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Go kerc!

sparkle--good to know I have company in the DH area. wink1.gif

MelW-- goodvibes.gif for the new remedy and an easier allergy time this year for your DD.

Geo--I think you've successfully convinced me that I never want to re-upholster my couch.

Plady--I don't wax my upper lip because the couple of times I have I break out on my upper lip for the next week, which really is worse than having hair there. Instead, I'm plucking the hairs, which is probably more painful but gets rid of the hair and avoids zits. (It's slightly improved right after the shower.) The hair hasn't grown in thicker or darker or anything, so I don't know that there's a big danger of that if you wax, which is basically the same thing.

NRR: speaking of zits, I'm going to see a dermatologist on Tuesday in hopes that something can be done. I'm sure it's hormone relate, but it's got to stop. Also, I've heard wonderful things about Retin A, and being done with childbearing, I'm hoping she'll agree it's a magic cure for me. (Or that something is because I'm pretty much over fighting zits.)

RR: 21 miles. I'm applying the "done = good, good = done" theory to that. I ran it with the Rocky Mountain Road Runners as part of their marathon series. That was mostly a good idea because there was water on the course and they chose one with facilities along the route. However, they are fast. Really fast. As in, I came in third to last despite averaging a 10:40ish pace and I'm pretty sure the person ahead of me probably finished 20 or 30 minutes earlier. (The woman behind me came in 5-10 minutes later; the woman behind her was Gallowogging, I believe, and at least 20 minutes behind me about 3/4 of the way through the race in any case.) Maybe all the slow marathoners go it alone so as not to reveal our slowness? One wonders. Good: I did get to run a new-to-me section of the Clear Creek trail. Bad: it was the section that goes under I-25, runs just north of I-76 (the river is between, but it's audible) and then under I-270. Eventually Clear Creek converged with the Platte River and the interstates all veered off elsewhere.
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Yay!  It's Easter and Lent is done and I'm back to my favorite Dingoes!!!!  Next year I'm giving up something else.  The main thing I want to report is that DS and I ran a 5K at the beginning of March.  It was his first and he finished way ahead of me in 26:54!!!!  I was so incredibly proud of him and he is already looking through the race listings to find another one.  As for my race, I finished.  I didn't walk.  My leg felt pretty good all the way through, so I call that a win too :).


Now, to get caught up on 6 1/2 weeks of Dingo happenings....

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Happy Easter and Yay!  JayGee is home!


Hope everyone gets to enjoy the day however and wherever.  It's beautiful here so we'll do an egg hunt at the beach as usual and then hopefully spend the rest of the day outside.  Hemming and hawing about church.  The kids want to go, dh and I not so much, but I'm really hoping they'll just plain oversleep because everyone has been beyond busy and they really could use the snooze more than anything else.


Geo - That sofa will be amazing when you're done, I'm sure.


Real - 21 miles is good when done at any speed!  And it's hard to imagine you being slow, I think smart is really the word you were looking for.  Thanks for the input on waxing.  Maybe I'll do some plucking and see if that takes me far enough to bleach the rest. 

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Happy Easter. We did our usual treasure hunt for candy, made easier by googling "indoors treasure hunt for kids," printing the clues, and filling eggs. Ahhh, how did lazy parents ever do it all before google? There's a church 5 doors down that overflows its parking lot three times a year. At the moment, there are three cars parked in front of house and two have party plates. I guess today is supposed to be a day of redemption?

All pieces are now cut. We need to replace the foam under the cushions, and then we can reassemble. You can tell something about how my kids are raised. They are scandalized that the fabric we took off won't be used for another project. We are using the faded-but-not-torn fabric for the deck (the part under the cushions that you only see when looking for loose change and TV remotes), but the rest is torn. I think part of my halo got tarnished in DS' eyes.

Hi JayGee!
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Happy Easter!

My kids have been hunting all morning for eggs they refill with little gifts they are making for each other. Very cute. Our neighbors have an annual neighborhood easter-egg hunt, egg-toss, and potluck, which we didnt know about until yesterday, so that was fun, but sort of took the steam out of this morning..... which wasnt such a bad thing, as I bailed to go to the gym bag.gif Great bike and run/walk for 85 minutes, after thinking I would not go b/c I had the WORST ovary pain last night (it hurt to walk, or roll over on bed). I've been having pretty decent mittleschmertz pain the past 2 mos. and ovulation bleeding. Of course its all due to the new normal of irregular hormones, but last night was not fun. I was getting a little worried about torsion or something. But joy.gif, it was mostly better this a.m.

