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Help me make an ABC

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Last weekend I actually made an asian baby carrier out of canvas. It was for DH and it fits him OK, but on me it is just too big. How big is the body part (that baby sits in) on your asian baby carrier, mei tai, or Kozy carrier? And how wide are the straps? I really want to make one that fits me!!! I'm about average in size.
And I have to add that this is all because of this board in the first place. Reading all these threads about baby wearing has gotten me all excited about carriers again even though dd is now 21 months and often wants to walk. Too bad, right? :LOL
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I'll measure my homemade one for ya...

Finished body is 14 inches wide and 20 inches long. The straps are 4 inches wide. Here's a link to my pics. The red silk one is the one with the wide straps. The blue toile one's straps were too narrow...


I've seen a Kozy once and I think she cuts the body wider. But I don't know the exact dimensions.
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I love that red silk one!! Wow! What kind of silk did you use? Was it hard to work with? I was planning to use blue twill for mine, but I'm jealous. It looks like your dd is a little older than mine and seems to fit those dementions great, how big is she?
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It's a scrap from a piece of silk/poly blend I got from ebay. In this case the silk was easy to use - easier that when making pouches.

And my DD is around 32 lbs I guess and she's about 36 inches tall or so.

And with carriers, I like mine funky or beautiful, not practical or 'goes with everything.' Everytime anyone sees this carrier, they lose their minds and want one. But nobody ever really said anything like that when I wore my plain black Maya Wrap.
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Very cool. I have some tapestry fabric that I plan to use to make a pocket on my ABC to give it more personality. But I think I am going to have to start hunting ebay for some silk. That is if dd will ride in the first one I make. My dd is still around 25 lbs and 32" so it looks like she would fit in the 20x14 size for a long time. Dh's that I made has an 20x18" seat that swallows us. Thanks for the quick reply.
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What pattern did you use for the ABC? I have a Kozy, but Kristen, you despretly made me want a silk one!
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I just made myself one this week with a georgeous chocolate brown batik and I did the panel part 17" wide and 19" long, and I wish I had done it a little longer, like 21" or so. Otherwise, I love it!
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Originally Posted by mom2noah
What pattern did you use for the ABC? I have a Kozy, but Kristen, you despretly made me want a silk one!

I like Reverend Jan's pattern myself, although I have been tweaking it each time I make a new one.


And I want one in every fabric I own - which is a lot. I am going to experiment with toile for straps next. It's gonna kick!!!
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Thanks Kristen! I'm in the process of making one right now. I'll post pictures when I'm done.
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This is great! I want to make one!

Question. How do you tie it? The straps go over the shoulder and cross and tie under the bum? The waist ones tie in the back?
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There are links for both front and back carring directions here:
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Cool! Thanks
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