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Ciga - that is such a great idea about a thread for baby crafts. I will get around to photographing some of the things I've made this weekend. I am very envious you are making a quilt, they take such amazing technique and patience. Sadly neither of which I have. I look forward to seeing yours.


Dahlia - with my eldest son stretch marks or birth marks as I like to call them didn't appear until 38weeks, but with my second son by golly they crept in fast. I guess I am lucky all of mine are only on my stomach. I agree with Suzie rose hip oil is supposed to be beautiful.


Suzie - hehehe love it, if only it were that easy for me. I also see your across the ditch we're practically neighbours! One of my close friends moved to Tasmania 4years ago and my favourite aunt and her family live in vic. I have tried to get dh to move us over there but leaving our family is hard.


AFM - today was my first day of feeling relatively normal, my back is ok, and walking was alright, went out and got another gorgeous organic suit for baby today, my favourite store is having a sale, but not knowing the sex makes it a tad difficult. Hehe only 9more weeks until we'll know. I have just slept for three hours..... THREE HOURS...... Not sure why, just kinda lay down and woke three hours later. Looks like it will be a late night. Ah well it's Friday.

i hope you all have wonderful weekends!

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Hey Danielle - Glad you're feeling well :)  I've been a bit slack and not going to work very often (it's my own business, so I guess I can) and I think I'm way too used to laying around and chilling now.  And naps have also entered my world... so lovely!


And me... on the subject of not wearing my contacts, unbeknown to me while my vision was blurry it looks like I've grown a half decent moustache in the last 2 weeks!!  And amazingly wide eyebrows!! How embarrassing!!  (but it is slightly impressive...) I think your hair must grow faster when pregnant.. surely this isn't normally going on!?  HAHAHA :)


Everyone have a nice weekend!

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ROTFLMAO.gifSuzie! You are one funny lady! But I am with you on the hair thing, my eyebrows have been looking like small caterpillar's lately, and I swear my armpit hair is growing like crazy sorry tmi. And legs meh, who has time to shave them, I try at least once a week and wear pants the days I can't get by with them showing. I have to say isn't it kind our lovely husbands don't mention these little things to us, sometimes I wonder if my dh even notices when my eyebrows are all over the show. 

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You know what Danielle?  He never says anything when the caterpillars have taken over my eyebrows, but he always comments on how lovely they look when they get fixed!  Maybe he's just ultra polite - we've only been together for 4 years lol.


Poor man - I always point out how hairy my legs have gotten too, I'm probably completely freaking him out with my crazy hair growths!  I would wear pants but it's so revoltingly hot atm - its been nearly 40 everyday for the past fortnight.. so I've got no chance to hide my fat belly OR my super hairy legs LOL  (Don't get me wrong - I still look cute, just fat and hairy and cute)

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Hahaha Suzie!
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Jealous of all of you already crafting for your babies. I have two sweaters for my family to finish before I move onto baby crafting, and I lost momentum on these projects after the holidays passed with them unfinished. Maybe I should go fish my knitting bag out of the car...(But who am I kidding? It's seed starting time and I keep starting stuff with the hope that if I start enough, something will survive long enough to go outside. Knitting? Not really on the radar.)
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I was gearing up to sew.
Then I got called back to work!
Yeah! But there goes napping and crafting time. And I'm so tired.
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Wednesday I actually did an intense one hour exercise, then shaved and soaked myself in coconut oil from hair to toes in a hot bath. I listened to podcasts and floated.  When I emerged I felt clean, smooth, very moisturized and very eager to share my skin with my man. heartbeat.gif

my eyebrows are always a mess though.

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Dahlia, I think 12 weeks is fine. My midwife said all babies grow the same until 12 weeks so timing it before then is very a curate.


im going Thursday for our first ultrasound, just to find out how far along I am! I can't wait to hear this little ones heartbeat too!


we told the in laws, they said congratulations. They didn't seem that excited. Lol, I don't think we will ever be close to them. Their advice to me about my last pregnancy was "I have three words for you, epidural, epidural, epidural!" 


Danielle, I love it! I want one! LoL


sorry I'm not very active right now, I will be soon I promise. Just really fatigued and tired right now. 


Hope the rest of you are doing well :)

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Oh my I'm such an airhead. I kept thinking this community had gone utterly silent because I was checking my subscriptions page and didn't see any updates on the weekly thread. Never really occurred to me to see if, hey, another weekly thread had started. So...sorry to jump on in at the middle! Sheepish.gif


To answer the original thread topic, DH is doing pretty good. He took on a lot with us moving into our house, really worked himself to the bone getting everything out of the place over a period of days, on top of long hours at work. I'm usually the planner/organized one, but I was so happy to have him take over that process for once. He's also done a lot of the shopping and cooking, making me things I specifically requested. So, he's been a star. blowkiss.gif


I am still nauseated almost all the time, but I am managing it a bit better. Still stuffing my face constantly to keep it at bay. I think I've gained 5 lbs now, all in the waist, and I still just feel fat at 8w2d. Blah. Still tired all the time, can't make it past 9:30 without yawning all over the place and practically falling asleep sitting up.


We also had a snowday this week and it was nice to spend the whole day off with DH. We work opposite schedules and he works weekends, so we never get an entire day together. I'm happy to say we were able to DTD for the first time in 4 weeks and it was awwwesommme. Seriously needed that. I shed a few tears, lol. I hope it's not another 4 weeks before we can do it again, but who knows? Are any of you other ladies having a hard time getting any time or inclination for intimacy? With the stress of moving, nausea, and fatigue I was just not interested. On the day off I made sure to make the move early in the day before I could get too tired and wuss out.