Geo - bow.gif I have dreamt of doing what you are. That's as far as it's gotten. joy.gif for the improved IT

Plady - no upper lip waxing here, but leg waxing (let's just say I have MAN HAIR on my INNER THIGH!!!!!), and it has not come back thicker or coarser, although maybe darker, but this is due to wearing pants all winter while it grows in. Ive only done it 3 times, but so far so good. I have several friends who wax their upper lip and its fine

Real - I started using Retin A after kids too (although I cant manage to do any of those cosmetic things regularly), and I will say that it does great things for smoothing, evening tone (Im getting more and more brown spots), and general niceness,, but makes no difference in the pimple dept. Your derm may suggest Acutane, which is a not nice steroid. I wouldnt go that route. When I have pimples, I douse them with tea-tree oil after washing, and then rub on the retin-A (at night). Tea-tree is my go-to for zits...

NRR: Have any of you read "Wild" (Lofty?) In my fantasy-land, I take off for 2 weeks in my new used/beater Toyota pick-up with the dogs to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. I figure if Dh can go to bike in Switzerland for 2 weeks, he can darn well suck it while i go on a trip (we're seriously looking at pick-ups, that's how cliche my mid-life crises is becoming lol.gifbag.gif) Just putting that out there loveeyes.gif ....
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Drive by...


been waxing my upper lip and eyebrows since high school. It doesn't come back darker or thicker; actually I have to do it a lot less frequently now. Lately I seem to be growing hair on my chin (thank you middle age eyesroll.gif) so I've started getting that waxed too. I sometimes also get the ahem, bikini area, mostly waxed (not full monty) and I feel a lot less chafe when running because of it (I don't ever wear a bathing suit in public uncovered really so it's not for that reason).


Got a new pair of shoes, and first run on them seems to indicate the foot was at least partially to mostly due to old shoes. Hopefully that will stick but I am seriously considering postponing the marathon just in case. We'll see.

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wave.gif jaygee! So nice to see you again!

real~I've biked that section of trail, and that whole Commerce City area leaves much to be desired, both visually and olfactorily. orngtongue.gif

nic~Give the shoes a chance. Old, worn down shoes can do a lot of not good things. Remember my plantar fascitis that cleared up almost immediately when I switched?

I have never waxed my lip, but I bleached for a long time. The problem is that I just never really stayed on top of it very well. I'm getting it lasered off right now, and so far, so good. I initially went in for my chin, but ended up adding my lip and bikini because they were running a special.

Heading into work night 2 out of 3, and I am tired. I was feeling pretty good last night until around 2 am, and then I think the UTI reared its ugly head again. By the time I left, I was feeling pretty crummy. And then, I got up early to watch my team's hockey game, which was a bust since we lost and I could have gotten three more hours of sleep. greensad.gif So, I foresee a very, very large cup of coffee in my future.

DS comes home tonight, but his flight doesn't land till after I go to work. And he's apparently under the weather, running a pretty significant fever yesterday which was down a little this morning and sleeping a lot. Poor guy. Hopefully he feels well enough to go to school tomorrow (assuming no fever). And I really miss him, and I won't get to see him until at least tomorrow morning, maybe after school. Sigh.

rr~None. I decided that running yesterday was probably not the best idea what with the antibiotic that I'm taking having a black box warning for tendon rupture. Bah.
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Welcome back JayGee! Congrats to you and your DS for the 5k.

Tjsmama, the lingering infection plus the antibiotic say rest, rest, rest. (Now I'm starting to sound like the Chinese doc, talking about listening to your body and the messed up go, go western culture!)

real, your run sounds amazing and well-paced!

Nic, fingers crossed for a healthy foot in the new shoes.

Geo, I'm impressed by the egg hunt even with google assist.

NRR- we had candy/chocolate hunt this morning and I took the youngest to church while hubby and oldest stayed home to rest and fight off colds. We've been going to the local united church occasionally at the kids' request- I've been to church more in the past three months than the rest of my life combined. I'm still kind of ambivalent- I like the people, the music, the politics and the current (sub until they find a permanent) minister, but don't feel the meaningful religious/spiritual connection to the church. I keep going for the community and desire to give the kids a religious education that their asking for (my husband is catholic but the congregation here is very conservative and not a fit for us). Personally, a walk on the beach or run in the forest gives me better prayer/spiritual connection. I was raised in the "church of the great outdoors", so it's where I feel most comfortable.

