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Just moved to the poconos

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Hi everyone!

I must moved to the carbon county area. I just found out that I'm pregnant, but I have no doctor here nor do I have friends that I can ask who are locals. Who should I see and which hospital should I go to? 

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Welcome to the Poconos!


For hospitals... I have heard positive things about Wayne Memorial Hopsital.  I do know some people in the Poconos also travel down to the Lehigh Valley to go to either Lehigh Valley Hospital or St. Luke's Bethlehem.


There is also an amazing home birth midwife in the Poconos, Jennifer McFarland.  :-)


You may want to check out Empowered Birth on facebook.  It's a birth advocacy group for the Lehigh Valley/Pocono area and a lot of great information can be found there.


Congratulations on your move and your little one!

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Thank you I have not even found a doctor yet! We got health insurance last month and this month I got pregnant didn't think it would be so fast. 

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