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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

Speaking of daughters, its a good thing my 5 year old is the cutest freaking thing on the planet because she found my estrogen patches and stuck half of them all over the walls of the house.... so my walls should have glowing skin and be in a good mood now




That sounds like something ds would do.


So...I pulled the paper from the quarter's grades and told the students we will revisit it after the AP, instead of a final exam. They were cool with that. Almost all of them failed to: 1) follow the rubric in the packet I gave (format, citation style, etc.); 2) consult sources other than their first search page on Google eyesroll.gif; 3) construct a tight and coherent thesis statement, followed by organizing the paper according to arguing the thesis statement; 4) discuss alternative/critical sources or critically evaluate the information they unearthed. Etc. And yes, we spent weeks studying model papers and having me go over this, read rough drafts (all these comments were made on their rough drafts) etc.


As for the AP -- I am going to start giving them small packets of multiple choice questions each period and going over them (and why the correct answer is correct) in addition to still working on the writing component. They really can't do the strategy of the MC questions, especially because the AP likes to do the "XX affected the 1920 election in all of the following ways except one..." kind of thing -- i.e. they have to not only know the material but be able to process and evaluate it, rather than just memorize names and dates.


I was tapped to be the faculty coordinator for the accreditation process our school is starting, which is a formidable and really lengthy administrative task (and extra $$). It was also 'suggested' to me that I might want to take some online courses toward a degree in administration, to be reimbursed. I responded that I was flattered but I need a real reason to do it (i.e. are you offering me a job in a couple years pending this degree?) because the time and $$ investment would not be worth it for me without that kind of reality on the horizon.


Anyway, in other news...well no news really. Getting ready for Passover, which begins a week from tomorrow night. Cleaning and shopping has commenced. Pretty soon we'll be all ready for the alien invasion (one of the things we do is cover counter and stove surfaces with aluminum foil...barrier between all-year-round and Passover which requires total separation from anything that comes from wheat/bread).


RR: 16 cold and windy miles this morning. In the 16-18-20 mile long run buildup and I haven't even signed up for the race yet. Can't seem to pull the trigger. Hmm.

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That sounds like an excellent path forward, Nic.  If they haven't done a research paper before, then you asked them to get up to speed on a whole lot of things at once.  Of course, if they haven't done a research paper before, then they don't belong in a class like that.


DD has done her 3rd quarter slide.  She can't show her work in math any longer, and she can't remember to hand anything in.  The combination is going to result in something where we're thankful for the common core, and that her math no longer earns her high school credit (thereby not showing on her HS transcript).


The first cushion of the couch is 90% done.  I'm actually finding this fabric a little easier to work with.  Stuff stays where I put it and it's easy to line up and smooth out.

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I am LOL at the literal days and hormonal walls!  We have the opposite usually, DD asks for "opposite day" and then I find myself saying double negatives like "don't not hang upside down off the rocking chair" etc.



Geo - I am seriously bow.gif at you recovering your couch! We need a new one, and I really want to get one with a more "antique" style, but am scared of either tackling it myself of how much it would cost to get it upholstered... 


Nic - sounds like maybe a good opportunity! Will they pay directly or do you have to pay and get reimbursed?


Dana and Lisa - sending prayers for your extended family and family friends, respectively


I haven't done much of anything today except drink cider and eat "irish tacos" at a neighbor's St. Patty's party and then drink half of a Shamrock shake. 


But Sunday is mostly a rest day anyways, I did an intense 2 hour yoga class yesterday. I love the instructor but I can only handle his class about once per week; not only because it is tough but also because he is a bit intense as well; best taken in small doses...


have a good start to your week, Mamas!

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Geo, recovering the couch? Seriously? In your spare time? bow.gif

Sparkle, I just want to reach right through the computer and hug you. Patches on the wall? lol.gifhug.gif

Mommajb, You, too. grouphug.gif You're still so funny even though I know life is so hard.

Jo, love the image of you walking and talking to Wait, Wait. Interestingly, I have just discovered that I can stream NPR through my phone and then send it to some speakers on my windowsill which has, amazingly, transformed my kitchen experience. I find myself lingering over the dishes, and cooking, etc.

So tomorrow starts a new school week. I am not so productive in the morning but will try to change things. Yoga, then outside for 1/2 hour of collective work, then inside for breakfast and then school starts. Then if they do an expeditious job, I'll hand them their techie stuff for 1/2 an hour while I begin my quiet time. Then after quiet time, I plan to move our behinds outside for a run/walk/bike ride. Then weights at night. On the one hand, that sounds like a lot; on the other hand, it sounds totally do-able. But then who knows which way the hormones will flow by morning. I just don't want to ever repeat those 2 dark months.

My mil is the most upbeat woman alive. She's had cancer 3 times and isn't fazed at all. She is already reserving an apartment by MD Anderson and hoping for radiation asap. She has trips to go on and family and friends to visit. Moving on...
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On my phone
More tomorrow.
Curving fabric: my first guess is your stitch length is slightly too short.
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Originally Posted by kerc View Post

On my phone
More tomorrow.
Curving fabric: my first guess is your stitch length is slightly too short.