RR- A short bike ride into town and back, followed by de-pollination bath. I really want to get yardwork done but stayed inside out of solidarity today.
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Yesterday - windows open, nice day for being outside, everyone excited by spring. Today - blowing snow. Where do I live again?  shake.gif


Am I nuts to be thinking about doing Whole 30? I feel terrible, asthma is constantly flaring, my body aches, I am tired all the time but not sleeping well because of the pain, absolutely no energy or motivation to exercise - ugh. I have fallen into some bad habits this winter with all of the increased stress and then starting at the yarn shop. Too many times I have my house and family organized but run out of time to eat breakfast or make lunch and I either don't eat or run across the street for a sandwich and Diet Coke. I know that I am extremely gluten sensitive but there are days when the symptoms of that have been preferable to going hungry. I love my morning home made chai latte but I remember that when I gave up dairy last summer I felt a lot better. I could do it again.


How hard is it? Is it worth spending the $39 on their book - money is very tight so I will get it if it makes an important difference to have it, otherwise I will do without. Does it all boil down to vegetables, seeds, nuts and meat? (I am allergic to fish and shellfish.) What about fruit? I could give up legumes for one month if I have to. First I have to finish off the soup I have in the fridge but I could be ready to start by Tuesday, I think. Thoughts?

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plady, I have waxed eyebrows more than once and legs once. I like th effect but not the process. My skin is red for a while afterward (more than a day so I would have some scheduling issues with doing my upper lip. Once again, personal anecdote, no help.

gaye, I hope you get some rest and feel better asap and that your son arrives magically well.

melw, I hope your dd isn't too taken out by the allergies this spring.

like sparkle experienced, my kids set up their own egg hunt which takes a lot of pressure off of me.

Welcome back JayGee!!

real, 21 miles at any pace is awesome to me. Retin A can really increase sun sensitivity. It also can be quite irritating. I used it decades ago and while it helped the acne issue somewhat it caused redness that more than made up for it. I am no doctor but it seems when hormones cause the acne it is best treated with hormones (bcp did more than most any other acne treatment when I was younger).

Geo, the sofa progress you can make while carrying on with the rest of your life is amazing.

RR: I feel like I bailed. I got up to run, heard rain, went out to check and decided it was done, just wet. I got all ready to go but walked out the door to blowing misty little bits of rain and came back inside the house. I did lift but I am going to regret not running all day. It is made worse by having no real plan for April, I think I know I cannot run everyday and that I want to lift regularly. Too much thinking, not enough action There will be more lifting after the carpet cleaners come. Right now I am waiting for people to leave for school/work so I can shower and figure out what I can for the day. The pool is closed for Cesar Chavez day so I will need to exercise the girls some other way. Another day in paradise or as y coffee mug said this morning, "Life doesn't get any better than this."
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Happy April! It's our last day of spring break today and we have lots to do. Like Shanti, we went from a springy 68 yesterday to a chilly 40 this morning with an odd flurry. Ew.

Shanti - on the Whole 30. I think you'd really see a difference. You don't need the book. All the information you need is on their Website. I have the Kindle version of ISWF, but honestly, it's the same information I got off the website. Speaking of Whole30, today is Day 91 of my Whole100! I've lost 12 pounds, all the eczema, the bad moods, and my usual inertia! And the desire to binge (my main reason for doing 100 days). Shanti, ask me any questions you might have. Are you on Facebook? There is a Whole30 group there that Megan, Beth, and Jo are on as well. I'd be happy to invite you if you're interested (and anyone else too).

RR - I've been doing kettlebells every week while DS is at swimteam practice and wow! It's finding new muscles I never dreamed of, but I am definitely much stronger for it, even just going once a week. I need to run more, but I am getting 2 runs in a week now.

Geo - even attempting to rehupolster anything gets huge kudos from me!

Real - in case you're interested, the tax referrendum vote is next Tuesday. All kinds of ugly political wrangling, nasty letters to the editor, false information from the opposition, etc., but it's actually looking pretty good for the Vote Yes campaign smile.gif. I hope it passes.

waxing - I've only ever had my eyebrows waxed, and the redness is noticable for a day or so. My eyebrows aren't bushy by any stretch of the imagination, so I haven't noticed anything darker or thicker (actually darker and thicker might be appreciated!)

It's great to be back!
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Plady, I do my own upper lip using cold wax strips. Definitely has not made anything worse over time. I used to bleach but then switched to waxing and it's a better method for me.


Welcome back, JayGee. I am in awe of your accomplishment! 