OH! And I had my first ultrasound today! Everything looked good and baby measured two days ahead with a heartbeat of 178! I still didn't have much of an emotional reaction to it - no tears or anything. Kind of just "Hey, look at that, neat!" I at least feel better that something really is going on in there and I don't just feel like crap for nothing.

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Slammerkin- intamacy has become more difficult with each child for sure! Add in a new job for hubby (which is is sort of obsessed about and works all kinds of hours on), sore boobs, exhaustion, three kids, a demanding cat and a new puppy. Yeah- hard to come by. We did buy a set of bunk beds for the big girls a few weeks ago which has made it a tidbit easier by freeing up our room!

Serafina- I went on a super intense 1.5 hour hike on Wednesday with a girlfriend while wearing my toddler on my back and trying to leash train our new puppy. I've also been taking plenty of hot baths to rest up because I think that was a little too much! Tonight hubby and I took a lovely walk with the puppy which was nice because he wore our son!

Blonhrt- sounds like my in laws! They now know that hubby and I are who we are, our kids are healthy happy and loved so they don't seem to bother us much with their 'advice' because they know we smile and mid and do what we feel is right!

Shiloh- add me to the totally jealous of the crafting juju. I have a baby blanket for a friend that I need to finish before that baby has some if her own LOL!

Alright hubby just arrived with dinner! He's been so tolerant with me not wanting to cook. The big girls are over at a sleepover- yay!
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Grr I didn't have to work until 9 this morning and I was still up at 6:00.  Grrr....and all the subway breakfast commercials are making me hungry.

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slammerkin-  We are still DTD a couple times a week but it is 100% because of DH.  The nausea and fatigue have literally taken away all of my motivation (which I don't remember happening last time around) so even though I thoroughly enjoy it when we do I just don't have to gusto to instigate anything.   Thank god he hasn't given up yet.


danielle- my mom has quilted for years and she makes the kind of quilts that involve hundreds of tiny triangles.  I'm more of a simple rectangle girl.  I don't have the patience for intricate piecework.  I do like to do a lot of hand stitching but I find that part really therapeutic.  It's a lot like knitting actually. I just finished a baby quilt for my best friend and I became totally obsessed while making it. I found myself staying up ridiculously late after everyone else was long asleep.


So, will a dating scan at 12 wks still be pretty accurate?  I know I won't have one until after my first midwife appt around 10 wks but I either ovulated freakishly early or my husband has super sperm so I'm really not sure how old this bean is.  Since I'm going to have a hospital birth this time around I feel like it'd be nice to have as accurate a due date as possible. Maybe it doesn't matter.

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I'm 9 weeks today, woohoo!  Only 31 weeks to go lol.  I am so sick of m/s, it gives me a break and then comes back with a vengeance.  This morning I have puked twice already :/

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Ciga, the best accuracy is between 6-8 weeks, but 12 weeks should be pretty close! Sickness or stress can delay labor among other things, and baby's not going to come until he or she is ready so I think you have nothing to worry about! 


So the days of testing to make sure baby is ok are so over. I'm so fatigued, so nauseas, I feel like crap and I LOVE IT but I also love that this is only in the beginning, LOL. 


I hope everyone else is doing great. I'm not throwing up I'm just so queasy, and smells and tastes are making me crazy. Luckily breastfeeding is still going good, my milk has definitely decreased but nursing is not painful. We will see how this goes :)


my grandma, I love her, but she told me I better wean the baby before the next one gets here ;) she sad its going to make him jealous. I can't wait to show her the bonding that happens when siblings nurse together :) 


and for my sanity, I need LO to keep breastfeeding, it keeps us all relaxed in this house, LOL

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How is everyone doing today? 

Offically 10weeks today joy.gif which I am very excited about, finally a downward slope towards 12weeks. My husband went back to work today which I was absolutely dreading but so far so good. It's a glorious sunny day,and I need to get my house in order. I have a location scout coming tomorrow to photograph our house for some television filming we are going to be having here. So I have a lot to do. Thankfully it's my sons school fair in a few weeks so we can donate a lot of stuff to that which is helpful. 

Still feeling pretty tired, but managing without a nap some days.  Right better get on to this tidying its a mammoth job and I really don't have a lot of time. Eek.

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Ok, I know this sounds totally crazy but I SWEAR I have felt movements.  It's not anything like gas (trust me, I've had enough of that going on to know EXACTLY how that feels).  It's way deep down and is a very brief feeling, I swear I sometimes even feel it on my cervix.  Is this possible?  I'm just 10 weeks and 1 day (due date was moved up), but I've been feeling it for about a week now.  Logic tells me it isn't possible, but I had to ask you ladies to see if anyone else has experienced this?

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Not crazy at all Solielmama, I said to my husband about 3nights ago I think I can feel the baby move, I felt my last baby move at 12-13 wks so it wont be far off I hope. Dh said it was gas. Men. How exciting!!!!!

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You are so not crazy! I feel the little butterfly flutters, only once or twice every evening! It stops me in my tracks! I'll find out Thursday how far I am...

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Lucky ladies feeling flutters! I can't wait to have some additional evidence that there's something going on in there other than just feeling crappy and flabby, lol!


How are you ladies doing with m/s who are farther along? Is it dissipating? I sometimes think mine's getting better, and sometimes not. I haven't puked in over a week, but I've come very close a few times, so I dunno. I'm looking for a light at the end of the tunnel.

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