It curves when I pin, before stitching. Nevermind, it straightens when I iron.

We got quotes for recovering, Callie, which is why we decided it was worth at least attempting ourselves. There are some good youtube videos out there. (mixed in with the really bad ones)

I thought I'd managed to insert a picture off this ipad before....

...emailed it to myself, made DH hand me my laptop (I'm tied up. Literally), and posting from the laptop. iOS sucks sometimes.

You see old couch, cushion disassembled, and the mostly finished first new cushion on top. Cut pieces for the second cushion over the arm. Mr Literal 7 year old, when told he could not touch the couch, anything on the couch, or anything the couch was touching, pointed out that then he couldn't touch the floor anywhere... ...or breathe the air.

lofty, I have plenty of time. I'm not running. greensad.gif
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Wendy, love that fabric! It is going to look awesome!

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Geo - Wow!  You're inspiring me!  I see some upholstery in my future and I dread it but you've given me hope.


Prayers are coming at those who asked and need them (including Sparkle's dd that that is a once and done thing). 

Today's highlight included scrubbing bathrooms after finding that ailing cat has been peeing behind tubs instead of in box.  Smells so much better upstairs!


Goal for the week: Stop with the sugar already!  About 10 days ago I stepped on the scale to see the lowest number I've seen in years!  Woot woot!  Right?  So what do I do?  Off the wagon at every stop.  Hello self sabotage.  What's up with that?  Don't know but it's time to end the run.


Okay, night night ladies, love you all!

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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

Lisa, we were mostly laughing at the drama of the Worst Day Ever, all while Mr Literal had to qualify it as the worst day in the last 4 months.
bag.gif yeah. That's pretty much what I do: casually use a term and then, concerned that it sounds like too much hyperbole, make a disclaimer about "ok, in the last four months." I think it's a desire to be very honest, but mostly, it's just a hang-up. Kudos on the couch and the swimming!

RR: 19 on Saturday. Was planning to do it today but then book group was canceled 'cause the only two people coming were sick so I figured I'd just get it done. Wasn't feeling it and probably hadn't eaten properly for it so it was lackluster. Half a mile from the house DH called to say that we were having book group after all: one of our members had emailed to say she was coming after I'd checked email that morning, and anyhow, she was now at the house. So she got to see us in all our true glory: me looking and probably smelling like I'd run 19 miles, the house as the house was. At least DH had made the same dinner he was going to make anyhow!
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Real, I hope you had a great book club, smelly bodies and all! thumb.gif

Geo, Really, i just can't fathom covering a couch. You are amazing!

Plady, Yay on the low number. Bad sugar. Bad, bad sugar. orngbiggrin.gif

RR: <=orngbiggrin.gif That means I ran, right? Yep! Late start to the day but still managed to do yoga and weights, 30 min outdoor work with kids, school, and run. Phew! Okay, so it was all slow and lame but I'm not going to beat myself up for it not being good enough. My favorite quote from the book I'm reading applies here (and to almost everything I do): "Done is better than perfect."

If you talked to my mil, she would only complain that she can't make it to her 5am gym class. She's been going 5 days a week at 5 am for, like, 10 years. Bring it.
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Dana I am in awe of your MIL   WOW, just wow.




"RR" (it is just so much easier to write that even if there is no "R" actually involved)  - an hour of yoga at lunch, and even got DH to join me  banana.gif  After a year of me telling him how awesome the class is, I finally convinced him to start coming to the class at work (that, plus the threat that if I hear him crack his neck because of bad posture one more time, I was going to "adjust" it for him LOL)


Now trying to figure out how to summarize an entire semester of chemical engineering mass balances into a 30 minute review for my lecture tmw,.... 

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Hey, Callie, do you have any plug and play box model program/spreadsheet? I can program it, but I prefer not.

PT yesterday with Helge, the East German massage therapist. I discovered more that I do wrong. In turns out, that, when on ones back, one leg dangling off the bed, the knee ought to bend. Go figure.

Micro progress on the couch last night and milli progress on a Safe Routes to School report. Must complete the latter tonight.
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RR: weight circuit #2 in 3 mos. ROTFLMAO.gif No, it was actually decent considering. 75 minute bike and run/walk intervals yesterday....

NRR: working on this ridiculous midterm that is supposed to be 10-15 single spaced pages, and with one more [essay] question to answer I'm at 15 now "eyesroll. The prof. is a little out of touch,or writes crappy tests or both. There is simply no way I can get all the information she asked for in 10-15 single-spaced pages. Has she actually tried to do it!

Geo - your body sounds like my kids' mouths. The amount of adjusting they are in for (DD is getting her palate expander/brackets off tomorrow after 2 years, and will get a new kind of appliance; some kind of rubber guard she has to clench 14 hours a day to train the muscles of her mouth and jaw to stay where they are, and DS will start his epic next week with some kind of head gear that will move his jaw over the course of 2 years, that he also has to wear 14 hours a day <-- that is going to be a party, as he is so cooperative and congenial generally). At least you are confronting/amending these issues now. As I say, the 40's are a whole new ball of wax

wave.gif Off to meditate and then I have study groups for most of the day...
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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

Hey, Callie, do you have any plug and play box model program/spreadsheet? I can program it, but I prefer not.