Shanti, I second what JayGee said: you don't need the book. I have it on my Kindle and I bought a hard copy (Reb has it), but all the info you need is on the website. And fwiw, I have discovered that my big problems are grain and sugar/fructose (even pure dried fruit). Fluid milk is an issue, but I can handle some legumes without trouble (chickpeas are OK, lentils are not for me). It could be that even just eliminating most grain (leave rice?) could help a ton. If money is the big obstacle, and simplicity is an issue. That said, cabbage is cheap and a superb substitute for so many meal starches. And you could do the chai latte with canned coconut milk? blowkiss.gif Be well, Mama.


I've been getting a lot of movement, and have been eating really well...until today, oops. That said, today was not an all-out disaster, and like JayGee, my eating habits seem to be slowly, incrementally normalizing. Could it be?! I've been walking daily by myself every morning, then often taking the kids out for some exercise in the afternoon, and now dh and I are going out for evening walks. It sort of started spontaneously, but I think we're going steady. loveeyes.gif He wants to hold hands but that just makes my hands sweat. So, hey. At least we are going out and walking together. It is a great chance to have private conversations. We also watched a movie together this week. I know! And we'll have our own room in Kenya!


Speaking of, I totally spaced malaria...which led to me sort of frantically pharmacist-shopping until I found one who would dispense without the doctor visit. Kids and I are prophylactically dosed, and I guess, considering he is trying to quit smoking, I probably don't need dh going insane on malaria meds, because anyway he didn't want to take them. We have Deep Woods Off, the super-greasy sportsman kind, and the lodge has nets. Bags are packed, credit card company called, got cash, made school packets for the kids to do in their downtime...I just need to call my parents. I won't have mobile coverage and probably will not bother with wifi at the lodge, so I look forward to telling you all about it in a few days.


Love you ladies!

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Drive-by, Shouldn't really be here... NO Running to report! Not any kind of exercise! Flog me, please! On my behalf, I'd like to point out I've been on the road constantly for the last 2 weeks. Sigh.

Kerc, hi. husband be well, darn it. jealous of sore legs.

jg, you're back!!!!!! orngbiggrin.gif

sparkle, haven't read the book but did read this excerpt, or at least i think it's an excerpt. i think you'd like it. The Love of My Life by Cheryl Strayed I've been jonesing to hike the Appalachian Trail ever since I graduated college. I'd also like to do the Spain Pilgrimage thing. But if you decide to hike the Pacific Crest Trail and you want company, I'll meet you there. I've been talking about a solo hike ever since my dh has known me so it wouldn't come as a surprise. Did you ever read anything from the Gutsy Women books? I keep them on the back of my toilet (aka the library) for inspiration.

Real, love that race report. bow.gif -ing again to you! Sorry about the dh thing. I wish I had words of wisdom.

Shanti, wave.gif

Geo, I'm still wrapping my head around that sofa.

Jo, have fun in Kenya. Love those pix. We had to get shots 2 weeks prior. Glad you remembered the malaria. It's in pill form?

no waxing advice, although i've had my brows waxed before. i hate how they bleed and get zits afterward so not crazy about it. I've been told it's who does it, though, that matters.
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Hi mamas, happy april!


yoga report - little under an hour today; I did a long class Sat AM, and am still a bit sore! Took a tiny walk yesterday, in between eating ham and chocolate....



fly by, since I should be packing up my computer to head home.... 


JayGee - good to "see" you!!!!


loftmama - sounds like the surgery with MIL went well... hope she is doing well!


Jo - have a good trip! Prayers for safety, fun, and traveling mercies being sent from me to your family!


Geo  *applause* your progress on the couch is amazing!


sparkletruck - just had to comment re: your ovarian pain and send a hug your way! I had no idea that stuff could be so painful until I had a large-ish ovarian cyst with internal bleeding this past fall/winter... The most painful thing I have ever dealt with, even worse than labor, plus a million side effects that were incredibly miserable  :(  I hope yours is just a passing thing....

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I can't wait to hear about your trip jooj!


When do you find out about the arm, kerc?


I'm having a hard time getting back into the running groove.  My RP is overworked and has major family stressors (her mom was diagnosed with ALS her her son is having a very rough time growing up), and getting out on my own when it's still snowing or below freezing in SPRING has been tough.

Originally Posted by calicocj View Post

Geo  *applause* your progress on the couch is amazing!

OK, you folks are all applauding me on the couch.  Thanks.  It's like sending your 7 year old to get dressed for the day, have him come out of his room buck naked, and applauding his progress. 


Dude, getting the old cover off is the easy step!  It's getting dressed again that's going to be tough!

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