 2 sisters and our relationship is so amazing. But, I'm having strong boy vibes and am totally fine with that too. I have a brother and my relationship with him has always been amazing. Plus my dh really wants a boy. So, either way I think I'll be fine. I might have a split second of disappointment if its a boy, but just that, a split second.
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DH has a strong preference for a boy. I always thought I wanted a boy but early on I got the feeling this one is a girl and I've sort of grown attached to that. Ultimately I'd like one of each but DH is super stressed about having even one so I'm not sure that's in the cards...

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I wanted a boy, but we are having a girl (found out early through blood testing). Hubby is thrilled, and I'm getting used to the idea, but it has taken a bit.

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I would really like another girl because if we decided that this is our last one then I want Amelia to have a sister. DH would like a girl too. He was made to father daughters. It's so precious to see him with our daughter. I know having a boy would be great too. The mommy son relationship would be sweet.
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I have boy, girl, boy, girl, so I'm feeling like I wouldn't mind a boy. I don't really mind either way. If this baby is a girl, my 2 in June DD, will have a close age playmate. Then, I get all worried my oldest DD, who will be 8 in May, will feel left out.

I also had a dream the last time I was pregnant that I had had a little boy named, "Felix". I said, "Felix. It's you. We have been waiting for you. ❤"
If this isn't him that that will be odd...and I'm not having another baby. So this is his last chance! LOL

Eh, all in all, too much thought on something I have absolutely no control over. smile.gif
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I have no preference, honestly.  I have a strong girl vibe this time, but that might just be because we have a son and this pregnancy feels so different.   DH and I are just thrilled to be expecting another baby in our family after a long haul TTC...it's hard for me to imagine being disappointed by what gender the baby is.  

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This is weird to me, bc I was so sure bio DD was a boy (had boy dreams and everything), and I was thinking boy bc I grew up with an older brother, and I wanted the same.
Now I adore her so much, I can't imagine it any other way.

For this little one, I'm neutral: it would be so incredible to have another one like her (and re-use her cute clothes would be awesome), but a son would be amazing as well. Not to mention indulged within an inch of his life! (My mama has a thing about baby boys -- always has.)
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I've got a strong boy feeling, but I think that might just be because I want another boy.

People keep telling me that this one is a girl but I don't listen. I just keep the boy thoughts to myself.
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I'm not having feelings either way, at least not yet. The same for my first pregnancy. I KNEW my second was another boy, though! I just felt it strongly, and then was pretty sure I saw proof when I had my ultrasound. orngtongue.gif


As far as preference... I won't lie. I'd love to have a little girl, just because I already have two boys and it would be really cool to have that other experience. However, boys are what I know and I adore my two boys. They have such a sweet, special relationship.luxlove.gif And I already have clothes and toys to pass on! It would probably be easier to have another boy.


Either way, as long as the baby is healthy, we will be happy.

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I won't be disappointed either way.  But I do totally understand having a preferance.  It seems that some women have intuition, however I'm not one of those - haha!  With my first, I didn't really think about it, just found out she was a girl and was thrilled.  With my second, I figured that since I had a girl already, she must be a boy - wrong:)  With my third, I already had two girls, so though he must be a girl, wrong again.  With my fourth, I wanted a girl and was surprised when he was a boy.  With the fifth, I wasn't to surprised that he is a boy, but didn't really have a feeling one way or the other.  With this one, I'm fine either way, but had a dream a few monthes before baby was conceived that I was having a girl next Sept.  Come Christmas day I found out, sure enough, a baby due next September!  We shall see.  Since this is my last, I will feel sad that I didn't get to use our girl name that we've had picked out for about four years, but won't be disappointed if baby is a boy.

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As far as mommy intuition goes I don't know. With our dd I knew she was a girl. No doubt. With this one I have no idea. It feels weird to not have a "feeling" either way. Everyone is saying boy but I think they say that because I already have a girl.
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My mommy intuition is broken.  I thought my first was a boy.  Then I thought my second was a boy, aided by an ultrasound that said girl but looked a little boyish in the nether areas.  This one, I only think boy because the pregnancy is SO different: how I carry, how I feel, etc.  But my husband has been right on the money each and every time with gender guessing, so I trust him when he thinks boy.  :)

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