No bag.gif  I should probably make one, since the whole point of what I'm teaching is to show dynamic stocks and flows of materials from nature to industry and consumer goods...


I usually make their assignments calculable by hand (since my class has engineers along with every other type of major including ones with very little math), but it would be nice to have a little visualization that could run off an excel model... maybe this summer.... 

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Geo, I'm impressed with your couch project. My mum took an upholstery course when I was a teenager and did one of our couch cushions. The project ended there, and despite best intentions we lived with an odd-cushioned couch for another five years before being gifted a new couch. lol.gif


NRR- Usual busyness. I'm getting used to the short call shift work as my bread and butter, my husband is taking longer to adjust. I'm trying to keep work clothes ready, gas tank full and meals generally prepped enough in advance that I can get a call and disappear for 12 hours without things falling completely apart. I worked Sunday night but had no childcare during the day on Monday, so kids go to watch a video while a snuck in enough nap for survival. We also did math in bed so I could doze while they were moderately independent. I'm not taking any more shifts this week- I met my "quota" and then some over the weekend.


RR- Today's run was an unambitious 5k because of tiredness, but actually much four minutes faster than the same route two weeks ago. Now I just need to find a race to work toward to keep me motivated on running through the spring.

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MelW, I find you pretty amazing in general.


Geo, I really like the couch fabric. And I also give you great credit for going for it. I would buy an ugly slipcover and eventually dh would probably buy a couch. But my mom redoes stuff. She likes refinishing furniture. Mostly woodwork, but she also does upholstery, and she's done some lovely stuff. But she also sews. Me? Not so much.


RR: Today is day 2 without a run/walk in the AM. But I am trying to sign up for an evening yoga class a block from the apartment, if Meetup will let me. Class is free/donation. 


I slept in this morning. It's 8 and kids are still sleeping. We have Arabic at 9, so I am going to have to pull them out of bed soon. We hosted book club yesterday. 17 people in our 2BR for 4 hours, including potluck lunch. It went great, I thought, and the kids (as always) impressed me so much with their thought and engagement with the selected book. And these kids are 8-13. The littles do a separate book and project (which took place in my BR).


Dh made the payment yesterday for our trip. So I guess that leaves just the details to be worked out, but we hope to be flying to Kenya the first week of April to spend a couple of days at the big wildlife park. As much as he seemed to want to see Kuala Lumpur, I think a few days away from a city environment is what the doctor ordered. And my plan is to leave my phone and laptop home, too. I don't even care if I don't see a single animal while there. I have good odds to see a thunderstorm, which would mean smelling wet dirt (i.e., not sand) and also rainy season means lush and green, a color we never quite achieve here in the desert.


OK, better feed the kids some breakfast before our tutor arrives. And maybe after tutoring we will go for a swim. Yes, a swim sounds about perfect.

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I'm now ahead of MelW's mom. The first cushion is done, and onto the second! We got this couch in 1998. It's got fantastic wood construction, it's the perfect size, and really comfortable. The fabric is torn on each cushion and on the arms and back. The stuff was beginning to find its way into other rooms of the house (likely with a child assist). A new couch of this quality is >$1400, paying to get it recovered was going to be the same, and we found new fabric for $300.

Another torture appt with the PT today after DD's class open house. Swam 1100 in 30 min yesterday.

Callie, I suspect I,ll have my grad student write his generally. Is it just mass fluxes you track? We also need to track/model isotopic fractionations. If he gets it done before you do, you're welcome to it! We can't find any codes out there for multiple boxes. I did find a one box, one reservior Excel sheet, but we've got a much more complicated situation.
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Got into the yoga class! So, off we go now...


ETA: That was awesome. Both kids loved it. I loved it. All signed up for Sunday yoga on the beach, only that one's without the kids. Aaahhhhhh.

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Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post

MelW, I find you pretty amazing in general.

Aw, thanks (blushing). Your vacation plans sound terrific, as does the yoga on the beach!

Geo, congrats on couch progress and swim progress.

RR- I have some serious reallim worship happening today since I ran with the stroller for the first time in almost a year. It was windy and hard, for a short run from the mechanic to the college in a car swap/drop-off/pick up so my husband could get a new muffler for his car.

Happy spring, everyone! We have started with fluctuating weather: bright sun, wind and rain, hailstorm, and now warm grayness.
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Yeah, happy spring.  I choose to think that that white stuff in the air today was actually pollen.


More on the PT drama.  My therapist is, like, 12.  She just graduated, but honestly, she looks just a bit older than DD.  Anyways, she tortured me, asked me how I feel, so I responded "I just took one year off your life.  Someday I might go up to 5.  Now, how do you feel?  Be honest.  This is for posterity."  And She Didn't Get The Reference.  This Professor assigned the 12 year old torturing therapist homework.  She retaliated.  My homework took an hour tonight.


Beach yoga.  Trip to Bali.  Ahhhhhh

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